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Terrorists Coming to Christ in Northern Nigeria

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 'No Small Work': Refugees and Terrorists Coming to Christ in Northern Nigeria Contact: Amie Cotton, APR (256) 426-4543 Christian Aid Mission CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (ANS) -- "I think we would have been overwhelmed in the mission field long ago if you were not here for us." Northern Nigeria is experiencing a rash of attacks by insurgents who systematically destroy villages, marketplaces, and schools. Local gospel workers are ministering to refugees and to the militants who are becoming soldiers for Christ. (Image credit: Navanti) That nod of thanks was expressed to Christian Aid Mission this past week by the director of a Nigerian ministry who has fought long and hard in the trenches of spiritual warfare. He has experienced his share of both victories and defeats. His life has been threatened. The ministry's headquarters was forced to relocate because of insurgents that are terrorizing the countryside. Challenges abound, but he never gives up the work God has entrusted to him. Families displaced by violent attacks on their villages are pouring into crowded displacement camps or crossing the border into adjoining countries. Using funds provided by Christian Aid Mission donors, the ministry is delivering supplies to some of the refugees. However, travel to the camps is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous. The ministry leader sent the following report to Christian Aid Mission June 13 detailing the hardships-and the harvest-experienced by Nigerian missionaries: "For the past two m onths, the world and particularly believers have stood with Nigeria and with our Northeast region where we live. The insurgents have destroyed virtually everything within their reach. Women and men alike are being captured and taken into the forest, where it seems the military has been unable to rescue anyone thus far. The increasing number of men, women, and children in the refugee camps is mounting to millions in three countries. We believe we must do our best to help them, even at risk to our own safety. We ask God's people to send materials and resources to enable us to salvage the lives and souls of people trapped in this ugly circumstance. "The killing continues, and this week alone at least six villages were invaded and burned down by insurgents. This has happened without any challenge from the military, and these men are committing their evil deeds daily. More families are streaming into the refugee camp where we bring aid. Unfortunately for two weeks now, we have not been able to visit again due to intense fi ghting in the region. The military would not gua rantee our safety on the more than 80-mile journey to the first camp. The road itself is littered with military road blocks. The insurgents have attacked some of these stations and killed the military personnel. "We are playing it safe for now. We have been able to repatriate some people, including children and ex-insurgents who left the rebel group and repented of their crimes. We have been training and feeding them at two of our stations-the School of Missions and our convert care center. Thank you for your support. To handle these crises is no small work." He went on to say that they have to do the following as part of their added ministry activities: 1. Take responsibility to work in a refugee camp with over 300,000 people. We help provide food, medicine, and other services to some of the refugees, although not without difficulties 2. Strengthen those who accept Christ so as to empower them spiritually and physically 3. Resettle families to enabl e them to continue their lives after attacks on t heir villages 4. Help traumatized people who witnessed the killings 5. Provide education for their children Serious challenges The ministry leader added, "The rainy season is beginning in the Northeast, and this is the time farmers plant their crops. There will be an impending crisis, even if the insurgent attacks decline. Many of these farmers are in refugee camps, and they have decided not to return to their farms for fear of an attack by the rebels. In some cases, those who went to their farms to begin planting did not come back alive. The situation is serious, as it means that next year there will be massive famine in the land if care is not taken now. We are thinking of helping some of them by renting land in a safer location where they can raise crops while they wait to return to their villages. "In addition, two weeks ago we rescued some of our staff in two eastern states due to the killings. None of them was affected but they had to evacuate. Now the hostilities have diminished, and we are already thinking of moving our missionary brothers back to the area. They will go, but their wives and children will remain behind. We will travel there to assess the situation and then begin the move. Our missionaries need care and support. They have been traumatized in some cases. The Lord has helped our brethren recover from this pain of running and escaping from dangers, sometimes leaving their hundreds of converts behind. This is terrible for a missionary." "The Treasure" Audio Bibles Audio Bibles bring the gospel to remote Nigerian villages. He also noted, "We were able to give out 45 of 'The Treasure' audio Bibles to Muslims who were ready to hear. Some of them assured us we shall hear from them when we come back. Pray for one new convert who accepted Christ after listening to the Gospel of John. This is a great tool for reaching Muslims." Testimony of a convert He then said, "It is impossible to think Banga* could be saved. He was the one who championed the attacks on two villages. He cries now when he remembers killing innocent people. I am personally working with him to help him overcome the trauma. He stays with one of our mission friends who takes care of him." Urgent needs * A bus or truck to carry our mission support materials to the needy. A used bus costs about $17,000. * Send refugee children to school. Some have been orphaned or their parents were seriously injured when insurgents attacked th eir villages. This is also a wonderful opportuni ty to introduce youngsters to Christ. * Help support a missionary and his family by providing funds for food, clothing, and other basic needs. *name changed for security reasons For more information, visit Learn more about indigenous missions around with world by signing up for Christian Aid Mission's weekly e-newsletter, Missions Insider, here ( ). About Christian Aid Mission Christian Aid Mission is an evangelical missionary organization that seeks to establish a witness for Jesus Christ in every tribe and nation by assisting effective indigenous or native ministries through prayer, advocacy, and financial support. Our focus is on reaching the unreached for Christ in areas in the world where there are few Christians, where Christians suffer because of poverty or persecution, or foreign missionaries are not allowed. We currently assist more than 500 ministries overseas that have tens of thousands of indigenous or native missionaries in the field. These ministries are engaging more than 1,000 unreached people groups in more than 100 countries around the world. For more information, please visit, as well as: Facebook: ASSIST News Service (ANS) - PO Box 609, Lake Forest, CA 92609-0609 USA Visit our web site at: -- E-mail:

