Saturday, June 30, 2018

Diary w/e 30 June 2018

Sun 24 Jun

Gethin good as ever at adult Sunday school with a repeat playing of the hip hop, Jesus the lead crusher, an amazing way of teaching deep theology. Paul gave a very well structured treatment of Mat 8:1- 22. Met Shaun a lecturer from Singapore who remembered me and Larry Beckler from being with IPC in 1988. A treat day for England sport, 6-1 Worlds Cup, whitewash 5-0 over the Aussies in ODI cricket and Hamilton first in F1. Preached on Noah the non-conformist at Harmondsworth where numbers were down but new detainees from Nepal, Malaysia, Ghana and Nigeria.

Mon 25 Jun

Recipient of the best kind of pastoral visit - when the visiting pastor brings the beer. I have my 2019 diary. now. Five gallons of Chardonnay in the fermented. (Not the communion wine). Hottest day of year. Garden watered. Two builders came to quote on garden walls. Annual joint elders and deacons meeting to set the budget for the next year. Full house of deacons, 8 out of 11 elders in the pastor's garden. Figures encouraging.

Tue 26 J

Ealing Lunchtime Talks, Chris Roberts on Ps 50 then a pastoral visit.

Wed 27 Jun

U3a History group on Cyprus. Not enjoying preparation for colonoscopy tomorrow - fasting and purging. This prevented me from going to house group.

Thu 38 Jun

The laxatives prevented me going to elders early morning prayer. Ten polyps removed in a lengthy colonoscopy.

Fri 29 Jun

Builder estimated more cheaply so has the garden malling job.

Sat 30 Jun

Failed to rise early and see the iconic Flying Scotsman depart from Ealing Broadway 6:10 am. Greenford carnival. Good burger lunch but nowhere to sit with a pint at the bar. Chat with our friendly MP. Good birthday drinks for Gethin Jones at the Drayton.

The changing world (148) Nov-Dec 88

Nov 6th Joe preached. Me in evening.
7th         Met with Costons ward Conservatives. I was selected as a candidate for 1990 elections eventually.
12th       Stocktaking. The 2nd and £rd secretaries from the Chinese embassy to dinner.
13th        I preached.
14th        Congregational meeting.
16th        Took David to consider 6th form options at Twyford.
20th         Elliott preached.
24th        Larry organised an PC Thanksgiving dinner.
25-26th   Presbytery. No longer synod as we have no church in Huemoz now. Ranald and Udo appeared to have fallen out over L'Abri leadership. I believe it was a question of who had inherited Schaeffer's mantle. Ranald thew IPC out od the Huemoz Chapel, owned by L'Abri. They took the name IPC Reformee with them and we were plain IPC and a presbytery in England only. Udo later moved to USA and Swiss IPC became no more.
27th          Preached. Stephens to lunch. He was a GP. She had survived the Cambodian killing fields.
29th          Alperton High School where I was appointed a community governor, my only such post. I failed to become a Tyford parent governor but from 1990-98 was a councillor governor in four different school, a boring job where I was at least once in a voting minority of one.
30th           Parents Action Group.
Dec 4th      Elliott morning Larry evening preacher.
10th           Presbyterian Association of England meeting.
11th           Elliott preached.
12th           To baroness Cox's House of Lords education issues meeting.
13th            Katy term finished.
14th            John with us.
15th            Larry preached. Carol service in the evening.
19th            My assistant on holiday to Ireland.
24th            Geoffrey and Sara with us.
25th            David Barnes preached.
26th            Idiot neighbour George Herbert banged on the garden fence as our water pipes were kicking. His favourite tactic was to play a recording of Welly barking back through the wall after evening service. One Christmas we had invited him to dinner. But Christmas eve morning there was horrendous noise from is stern. He had gone to work with it on full blast. I called the police who broke in and turned it off. They asked if he was strange for he has a mannequin dressed in women's underclothes in the house as well as top shelf magazines. He could be nice but on this occasion he was very angry and skipped Christmas dinner. Another time I banged my head on the low doorway of the garden shed and he said he hoped it might knock some sense into me. His mother had died with dementia. His brother had committed suicide. Elliott said he had personality disorder. In the end he was taken into care with dementia but on a good day he could be very pleasant though overpowering.
27th          Did a pastoral visit to Larry. Ate at Martins. George worse on our return.
28th           Yorkshire visitors left. To town. Westminster, St James Park, Royal Mews, Fell asleep in the Magician's Nephew.
29th            Pharmacy 8:30 am to 8pm. One was paid to be on duty during lunchtime and stead eating in the dispensary.
30th            Work 8am to 9pm reducing Christmas stock to half price.
31st            Sermon prep. Pot luck, games and watch night service.

