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Rutherford Revised - (14)

14. For Marion M'Naught From Anwoth  17 May 1631

Well beloved in the Lord, - You know our Communion day. I ask you, therefore for the help of your prayers, for that great work, which is one of our feast days, in which our well beloved Jesus rejoices, and is merry with his friends. 
   We have good reason to wonder at His love, since to day of His death was such a sad day to Him, even the day when His mother, the church, crowned Him with thorns, and He had many against Him, and presented His case alone in the field against them all; yet he delights with us to remember that day. Let us love Him and be glad and rejoice in His salvation. I am confident that you shall see the Son of God that day, and I dare, in His name, to invite you to His banquet. Many times you have been well entertained in His house; and with his friends he does not change, nor rebukes them for too great kindness. But I do not say this to make you stop praying for me, who have nothing in myself, except what I daily receive from Him, who is made by His Father an overflowing fountain, at which I and others may come thirstily, and fill our jars.This well has long stood open for us. Lord Jesus, do not lock it up against us. I am sorry for our lonely church; yet I can only trust, so long as God has any lost money here, he will not blow out the candle. May the Lord make good candlesticks in His house, and remove the dead lights.
   I have been thinking a lot about the conversion of the Jews. Pray for them. When they were in their Lord's house, at their Father's elbow, they were longing for the coming in of their little sister, the church of the Gentiles,. They said to their Lord, 'We have a little sisterand she has no breasts.What shall we do for our sister on the day when she is spoken for?' (Song 8:8). Let us meet with them. What shall we do for our elder sister, the Jews? Lord Jesus, give them breasts. It would be a glad day to see both us and them sit down at one table, and Christ at the head of the table. Then would our Lord come soon with his fair guard to hold His great court.
   Dear sister, for the Lord's sake be patient, under the wrongs you suffer from the wicked.Your Lord will make you see your desire concerning your enemies. Some of them will be cut off; 'He will shake off his unripe grape like the vineand cast off his blossom like the olive tree. (Job 15:33): God will make them like unripe sour grapes, shaken off the tree by the blast of God's wrath; and therefore pity them and pray for them. Others of them must remain to exercise you. God has said of them, Let the weeds grow until harvest (Mat 13:30).  It proves you are the Lord's wheat. Be patient:  Christ went to heaven with many a wrong. His face and expression were marred more than the sons of men. You may not be above your master; innocent Jesus received many a black blow, and he received no amends, but referred them all to the great court day, when all things will be put right. I want to hear from you in a day or two, if Mr Robert still wants to come and help us. God will give you joy from all your children. I bless you from our Lord, your husband and children too. Grace, grace and mercy be multiplied to you.
  Yiyrs in the Lord for ever,     S.R.

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