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On this day, June 22, 1680

June 22: The Sanquhar Declaration by david t myers Do you own the Sanquhar Declaration? That question would be asked again and again by the authorities in the land of Scotland in the latter part of the seventeenth century against Presbyterians in the kingdom. If it was answered in the affirmative, then your very life was in danger, either at that very time or later. The name of the declaration was in reference to a small town in the southwest part of Scotland. It was the very center of persecution. Fugitives from the east or west naturally passed through it for passage to safer areas. On one of its streets was a village cross to which people would affix various messages to the outside world. It was on this day, June 22, 1680, that a band of horsemen who were heavily armed with swords and pistols rode into the town early in the morning. Led by a Presbyterian minister by the name of Richard Cameron, the group stopped, sand a psalm, prayed, and then publicly read the following declaration. It is found at the bottom of this post. There was no doubt as to what it maintained, namely, a declaration of war against the present king in London, England. Consider its chief sentence: "Therefore, although we be for government and governors, such as the Word of God and our covenant allows; yet we, for ourselves, and all that will adhere to us as the representative of the true Presbyterian Kirk and covenanted nation of Scotland, considering the great hazard of lying under such a sin any longer, do, by these presents, disown Charles Stuart, that has been reigning, or rather tyrannizing, as we may say, on the throne of Britain these years begone, as having any right, title to, or interest in the said crown of Scotland for government." And further, "As also we being under the standard of our Lord Jesus Christ, Captain of salvation, and his cause and covenants, do declare war with such a tyrant and usurper, and all the men of his practices, as enemies to our Lord Jesus Christ, and his cause and covenants . . . ." There was no doubt as to the intention of this declaration. The sword was to be taken up from its sheath and used to bring about the Presbyterian cause once and for all. There was equally no doubt as to what it proclaimed from the Crown. They, in a Proclamation on June 30, 1680 that Richard Cameron and his followers were Rebels and Traitors. Large rewards were offered for them dead or alive. Words to Live By: Alexander Smellie in his book "Men of the Covenant" says regarding this declaration, "What had they done? They had cast off the authority of their monarch. But they had not done it in mischievous anarchy and blatant revolt. They made their adjuration a religious act. They prefaced and followed the oath of insurrection by the worship of God. Moreover, they had disavowed King Charles in the interest of King Jesus. They disobeyed the unworthy ruler, that they might obey the Ruler who is incomparable...We may not approve every phrase in their Declaration...It contends for the essentials, for a free Parliament and an unshackled Church...Its principles triumphed in 1688 (the arrival of William and Mary." The text of The Sanquhar Declaration:— “The Declaration and Testimony of the True Presbyterian, Anti-prelatic, Anti-erastian, persecuted party in Scotland,” published at Sanquhar, 22 June 1680. It is not amongst the smallest of the Lord’s mercies to this poor land, that there have been always some who have given their testimony against every cause of defection that many are guilty of; which is a token for good, that he doth not, as yet, intend to cast us off altogether, but that he will leave a remnant in whom lie will be glorious, if they. through his grace, keep themselves clean still, and walk in his way and method as it has been walked in, and owned by him in our predecessors of truly worthy memory; in their carrying on of our noble work of reformation, in the several steps thereof, from Popery, Prelacy, and likewise Erastian supremacy—so much usurped by him who, it is true, so far as we know, is descended from the race of our kings; yet he hath so far debased from what he ought to have been, by his perjury and usurpation in Church matters, and tyranny in matters civil, as is known by the whole land, that we have just reason to account it one of the Lord’s great controversies against us, that we have not disowned him, and the men of his practices, whether inferior magistrates or any other, as enemies to our Lord and his crown, and the true Protestant and Presbyterian interest in this land—our Lord’s espoused bride and Church. Therefore, although we be for government and governors, such as the Word of God and our covenant allows; yet we, for ourselves, and all that will adhere to us as the representative of the true Presbyterian Kirk and covenanted nation of Scotland, considering the great hazard of lying under such a sin any longer, do, by these presents, disown Charles Stuart, that has been reigning, or rather tyrannizing, as we may say, on the throne of Britain these years bygone, as having any right, title to, or interest in, the said crown of Scotland for government, as forfeited, several years since, by his perjury and breach of covenant both to God and his Kirk, and usurpation of his crown and royal prerogative therein, and many other breaches in matters eccelesiastic and by his tyranny and breach of the very reges regnandi in matters civil. For which reason we declare, that several years since he should have been denuded of being king, ruler, or magistrate, or of having any power to act or to be obeyed as such. As also we’ being under the standard of our Lord Jesus Christ, Captain of Salvation, do declare a war with such a tyrant and usurper, and all the men of his practices, as enemies to our Lord Jesus Christ, and his cause and covenants; and against all such as have strengthened him, sided with, or anywise acknowledged him in his tyranny, civil or ecclesiastic; yea, against all such as shall strengthen, side with, or anywise acknowledge any other in like usurpation and tyranny-far more against such as would betray or deliver up our free reformed mother Kirkunto the bondage of Antichrist, the Pope of Rome. And, by this, we homologate that testimony given at Rutherglen, the 29th of May 1679, and all the faithful testimonies of those who have gone before, as also of those who have suffered of late, and we do disclaim that Declaration published at Hamilton, June 1679, chiefly because it takes in the king’s interest, which we are several years since loosed from, because of the aforesaid reasons, and others which may, after this, if the Lord will, be published. As also, we disown and by this resent the reception of the Duke of York, that professed Papist, as repugnant to our principles and vows to the Most High God, and as that which is the great, though not alone, just reproach of our Kirk and nation. We also, by this, protest against his succeeding to the crown, and whatever has been done, or any are essaying to do in this land, given to the Lord, in prejudice to our work of reformation. And to conclude, we hope. after this, none will blame us for, or offend at, our rewarding those that are against as they have done to us, as the Lord gives opportunity. This is not to exclude any that have declined, if they be willing to give satisfaction according to the degree of their offence.