The changing world (147) Aug - Oct 88

Aug 7th    I preached.
12 Aug            To Yorkshire.
13 Aug 1988 At Wimbledon Methodist, North Yorkshire, for my youngest cousin, Andrew Graham's wedding to Carol. Arthur played them out to the 'Pink panther'. Uncle Neil had to pause to control his emotion while conducting the ceremony.
21st                Raju morning me evening preaching.
28th                Elliott preached. Justice Muhktar visited.
Sep 2nd          IPC barbecue.
4th                  Elliott preached. Koreans having afternoon use of the building leaves a certain aroma for our evening service when I preached.
5th                  John back to school.
6th                  Ealing parents Action Group
11th                Preached Grove Chapel, Camberwell.
12th                PTA Twyford.
13th                Presbytery.
15th                Katy started as class music teacher part time beacon House School. Beacon House School is listed under the London Independent & Preparatory Schools category and is located in 15 Gunnersbury Avenue , London, London.
16th                     Larry preached.
25th                     David Barnes preached.
26th                    Mike Rudd and S Bowder to dinner.
Oct 1st               Braithwaites visiting ud.
2nd                     Elliott preached. Woodcocks visiting.
5th                     Dinner at Michelsons.
8th                     Russells to dinner.
9th                     I preached. Jackie Gooding visited us.
10th                   PTA AGM.
15th                   Session
16th                  Elliott preached.
17th                 Free Church federal Council.
22nd               John half term. David birthday party.
23rd                I preached.
30th                Ed Clowney preached.  Christine Thompson visited.

Friday, June 29, 2018

The changing world (146) Aug 87- Jul 88

11 Aug Enid Crane to dinner.
Around this time Jonathan had an experimental scan at the Hammersmith where raj Abraham was consultant neurologist.Thr NMR machine was so innovative at the time we had to sign a consent. I watched the monitor. He was told there was some noise, He had to come out and take of his jeans which gad a big metal front button. I said it was,'Take of your trousers to see inside your head'. Raju promised a copy of the scan but when he was how much brain tissue was not as it should be he declined. Agenesis of corpus callosum (ACC) is a rare disorder that is present at birth (congenital). It is characterized by a partial or complete absence (agenesis) of an area of the brain that connects the two cerebral hemispheres. For such a lack of brain development Jonathan has little disability beyond a mild hemiplegia.
Christmas 1977 Our first HOST student. Hospitality for Overseas Students organised by the British Council. Zhang Yingbiao, Charlie, was a delight. Post doctoral scientists at University College. We gave him a Chinese Bible but he preferred reading Debbies cartoon Bible. Over the holiday I relayed the story from creation to Exodus. He lapped it up saying this was what China needed, the way of forgiveness. He was a brilliant original scientist working on a unified field of knowledge for alternative medicine. We recommended the Chinese church in London but he went to All Souls and the next year was baptised. He is father had opposed the communists and been imprisoned. He was not released while his wife lived. Charlie was brought up in a rural area away from the cultural revolution. He was so well self taught he skipped a first degree and entered a masters course after the end of the cultural revolution.
6 Sep       Sproules to dinner.
8 Sep       John and Marie Scott visited.
19th Dec  Patterson family to dinner.
24th Jan 88 Leonard Day to dinner.
Mar 20th     Six Barnes to dinner.
Apr 26th    My eldest cousin, Roger Weeks visited from New Zealand. An orthopaedic surgeon he had emigrated the nearly twenty years before. He said his entry into society was through the Freemasons. he acme Grand Master in the northern island. I told him the only new society was the church. He did not like my critique of the society with secrets which could easily serve as a template for corruption. Roger Harman Weeks was born in Worcester on 24 April 1934. He married Hilary on 27 February 1960 in Falmouth and they had two children, Sara (born 1961, who also became medically qualified) and Robert (born 1966). He practised as a general surgeon in New Zealand and died there, while living in the Bay of Islands, on 5 March 2005.
3 may          Yasmin Ahmed stayed.
30th                Julia Pollinauu from Munich stayed under the HOST scheme.
14 Jun            David Landess and Kirk Lynn visited, both from Wheaton College.
18th                Mary and Seamus Vahey to dinner. She was my pharmacy assistant, one of the best. The only problem was the usual Irish one, wanting holiday to go home at Christmas. That was a good reason not to employ the Irish. I also did not want male assistants but the stupid job centre said equalities policy meant I could not advertise for females only. I needed a female for with only one assistant she had to be fame in a pharmacy.
26th                 Diane Preston to dinner.
23 July 1986. Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey . That day I presented ealing Parents Action Group petition to Cllr Hilary Benn on the town hall steps. Press coverage nationally was at the royal wedding so we got little coverage.

