Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The changing world (317) Jan-Mar 2016

Jan 1st Hot water and central heating off. Burroughs here for lunch. J&co hear too.
3rd       Simon Arscott preached. His family to lunch. HIRC Rev 21-22.
4th       Plumber fixed heating. Emma Bedford and Phillips to lunch.
5th       U3A on trinity.
6th       U3A current affairs. Czech Angela to verbose. Anne, German, very helpful. Deb now caring for Phoebe Levy so full time work.
7th       Lunch at White Bear with Littles.
8th       Day of fasting and prayer. Meal then Lord's Supper.
9th       Better night on a new mattress. Prayer at Levy's.
10th     PL good Ex 20.
11th     New boiler fitted. £2300. Bowie died and news goes overboard like Wacko Jacko.
12th     Deb is buying a Surecar Fiesta.
13th     Police found Anna dead in her flat.
16th     Evangelical Library. To Baddock in Ealing Hospital. He is confused.
17th     A sprinkling of snow. PL Ex 21-31. Lunch at Barbara's. SC Joe 3.
18th     U3A French colonialism. Session with CR and Simon Arscott.
19th     Visited CB in hospital. he was in and out of sleep and did not know I was there. PL visited. he is excellent pastorally.
21st      U3A boring diplomat on N Korea so left half way.
22nd     Visited CB who is more settled.
23rd      Pastoral visit to Limas.
24th       Porter ladies to lunch. CB died. PL present. HIRC Jn 19.
25th       With Littles cafe Rouge.
28th       Roofer said £250 for minor repairs then talked me into flat roof work for £1500 cash. Think I was conned. Rom 8 study at Northields Methodist.
29th      Deb has a new Fiesta.
30th      Eleven from IPC met with men at mosque.
31st       PC finishing Ex. Lunch at Meiners with Lofthouses. HIRC Jn 19.
Feb 1st  Pastoral visit to Mahands.
2nd        U3A on voodoo. Joel R staying.
3rd         U3A overseas aid.
4th         Beefeater lunch with Littles.
5th         Hristo took me to an Isleworth Bulgarian group who are somewhat heretical.
7th         PL started Leviticus. Lunch had Robery, Julio, Joanna and Olly. HIRC Jn 20.
13th       Braitwaites took us to lunch at The Kent.
14th       PL Lev and Lk 15.
15th       U3A did paper on forced migration - slavery. David staying.
16th       J came for Paddock funeral at cremates then IPC. I gave a tribute. Gridlock and car electric malfunction coming home.
17th       Alignment Centre sorted car. Harrogate.
18th       Richmond for Dorothy. Mike, Buttertubs, haws.
19th       Beningborough hall.
20th       Home. Date of EU referendum announced.
21st       Baptism of Dalton children.
26th       Mortkake crematorium for Anna Schnitzel. Fifteen from IPC surprised to see three family there and they us too. Paul excellent.
28th      SC Jas 4. Jn 21 HIRC.
Mar 1st U3A Luther and antisemitism.
2nd       U3A London mayoral elections.
6th         SC time. For the second time finished John HIRC.
7th         Missed urology appointment due to depression. Susan Barnes engaged to lee.
10th       With Littles White Bear lunch.
11th        R is to do OT at Oldfield and St John's.
13th        Florence Cradock baptised.
16th        PL introduction to 1Jn.
19th        England win six nations grand slam.
20th        PL Palm Sunday from Mk then Lk.
21st        Gave U3A paper on Bloody Foreigners - immigrants in England.
22nd       To Royal Exchange earning money from research on beliefs. Bombs in Brussels.
25th         Good Friday Simon Arscott Heb 4.
26th         J&co here.
27th         PL resurrection from Lk. HIRC 1Cor 15.
28th         J&co left.
31st         Minicab to T5. Mer my Anthea in Dusseldorf.

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