Saturday, February 09, 2019

Diary w/e 9 Feb 2019

Sun 3 Feb

Adult Sunday School Phil Hopkins on contextualisation. Pl preached from Mat 12 and it was too cold in the chapel. The heating engineers still have not sorted it out so in the evening I sat at the back near the portable heater. Paul preached on judgement on the Midianites and I linked with the judgement theme when I presided at the Lord's Table.

Mon 4 Feb

Three hours at Moorfield's Ealing included 3/4 hour wait for a pharmacist at lunch. Session monthly business meeting.

Tue 5 Feb

U3A on numerology and kaballah.

Wed 6 Feb

U3A current affairs on Brexit - again. Our group is no more agreed than our MPs. We see no way forward. Over forty at the monthly IPC prayer meeting. Very encouraging.

Thu 7 Feb

Greenford Green clinic for podiatry. One blessing of being diabetic is chiropody care - toenails cutting.

Fri 8 Feb

Having blogged my autobiography from my diaries in the main, The changing world' with 319 entries, I have started on modernising Rutherford's letters. I aim to do one a day except on my Sabbath rest. 

Sat 9 Feb

I continue through the 800+ pages of Tombland, a great historical whodunit set in the days of Edward VI.

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