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The changing world (314) Apr-Jun 2015

Apr 1st U3A on manifestos.
3rd        Good Friday with IPC hot cross buns.
4th        Hauxton.
5th        HIRC 1Cor 15.
9th        Bella Italia Uxbridge with Littles.
11th      Evangelical Library.
12th      PL good Col 3. Commissioning service for Sotirovos with LCM. PL good Rom 8:28.
15th      U3A at Jola's on uses and abuses of religion. DSZ here.
17th       Visitors leave.
18th       Tilbury. Cabin good. Broadway musicals show.
19th        Met Christian couple at breakfast. Into Amsterdam by coach. Flower market. Canal tour. Watched passage out through sea loch.
20th        North Sea calm. Food abundant.
21st        Ulvikfjord.Coach to hotel built in 1891 above the snow line. 6' deep and more snow.
22nd.      Flam railway up to snow. Steepest traction track in the world. Completed by Nazis.
23rd        Bergen. Coach to Grieg's house.
24th        North Sea.
25th        Tilbury and home.
26th         Jn 10 HIRC. Incontinence.
27th         Session in budget. AR back and enough questions to try the patience of Job.
28th         Back on sertraline.
29th         U3A introductory meeting at Conservative club.
May 2nd  Decided to cut out caffeine.
3rd           Pl 1Tim 1. Jn 11 HIRC.
5th           U3A Christianity and Islam in UK.
6th           U3A on democracy. Gulas arrived and spoke at prayer meeting.
7th           Voted UKIP. Exit polls say Cons 316, not a majority.
8th            To bed 4am. SNP have all but five Scottish seats. Lib Dems routed. Cons majority of five. garage, Clegg and Milliband all resign. UKIP 4,000,000 votes but only one seat.Gulas left with Alan Craig.
9th            VE day concert and commemoration.
10th          PL 1Tim. Mark Larson and three girls to lunch. PL very good Ps 46.
11th          Brief elders as no AR.
16th          Petrol 114.9/L
17th           SC Dt am. Terry Beldam to lunch. SC good 1Th 1.
18th          U3A on Caucasus migration.
20th          Chaired IPC AGM.
22nd         Down.
23rd          Surprise IPC 90th birthday party for Ram Hallett. She is failing.
24th          PL good 1Tim 2. Act 2 at HIRC.
28th           Lunch with Littles Beefeater Ruislip.
29th           J&co here.
31st           PL good 1Tim 2. HIRC Jn 11.
Jun 2nd U3A on the church and the Nazis.
3rd        U3A on After the election. Tim Dalton staying.
5th        I moderated closed presbytery complaints session. Synod. Stauar MacKinnon here.
6th        Presbytery.
7th        Phoebe baptised. Hosiers and Hills to lunch. HIRC Jn 12.
11th      Session with reports from Rob Ilderton and CR. Abel has given us a £2000 Lord's supper carpet we cannot accept.
12th      E&E staying while RAD go to wales for Michael's wedding.
13th      Chiltern brewery. Cliveden.
14th      Treated to Bridge Hotel lunch for babysitting.
15th      Michael, ex HIRC, accosted me in Ealing. First time ever meeting a detainee outside of HIRC.
18th      Picked 4lb raspberries.
19th       3lb gooseberries.
20th       Canterbury.
21st        Peter Ould excellent on Esther St Mary's. Battle of Britain memorial near Folkestone.
27th       Good IPC barbecue.
28th       Adam Wilson am. HIRC Jn 13.
29th       New full of Tunisia killings.

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