The changing world (145) Dec 86 - Jul 78

Dec 6th To Braithwaites.
7th              Elliott preached on church gift day.
9th              Denise Bell a leading light in the Parents Action Group. She was to legally challenge the council over its revised RE syllabus. with e help of the Christian Institute.
11th             john out from school.
14th             Elliott preached.
21st              .Elliott preached.28th Carol service.
25th              Randy preached.
28th              David preached then Larry.
30th              Jacobs to dinner,
Jan 8th 87    EPAG at St John's
13th              Session retreat.
7-15 Feb        John on half term.
15th              Haidar Roger Reeve to dinner. A convert to Islam I met while campaigning about school. The host famous convert, cat Stevens, was a customer in Willisden, I also had Shagari's vice-president in the shop. he told me he had been imprisoned with Solomon Bar who I knew before he was governor of Plateu State.Chief (Dr.) Solomon Daushep Lar (April 1933 – 9 October 2013) was a Nigerian politician who has held various offices at the National level for over 50 years. He was a member of the first national parliament when Nigeria gained independence in 1960. He was elected governor of Plateau Stateon the Nigerian People's Party (NPP) platform during the Nigerian Second Republic, holding office from October 1979 until the Military coup of 31 December 1983 that brought General Muhammadu Buhari to power.[1] Later, he was founding chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP).
16th              Congregational meeting.
21st mar       Tylers to dinner.
Apr 3-17       John Easter holiday.
May 22-26    John half term
Jul 1st           Mary salter to dinner.
21st              Jeremy Hinds to dinner and speaking at IPC. Top missionary to the Hausas.He was born on December 16th 1932, educated in Sedburgh, and after National Service (a compulsory period
in the armed services for all 18 year old men after World War II) he went up to Oxford University in 1954 to study Greats. In a letter to James Tweedie5, Hinds gives some biographical detail and describes how he first met Hausa Muslims while he was doing his National Service in Northern Nigeria (This would have been in the early 1950’s). He himself told me that he had a choice of playing Polo or learning Hausa and as he did not like Polo he decided to learn Hausa. His Hausa teachers were only too willing to talk about their religion, Islam.Hinds had little Christian commitment until he went up to Oxford where he came to a personal experience of, "the overwhelming joy of forgiveness through the death of Christ."7Immediately he felt that he should go back to share this news with his Hausa friends in Northern Nigeria. This shaped his further study. On the advice of Max Warren (The General Secretary of CMS) he took a second degree in Theologybefore a year of Arabic and a period of Qur’anic study with the help of retired missionaries from Egypt and Palestine.He was influenced by a book 'The Ugly American' which told “the story of a Roman Catholic priest who studied Communism so much that he knew their doctrines better than the Communists he met.”10 Hinds set this as his goal, knowledge of the Qur'an and Islamic Theology so that he would be able to listen and understand Qur'anic exposition given in the traditional way.11 However, to this traditional interpretation he brought the critical scholarship of his academic training.
It was 1962 before Hinds departed for Zaria District in Northern Nigeria to work as a lay evangelist. Here he developed relationships with the small Christian Community in Wusasa, many of them converts from Islam and also with local Muslim teachers. Hinds would often visit with converts from Islam such as Malam Idi Kano and, usually at the home of the Malam (Teacher).12 He described the exchanges thus,
“Sometimes the argument gets heated but it is because we are talking about things we hold dear. We end in peace and a good cup of tea and refreshments until the next time.”13
In 1966 he was asked by the Diocese of Kaduna (read Diocese of Northern Nigeria) to be the Principal of a new training institute (The Diocesan Training Centre [DTC]) to prepare men for catechist and ordained ministry. Hinds developed a communal style of life among the students. For Hinds his identification with the people led him to consider a cross-cultural marriage before he met and married Wendy in 1970.14 Wendy became a great support to Jeremy, and occasionally when ill health prevented him from presenting a conference paper, she would read it on his behalf. He held the role of DTC Principal for three years and then covered a number of interregnums between Principals until 1979, when a heart attack forced him to leave the DTC and Wusasa. Throughout this period he continued to visit local Malams and to read the debates between Muslim scholars in the Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwobo (tr. ‘truth is worth more than a penny’) and the New Nigerian newspapers. After recuperation in the UK, Hinds returned with his family to Nigeria to take up a post as lecturer at The Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN), Bukuru (he had two years lecturing at Bukuru in the mid 1970’s before continuing his ministry at Wusasa). Here his influence reached students from many of the church denominations founded by the Protestant missions to Northern Nigeria. At the same time he was appointed as a consultant to the Pan African Islam in Africa Project (now PROCMURA – Project for Christian Muslim Relations in Africa) and so was able to share his expertise more widely. In 1987 Hinds resigned from his post at TCNN and was seconded by CMS to work with the Bible Society. One project was to enable the transliteration of Bible passages from Hausa Roman script into Ajami (Hausa written in Arabic script). Although this was never completed in his time, Hinds oversaw the publication by the Bible Society of
booklets in Ajami telling the story of the prophets, Noah, Abraham, Moses etc. It was also during this period that he completed the Qur’an Word Studies, written to stimulate dialogue.
In a visit to Liberia one of the Bishops pleaded with Hinds to relocate there. Hinds felt that he had shared his knowledge with many Christians in Nigeria who were now in positions of leadership and that the need was greater in Liberia.15 It was agreed with CMS that, after a period in the UK, Hinds and his family would base themselves in Monrovia. However by 1991 Liberia had disintegrated into civil war. The plan was put on hold and Hinds turned to dialogue with the Asian Muslim communities in the North West of England (e.g. Oldham, Blackburn, Preston, etc), made up of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who had settled in the cotton mill towns at about the time that Hinds first went to Nigeria. Here Hinds continued his dialogue and debate usually accompanied by Christians from a local church, and often meeting Muslim leaders at the mosque. Hinds was never a lone ranger but, rather he wanted to stimulate the involvement of Christians who lived in communities cheek by jowl with Muslims. Hinds was supported in this work through CMS and the Jerusalem Trust from 1992 until his death in July after a massive stroke.

