Monday, February 04, 2019

The changing world (316) Nov-Dec 2015

Nov 1st Treated to a modern concert which K enjoyed. Elliott does superb steak.
2nd        Excellent Heinz Museum which also exhibited 18th century war with France, glass making and slavery. Heinz was a keen Methodist with excellent industrial relations. 57 has no significance at all.
3rd         Larsons drove us to Baltimore airport.
4th         Not much sleep on plane.
5th         Deb is in Sacramento.
7th         Evangelical library.
8yh        HIRC Jn 19.
10th       U3A on Diwali.
11th       U3A on Corbyn.
13th       E&E staying.
15th       Levy family to lunch.
16th       Public meeting at IPC on revised building plans.
17th       R&A back from Prague so E&E went home. Packed Drayton Court for Andrew Fellowes on me, my Bible and I. Dull.
18th      Pastoral visit Onuoahs.
19th      Led on Rom 11 Kingsdown Methodist.
21st      J&co here.
22nd    PL good on Song of Moses. HIRC Jn 19.
23rd     K to canterbury.
25th     Chaired half AGM in record 55 minutes. Read Liss commission report by C Cradock.
26th     K back. Lunch with Littles, cafe Rouge.
28th     PL phones after 10pm to say David Barnes had died at a Greenford football match he was watching this afternoon. A terrible shock. Only 62.
29th     Preached Advent HIRC.
Dec 2nd Visited lesley. All family there.
3rd          Presbytery mainly closed session on Liss commission report. Tim Dalton syaying.
4th          Gordon Nixon of largest staying after presbytery.
5th          K played Downhurst carols. HIRC on apocalypse and epiphany.
6th          Ealing urology Rosenbaum consultant prescribed solifenacin. Floods in Cumbria.
7th          U3A on free will and determinism. Trump wants to ban Muslim immigrants.
8th          K played Oldfield carols. ECHO in Hanwell.
9th          Did Christmas letter.
10th        I was Santa for over forty at Oldfield beehive club party. Standing room only at crematorium and St Mary's Hanwell for DB. The twins were deservedly applauded for their double act tribute.
11th       Hauxton for B's 15th.
13th       Terry B to lunch. Evening carols at Drayton. Fourteen musicians.
14th        IPC men's party.
15th        Took K to play at Town hall ELT carols and at Shaftesbury House too.
16th         Finished Christmas cards.
17th         St Paul's Hammersmith for premier of CSW DVD on Nigeria.
20th         SC am. Second carol service. PL good. Eleven musicians.
21st       Petrol 99.9/L. U3A on French in Algeria. DSZ here.
23rd      To Dorset with DSZ.
24th       E arrived.
25th       Communion at Wareham C pf E.
27th       Home.
29th       Saw Lady in the Van. Brentford. Deb too Wales. Floods in York and Tadcaster.
30th       Lunch with Littles at Maxim's for Ade's birthday.
31st       J&co here and with them saw New Year in at Littles.

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