Sunday, February 17, 2019

Diary w/e 16 Feb 2019

Sun 10th
Phil H adult SS on contextualisation. PL on Mat 12. I preached 1Tim 2:1-2at Harmondsworth with the forthcoming Nigerian elections in mind. New detainees from there, Ghana and Viet Nam.

Mon 11th
I visited Hazel where the Dementia Concern psychologist said her dementia has not changed in the last six months. Heating engineer serviced the boiler and tried to sort out why the heating comes on at strange times.

Tue 12th
ELT with Ian Hamilton on Mk 2:1 ff.

Wed 13th
Our central heating is gas radiators upstairs and underfloor downstairs. It has been coming on and off at strange times. We had an engineer in having failed to find the installers who worked for the previous owner. He serviced the boiler and said all was fine with the system except probably the pairing of the four wireless room thermostats to the system. So today I spent forty minutes on the phone with the system manufacturers, but it seems our bedroom is still not heating. Ian Hamilton  spoke at our mid-week meeting. Ian gave a masterful talk on lessons from the life of John Calvin.

Thu 14th
Paid my U3A sub for the year at a talk from a former prison officer on life inside. Warmest day so far, 13C.

Fri 15th
Ian Hamilton gave his testimony before starting our church weekend with his talks on the gospel shaped life. Tonight we were on communion with God with much from John Owen who incidentally lived and died in Ealing. 

Sat 16th
Coffee and croissants then Ian Hamilton on the gospel shaped life is defined by obedience. Geoff Thanas spoke on Brownlow North.Lunch together then afternoon session IH on living a mission shaped life. After dinner we had a quiz for all ages.

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