The changing world (144) Oct-Nov 86

Oct 4th Kellenbergs to dinner.
5th        Elliott preached then me.
11th      Stocktaking.
12th      Harvest Sunday. Larry preached then me.
14th      Parents Action Group.
16th     Free Church federal Council. I failed to get any of the politically active over homosexuality. Too many pietists and Labour supporters. Michael award, vicar of St Marys was supportive. he parted company with Butler, his bishop, who failed to support a Southall curate in conflict with the Council. It was over care in the Community - housing for those discharged from mental hospital long term care. A housing trust was to be set up, Christian. Anyone would be house irrespective of sexuality. But staff would be Christian and the curate in charge would not sign the council's equal opportunity policy on sexuality. Butler, the bishop, supported the council. not his curate.
19th     Elliott preached.
20th    To Skipton for half term.
26th    Elliott preached.
28th    ladies to dinner.
Nov 12th John with us for half term.
2nd          Larry preached.
4th          Met with ealing Council of churches who I do not recall helping the Parents Action Group which met too.
8th           Drs Anna and M C Matthews from Vellore Christian Hospital India to dinner. No-one knows MC's forename. He was a communist as a student, was converted and his life is devoted as a consultant paediatrician to helping outcast disabled children. He was at GOS Hospital.
10th       John back to school. Elliott preached. Braithwaites to lunch.
15th       Presbyterian Conference, Cole Abbey. Talks by the pastor, John Rich;s, Ed Clowney and Donald Macleod. Out od this was to come eventually the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales. I do not know why they were not closer to IPC from the start. I was to preach regularly at their Cambridge Church plant. As denominations we are like two overlapping circles and I want to see us as one in time. Some in IPC think EPCEW too truly reformed wanting to crowd every T and dot all the eyes, very conservative. Some in EPCEW want us together. Others have thought us too easy going and imprecise. Well we are now better organised and growing as they are.
16th      I preached.
17th      Congregational meeting.
18th      Debbie birthday party. One classmate was Felix Gummer, son of the cabinet minister.
20th      Met Harry Greenway and Parents Action Group.
25th      Parent's Action Group
29-30th Synod.

