Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Rutherford Revised - (6)

6. For Marion M'Naught when Rutherford's wife was ill. His wife was ill for a year and a month, before she died.   Anwoth 1 Feb 1630

Niece to Lord Kenmore, and wife to the provost of Kirkcubbright. John Maxwell was an Edinburgh minister, later to be Bishop of Ross, a follower of Laud.

Loving and dear sister ,- if ever you want to please me, ask the Lord for me, now when I lack comfort and feel so heavy, that I cannot bear the burden any longer. The Almighty had doubled his blows upon me, for my wife is so tormented night and day, that I have wondered why the Lord delays so long. my life is bitter, and I fear the Lord is against me. It is (as I now know by experience) hard to keep sight of God in a storm, especially when He hides Himself, for the testing of His children. If he would be pleased to remove His hand, I want to seek Him more than I have done. Happy are those who can keep their soul. I am afraid of his judgements. I bless my God that there is a death, and a heaven. I would tire to begin again to be a Christian, so bitter it is to drink of the cup from which Christ drank, if I did not know there is no poison in it. May God not give us it until we are made to vomit again, for we have sick souls when God's medicine s not working. Pray that God would not lead my wife into temptation. I am sad to have done so little against the kingdom of Satan in my calling; for he would have me blaspheme God tohHis face. I believe, I believe, in the strength of Him who has put me in His work, that he shall fail to find what he seeks. My comfort is, that my Captain, Christ, has said, I must fight and overcome the world, and with a weak, spoiled and weaponless devil, 'the ruler of this world is comingHe has no claim on me,' (Jn 14:30). Ask Mr Robert, your minister, to remember me if he loves me. Grace, grace be with you and all yours.

   Remember the church. Mr John Maxwell has obtained a letter from the King, to urge conformity to the English liturgy and so give the communion at Christmas in Edinburgh.  Hold fast what you have, so no-one takes the crown from you. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit. 
   Yours in the Lord,   S.R.

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