Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The changing world (319) Jan 2017

Jan 1st Resolved to start the day with prayer and study not the computer. Rowan Wilcox baptised. PL excellent five points of infant baptism. Indian couple andRoberts to lunch. HIRC all things new.
2nd      G&S here. Perivale farm dinner. Deb back from Devon. Baddock left IPC £80,000.
3rd       Early IPC prayer. Dinner cafe Rouge.
4th       Visitors left. IPC prayer.
5th        Week of prayer and fasting started with church lunch. Fasting from food, drink and computer after dinner.
6th         IPC dinner, prayer and communion.
7th         Prayer at Levy's
8th         Now sabbath from internet on Sundays. PL Is 44 and 1C 4. Reduced doses of psychotropics.
9th         Ealing Hospital diabetic foot clinic no help but a dressing.
10th       Bowel screening St Mark's. Found my grandfather died of colon cancer in 1953. U3A on secularisation and politics. Session.
11th       U3A on EU and 2017 elections. Foxtons say to marker=t the house for £650,000.
12th       Cafe Rouge lunch. A Hanwell estate agent says £600,000.
13th       Getting agents to send details of Greenford properties and contacting builders too.
14th       Evangelical Library.
15th       Juan Silva baptised. Ian Campbell on anointing of Jesus. Edit, Tom Weale, Tazi Smith, Abi to lunch.
16th       Bairstows say £650K too. Visited ferrymead Ave property. To Mahand's prayer.
17th       Early prayer. First viewing shown round. We have seen four. May says no to single market.
18th       Getting Foxton's recommended solicitors. Viewed Torrington Gardens.
19th       U3A on after Henry VIII, N Hendeson. Volunteered to convene U3A history 3, new group. Deb does plans for downstairs alterations.
20th       Decluttering for Foxton's photographer. PL and David Watson round to advise on alterations. Viewed in Conway Cr.
21st        Braithwaites to lunch.
22nd       Lunch at Alex Niora's of UKIP. HIRC on New Year.
23rd        Referred to St Mark's for colonoscopy.
24th        Supreme court says parliament must pass law to invoke article 50. Polish builder round.
25th        Grand Union Village ophthalmology glaucoma test.
26th        A day property viewed in central greenford.
27th        Shouted at schoolgirl taking up two seats on 297.
28th        Immaculate Rosedene house seen. Gardener advised on alterations. Visited Wells.
29th        Chuck's sister, Roberts, Ali and Judy to lunch. HIRC Jn 14.
30th        Westridge gardens house too small. One viewed ours.

So ends my 319th post on my memories. One surprising observation here is what I did not put in my diary, the suicide of Ian Campbell on 28th.

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