The changing world (143) Aug-Sep 86

Aug 3rd Elliott preached. I think Steve Bickley had left IPC now for Proclamation Trust, a sudden and surprise move leaving us with no full time teaching elder.
10th        Larry preached.
11th        Discoverers.
17th        I preached. Boys away on holiday.
19th        Girls away on holiday.
21st         Neil Richardson, rector of Greenford and Labour councillor visited as apologist for the homosexuality policy. I was later to tell him he was a false prophet saying,'Peace, peace' when there is no peace for he blessed homosexual unions. His politics and theology were polar opposites of mine  but he wrote some touching romantic poetry each year.
24th         I preached.
28th         Jun back from Nigeria.
31st        Digby James and family visited.
Sp 1st     Session
4th            Harry Greenway MP visited us. We became good friends. he encouraged me to join the Conservatives and then to stand as a councillor. He won the seat from Labour and kept it for three general elections only losing when Blair came to power. He had real Christian commitment. The only time he desired a three line whip was over Sunday trading.
7th            Joe preached on giving. He showed us the OT tithe was actually 23.33% p.a.
8th            Congregational meeting.
9th            John into school.
10th          Ruth Eatough visited.
12th          Parents Action Group.
13th          Stocktaking.
14th          I preached. Pot luck. I did my signature dish as usual, tandoori chicken.
16th          Seabers silver wedding at the Brentham Club.
21st          I led. Raju preached.
23rd         Tom and Jean Owens to dinner. Tom pastored Acton Baptist Church. He was succeeded by Jonathan Burrough who was the son of SUM missionaries and whose daughter Miriam was to marry our Jonathan. Tom retired to the Isle of Man. Before Nigeria he was a vet.
24th        Larry's parents to dinner. he was a well to do dealer in agricultural equipment in Nebraska.
28th        Larry preached.
30th         Parents Action Group.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The changing world (142) Jun - July 86

Jun 1st Joe preached then me.
7th       Church cleaning day.
8th       To Braithwaites.
9th       Congregational meeting.
10-14th Kevin Boer stayed.
11th      Presbyter.
15th      Elliott morning then Steve preached. Lawler to lunch. 22
22     d  Tony Trigg visited.
23rd       David Bailes ate with us.
29th       Steve preached. IPC pot luck picnic.
July 5th Tp Braithwaites.
6th          Elliott preached.
13th         Elliott preached.
17th         St Saviour's fair
18th         Rachel to guide camp.
19th       John and his her Justice Aloma Mukhtar visited. Aloma Mariam Mukhtar (born 20 November 1944) is a Nigerian jurist and former Chief Justice of Nigeria from July 2012 to November 2014.[1][2] She was called to the English Bar in November, 1966 and to the Nigerian Bar in 1967.[3][4]
President Goodluck Jonathan swore in Mukhtar on 16 July 2012 as the 13th indigenous Chief Justice of Nigeria, and conferred on her the Nigerian National Honour of the Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON).[2]

In her career, Mukhtar has been many firsts: she is the first female lawyer from Northern Nigeria, first female judge of the High Court in Kano State judiciary, the first female justice of the Court of Appeal of Nigeria, the first female justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the first female Chief Justice of Nigeria.

