Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Rutherford Revised - (5)

5. To Lady Kenmore when with her husband they left Anwoth.-  Anwoth Sep 14 1629

Madam, Greeting you in Jesus Christ, - I am sad that I must say farewell by letter,, perhaps forever, having little certainty of seeing you again, until the final general assembly, where the whole church shall meet; yet I promise by His grace, to present your Ladyship and your troubles, to Him who is able to save you, and give you an inheritance with the saints, in a more special way than I have done before.
   You are going to a country where the Sun of righteousness , in the Gospel, does not she so clearly as in this kingdom; but if you want to know where he whom your soul loves rests, and where he feeds at noon, wherever you are, follow in the footsteps of the flock, and feed yourself near the shepherds' tents (Song 1:7-8), that is, ask for some of the Lord's city's watchmen, who will tell you the truth, not lying, as to where you will find him whom your soul loves. I trust you are so engaged to marry the true Christ, that you will not give your love to any false Christ. You do not know how soon your wedding day will come; is not eternity nearby? It is time you were ready with your wedding dress. Do not be asleep ay your Lord's coming. I pray to God that you be standing on your feet when He knocks. Do not be afraid to go from this country to another part of the Lord's earth: ' The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof.'Thus is the Lord's lower house; while we stay here, we have no assurance to be ever in one room, but we must be content to be moved from one corner to another, resting in hope, that when we come up to the Lord's upper city, 'Jerusalem that is above',we shall move no more,because than we shall be at home.And go wherever you will, if the Lord goes with you you are at homeland you lodging is taken before night, so long as He who is Israel's dwelling place is your home (Ps 90:1).Believe me Madam, I think you are well housed, there are fair resting rooms and pleasant lighting, if you can in faith lie down your head on the breast of Jesus Christ: and while tis is so, you will have sound sleep. Jesus, Jesus, be your shadow and covering. It is a sweet soul sleep to lie in the arms of Christ; for His breath is very sweet.
   Pray for the poor friendless church. Sadly, no-one will speak for her now, although at home in her own country, she has good friends, her husband Christ, and his Father her Father-in-law. Ask your husband to be a friend to the church, and pray for her.
   I have received many and various adversities and heavy blows since the Lord called me to the ministry; but I consider your leaving us among the hardest. But I see God will have us deprived of whatever we make an idol, that he may have His own room. I see very little fruit from my ministry, and would be glad to know of one soul to be my crown and rejoicing on the day of Christ. I have laboured in vain;I have spent my strength for nothing and vanityyet surely my right is with the LORD," (Is 49:4). I wish and pray that the Lord would harden my face against all, and make me to go facing any storm. Again, I commend you, body and spirit, to Him who has loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood. Grace, grace, grace for ever be with you. Pray, pray continually.
   Your Ladyship's in all dutiful obedience in Christ,  S.R.

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