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Books read in June 2014

1. Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in God: How to give love, create beauty and find peace by Frank Schaeffer Like a former heavy smoker who becomes strident against tobacco, Frank rails against the beliefs of his parents. But first I should thank him for his generosity in allowing a free Kindle download for a couple of days and for what reads as a heart on the shoulder account of his presents beliefs. However I believe he is wrong to describe his parents as fundamentalist, a really pejorative term. His father preferred the name, Bible believing Christian. I also take exception the Frank slandering such believers as Bible worshipping Christians. Frank treats Scripture like someone in a pick and mix sweet store. He choses the bits that suit his now liberal and post-modernist perspective. He ask what is truth and concludes it does not consist of objective presuppositions. He is big on love and beauty and there is beauty n the way he depicts his family love. But why does he need to use four letter words in his narrative? I see he has rejected more than his father's doctrine of Scripture. He has left antithesis for what Francis would call an upper story experience of religion and in so doing he confirms his father's assertion that the non-believer cannot consistently follow his own chosen path of rejection of the truth. But on some things I am with Frank. He stridently rejects the atheists who claim certainty, also the non-representational in modern art and the atonality of modern music. 2 Revenge by Martina Cole ( This is I think the third of her books read recently. All are about the life of East End Gangsters. This one is particularly brutal, do much so that I cannot see it being shown in a visual medium without drastic editing. As usual the language is much riper and authentic than East Enders. The are interesting issues raised about family life and conscience. A good read but not for the squeamish. 3. Backlash by Lynda La Plant I think the author is the best crime thriller writer alive today. This a great page turner and seems most authentic. I seem to recall parts of this on TV but my memory was very sporadic and did not affect the pleasure of reading. I think it is well told and the characters well draw. I have seen lots of La Plante on TV. Now I want to read more. 4.An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris I am not surprised that this work was awarded a prize for the best historical novel of the year. It is a riveting read retelling the story of the greatest ever injustice and conspiracy in France. As with best of tales you would think it an unbelievable tale if you did not know its historical basis. It has left me with to thins to do. Read more about Dreyfus and read more from Harris. 5. The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver A gripping crime thriller set in the Caribbean and New York. Held my attention. Some good twists but I found the drone technology a little far fetched. Ruthless killing but some human touches even post traumatic stress. 6. Dust by Patricia Cornwell My second thriller read in the Scarpetta series. A gripping who dunnit thriller with plenty of twists and turns. There is a lot of forensic detail as befits a former pathology worker but I fund some of the technology from the neiece of the heroine to be more science fiction than fiction.