Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rutherford revised (111)

111. To Jean Brown  From Aberdeen 7 Mar 1637

Well-beloved and dear sister, - Grace, mercy and peace be to you. I received your letter, which I treasure as evidence of your Christian affection for me, and of your love to me honourable Lord and Master. My desire is for your communion with Christ to grow, and your good works stored up with your Lord until you come to the waterside.
   Oh, who knows how sweet are Christs kisses! Who has been more kindly hugged and kissed than I, his banished prisoner? I would not exchange Christ for heaven itself. He has left a dart and arrow of love in my soul, and I am in pain until he comes and removes it. I find the wounds painful for I want possession. I now know that this worm-eaten apple, the plastered, rotten world, which the silly children of this world are beating and hitting and pulling one another's ears for, is a good enough part for bastards, and that is all they have to look for. I am not offended by my enemies staying at home by their own firesides, with greater rent per anuum than I. Should I be angry that the Goodman of this world's house throws a dog a bone to hurt his teeth? He has taught me to be content with a borrowed fireside, and a strange bed; and I think I have lost nothing for the income is so great. Oh, who can tell what is in Christ! Oh , how weighty is my jewel, my crown, my fair dining-room in glory, where I will be above the blows and harm of the bishops. Desire this and let your thoughts dwell on the blessedness that awaits you in the other world. When you see the crown the fair side of the world will be quickly turned to you. I hope you are near your lodging. On, but I would think myself blessed, for my part to get home before the shower comes; for God has a quiver full of arrows to shoot at and shower down on Scotland. 
   You have the prayers of a prisoner of Christ. I want Patrick to give Christ his young love,  yes the flower of it; and to put it before all else. It is good to start soon in the way; and by this he should have the advantage in the evil day. Grace be with you,
   Yours only in his Lord Jesus,   S.R.

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