This is Joh's father.
Jonathan Babatunde Majiyagbe, S.A.N, OFR is the Principal Partner of JB Majiyagbe & Co a law firm with offices in Kano and Abuja. He has practiced law for over 30 years.
JB Majiagba SAN obtained his law degree from the University of London. He is a member of the Bar of England and Wales (Honourable Society of the Middle Temple) and a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He was conferred with the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria in 1980.
Majiyagbe SAN is a former member of the Body of Benchers; Past Vice-President of the Nigerian Bar Association; member of the International Bar Association and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He is also a former member of the Interim Judicial Service Committee, Kano State and the Editorial board of the Journal of Nigeria Law.
In 2003, Majiagbe SAN made history by becoming the first African to be appointed the Worldwide President of Rotary International, a one-hundred years old humanitarian service organization with over 1.2 million members and in 2008 made history again by being appointed the Chairman of its Board of Trustees.
He is a former Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Kano, the Chairman of the Nigerian Red Cross Society, Kano Branch, a Notary Public and Coroner for Kano State.
In 2008, Jonathan was awarded national honours – Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Jonathan is a very experienced and highly regarded lawyer.
20th  Paul Gardner preached.
22nd Session day at Old Jordans.
23rd   School out.
25th   International Food fair IPC.
27      Joe preached.
29      Session meeting with Derek.

The changing world (141) May 86

May 4th I led for Larry preaching. Elliott in the evening.
5th         To Newport for the day. In our late return we saw the unforgettable snooker of Denis Taylor  facing Steve Davis, world number one, reigning world champion and the dominant player of the 1980s. Taylor trailed 0–8 after the first session, but bounced back to trail 7–9 and 15–17 and then level at 17–17. In an incredibly tense final frame, the score was 62–44 to Davis with only the brown, blue, pink and black still on the table. While Davis needed only the brown, Taylor needed all the colours. He potted a long brown, which he says was one of his best ever shots under pressure.
A tricky blue and a difficult pink also went in, bringing the score to 62–59 to ensure that, for the first time ever, the title would be decided on the black ball. Taylor eventually potted the black after Davis had missed a tricky cut into the top pocket and, amid euphoric scenes watched by over 18 million viewers well after midnight on live BBC television, took the title at the relatively advanced age of 36.
8th           The local election that changed my life. Ealing, population 343,000,  is a borough which changes control between the major two parties. Conservatives had been in power for four years thanks to the 1982 Falklands factor. Labour ousted them this day and introduced us to the Loony left. In their first year the rates went up over 60% and in the next over 39% and thanks to this Thatcher introduced rate capping, central government control of local taxation. She also introduced Section 28 of the education Act to prevent local councils promoting homosexuality. Ealing and Haringey led the way. To our surprise we had a gay and lesbian subcommittee now and a proposed equality policy in education which informed us that 'homosexuality is equally valid'. This energised me and I joined forces with other outraged residents . We formed the non party political Ealing parents Action group to lobby the council against this proposed policy. Most of those active were Christians but I made sure we had a non sectarian statement of purpose. I knew followers of any religion would be opposed to this reverted belief. Leading on the council's education committee was Hilary Benn, second son of the famous former Labour cabinet mister and former peer, Tonu Benn. I got to know him quite well in the next twelve years. I was elected chairman of the parents group and headed a local media campaign. On the other side the biggest local voice was Terry Sanderson later a Pink News journalist and now with his live in partner the leading lights in the National Secular Society. Elliott and I even had an invite to their home to discuss matters. The council had two other lefty subcommittees, Women's and Nuclear Free Zone. The latter had signs proclaiming the borough boundaries to be nuclear free. I am sure the Soviets paid close attention. After all NATO command headquarters were close by in the next borough at Northwood.
10th             To Braithwaites.
11th              Steve preached.
17th              Stocktaking.
18th              Preaching.
20th              Presbytery.
24th - 31st    Holiday at Fordham farm near Bude in Cornwall.

The changing world (140) Feb-Apr 86

Feb 1st To Myra and Dorothy in Newport.
 2nd      Steve preached
9th        Joe preached.
11th      Presbytery at Kim's.
16th      Joe preached
18th      Pharmaceutical Society branch meting.
23rd     Steve preached. Doris became part of the church around this time. Larry organised outreach to Copley Close estate and we prayed for some tenants from there to be part of the church and move us from being evangelical middle class. Yes Doris was an answer to prayer but we did not expect to have to help sort our personal care issues and have an elderly lady with a young male cohabit in tow. Stephen had mental health problems. devoted to Doris, if she came to church so did he.

