Monday, February 04, 2019

The changing world (315) Jul-Oct 2015

Jul 1st Hottest July day on record. U3A on airport expansion.
2nd     Lunch woyj Littles Harrow Prezzo.
4th      Frustration at Evangelical Library - no-one with a key in.
5th      Adam Wilson on Ex 3. Jn 14 HIRC.
7th      U3A on eugenics.
8th      First Ashes test.
9th      Kenneth and Ian Skilling to dinner.
11th    We win first Ashes test.
12th    PL 1Tim 5. Ethan broke ark on trampoline. PL Joel 3. Elissa here overnight.
13th    Ethan Northwick Park having arm set.
15th    Andrew fellows on Christian and Art.
19th    Preached for Sotirovs in East London.
Aug 9th Anniversary lunch Lisa's.
Sep 1st  U3A usury and debt.
2nd        U3A Greece and the financial crisis.
5th         Evangelical library.
9th         First IPC day of prayer and fasting. Found the fasting easier then anticipated. A discipline I have never managed before. Broke fast together after prayer and Lord's supper.
Oct 20th Minicab to T5. Kenneth met us at Baltimore where I fell on up escalator and found immediate assistance kindly given.
21st       Kenneth drove round a quiet Washingron.
22nd      National space museum including Challenger, Blackbird and Enola Gay.
23rd       Jeffersons house Monticello. He had slaves there.
24th       To Babcocks. Gordon took us to Lancaster County and the Amish.
25th       Alexandria PCA reformation Sunday.
26th       Capital harbour across the Potomac. Elliott took us to his RV in Bull Rush RV park.
27th       To Gettysburg via Harper's ferry. It changed hands eight times in the civil war and where John Brown was killed.
28th        A guide was hired to drive us round the impressive battlefield in the rain. AThe most memorial filled battlefield in the world. Museum too. Found the movie about the battle wrongly had Jackson there but he was killed earlier.
29th       Pittsburgh. Huge house shared with Paul and family. Marti's fabulous Mexican dinner.
30th       Garden centre with Japanese garden under glass.
31st       PCUSA where Elliott is elder. Funicular to see rivers and stadia below.

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