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The changing world (312) Oct-Dec 2014

Oct 2nd U3A with Steve Pound on MP's work.
4th         CPA East Ham. Angela M-W very good. But the spent praying not debating. When they voted to keep death duty I left in disgust.
5th         Stuart Cashman Dt 1. Family of Cashmans to lunch. Jn 5 and communion at HIRC.
6th         Xray confirms arthritis.
7th         Appointed convenor of U3A world religions.
8th         Session mainly on BCO revision.
10th       D&co arrived late.
12th       SC good both services.
13th       Gary Williams at IPC on church history.
14th       Received new mask at Charing Cross sleep clinic.
15th       Sahara passed 11+.
18th       Braithwaite's here.
19th       SC Dt 4. His children baptised. Roberts to lunch. PL good 2Cor 3.
21st       Pitshanger young female dentist too 55 minutes to extract a molar.
24th       To Stevenage picking up a concrete Eddie Stobart planner for J's Christmas. To Leapers. Chis has German girlfriend there and Becky visited with a partner too.
25th        Rodney's 70th birthday party.
26th        Home in morning. PL excellent 2Cor 5. Davis Jones came to HIRC and gave a first rate talk on witness to Muslims.
29th       Ebola scare continues.
30th       Lunch with Littles Lock and Quay, Yeading marina.
Nov 1st To Amjad and committee preparing for conference and a baptism.
2nd        PL on confessing sins. Pm 2Cor 4. HIRC Jn 7.
3rd        Physiotherapy mattock lane. Physio did not have a friendly manner. HIRC prayer meeting.
4th        U3A world religions on Counter Reformation.
5th        Current Affairs U3A on devolution.
6th        U3A on London in WW1. Walked to art exhibition at North Korean embassy.
7th        With K&D to Tower of London and 880.000 ceramic poppies. Beautiful sight. London Assurance at Questors. Early 19th century comedy but set in Regency.
8th        PC on singing then 2Cor 5. Told him I disagreed with keeping eyes open singing. I close mine to concentrate on God without distraction.
10th       K&D at IPC ladies meeting addressed by Sue Larson.
11th       Met with PL and Kefas before ELT to give Kefas contacts.
12th       Good U3A Nicholas Henderson on Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves. Chat with Rev Moses whose son has piano lessons from K. Indian Methodists.
13th       Received new CPAP machine at Charing Cross. Julian Light Opera Mikado Questors. Set in 1940s Ealing. Voices of varies quality.
15th       Fifth High Wycombe conference with Patrick Johnstone very good. Good testimonies. I spoke at baptism of an Afghan MBB.
16th       PL prayer in corporate worship, good. 2Cor 5 pm.
17th       Gave U3A history paper on invasions before the Normans.
19th       Chaired half AGM. Building estimates disappointing. CSSI tea and cake.
21st       K drove to Hauxton with the planter - for birthday not Christmas.
22nd      Evangelical Library. Turnham Green C of E for Wet London sinfonia. Very slow on tube back.
23rd       PL excellent on giving. Van Tilburg's to lunch. With D Jones to HIRC. I had to be fingerprinted for future admission. David very good on befriending Muslims.
24th       Physio gave e exercises. Started Christmas letter.
25th       Finished the letter.
27th       Lunched with Littles at Royals, Sudbury.
28th       Drayton PTA quiz. We won thanks to David Barnes.
29th       Nurse did diabetes church. Session at Cradocks on BCO
30th       Canterbury.
Dec 1st  Peter Ould preached at St Mary's Bredin.
4th         BA to Aberdeen. Dinner with elders at Northern Hotel going over agenda. Staying with Griers - prison officer and social worker.
5th        Moserated presbytery through 162 BCO amendments by 9pm. The majority were declined and came from Liss.
6th        Sinclair Ferguson two talks on means of grace before flying home.
7th        I taught adult SS on vineyards. SC on Dt 7.Took David J to HIRC.
8th        Did cards.
9th        Shopped with K for a CAP hamper. U3A world religions on communism.
12th      Friern Barnet Italian restaurant for Dr Parker's farewell.
13th      Evangelical Library.
14th      SC on Feb 2. IPC carol service. Hamilton sports personality of year.
15th      U3A history Russia after Gorbachev. Discharged myself from physio. IPC Men's party. Sad to hear another churches an elder stepping down for unacceptable behaviour.
16th      SC spoke at Town hall carols. Mayor there. Katy played cello.
19th      Paul and Alysia Larson to tea.
21st      Three U3A ladies at our second carol service. Petrol 113.9/L.
24th      HOST student Zhou Weicong Vianne. Hit it off with Deb.
25th      19lb turkey. Took some to Briggs whose Sheila is terminal.
26th      As usual Deb's broccoli turkey bake at Littles.
27th      Family and visitor left.
28th      CR am. HIRC Jn 7. D&co here.
29th      Mark Dishley to tea. Stuart C in hospital in Edinburgh with an infection.

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