This month Kat's mother died of breast cancer. She was in Potters Bar cottage hospital stoically refusing to bother the staff for analgesics. She went from paracetamol to diamorphine shortly before she died. One good thing. Afterwards, who had no profession of faith, became a regular active Methodist.
Mar 2nd Joe preached
4th          Lectured at WEC. Session.
9th          Steve preached.
11th        At WEC again.
16th        Steve preached.
23rd        Steve preached.
28th        Joe preached on Good Friday
30th        Majiagbes to lunch - John's father and step mother.
Apr 6th   Brian Boddy visited us. Larry Beckler ordained as deacon.
9th          Making parsnip wine. Not it turns out a tasty one. My best were dried bilberries for red and elderflower for white.
12th        Gledhills to dinner.
13th        Steve preached.
15th        Making peach wine.
20th        Steve preached.
26th        Wendy Barber and Lawry to dinner.
27th        Steve preached.

The changing world (139) Dec 85 - Jan 86

Dec 1st Steve preached morning, me evening.
I do not know the date but by now I had moved to Gateway Supermarket, Willesden Green. The same firm and once again a new pharmacy in a new store. But this one never did much dispensing. In fact it did less in a month than I did in a day at later shops. My two memories are of the customer with psychiatric problems who insisted on Evans brand diazepam and later of the store detective. I could never understand the supermarket policy of a highly visible uniformed security man. Why not use CCTV to detect the shoplifters? The old store detective was brilliant. Fist of all a woman of pensioner age was never recognised as a detective. She had a sixth sense for thieves. My only criticism was she might let off the poor customer with a hard luck story but woe betide any well to do person she caught. She was not present the Saturdays when gangs of black youths steamed the store taking whatever they want d brazenly. Most theft was likely to be back door fraud. Store staff colluding with delivery drivers saying they had taken delivery when they had not and the driver selling the goods elsewhere. Our major theft though was done by the chief cashier.
8th        Steve preached.
9th        Congregational meeting.
10th      Deb school carols. IPC barn dance.
15th      Joe preached.
17th      Jonathan's school carols at Twyford.
19th      Lunts to dinner. I had preached at their wedding, the first one I attended where the reception . Barnes, Seabers with Jane also Roger and Anna to dinner . Roger and Anna were a cohabiting couple who attended IPC. They would tend not to stay in the service but leave for a cigarette. Roger often asked for diaconal help.was champagne and canap├ęs.
22nd     IPC carol service.
25th      Steve preached.
26th     Overends visited.
29th      Steve preached. morning, me evening
31st      Games and watch night service..
Jan 1st  To Braithwaites
4th        Discoverers reunion party.
5th       Steve preached.
7th       Session day at Old Jordans.
12th      Steve preached IPC. I met Stuart Ferguson, a Presbyterian monk no less. He was in an ecumenical monastery house in Acton, an order founded by an evangelical RC American. Doubting he was really a monk I asked if he paid the community charge as members of religious orders were exempt. Yes he was. Later I had the founder of his order preach at IPC. I told no-one he was RC.It was never discovered as he was biblical. I was criticised for having Rushdoony preach  and even I was unhappy with the man who took on RR's Chalcedon mantle when he preached at Easter but not on resurrection.
19th     Steve preached. Announced Derrick's suspension from the Lord's Table.
21st      Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting.
25th     Stocktaking.
26th     Elliott preached. Daniel Makut to lunch.
27th     St Saviours open afternoon and consultation evening. Deb was in her second term and finding it hard. She would become a school refuser due to her as yet undiagnosed dyslexia.

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The changing world (138) Sep - Nov 85

Sep 1st     I do the notices these days. Ivan Lowe of NAM preached. Helen Humphrey stayed.
3rd           Day off.
4th           Session.
8th           Led worship for Steve preaching.
9th           Children back to school. Ivan Lowe to dinner
13t           Larry Becker to dinner. Larry visiting for two weeks was eventually to come to us for evangelism and diaconal work.
15th         Elliott preached.
17th          Presbytery at Kims.
19th          Brian Evans stayed.
22nd         I preached at IPC.
23rd         Congregational meeting.
28yh        SUM conference Herne Bay
29th         Steve preached.
Oct 2nd   Day off.
6th           Joe preached harvest Sunday with church lunch,
9yh          Session
13th         Steve preached
15th          Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting.
20th         Joe preached.
26th         Visited Myra and Dorothy in Newport.
27th         Elliott preached.
30th         Session.
Nov 2nd   Did fireworks at church. I do not know if this was the year that was my last doing this. I lit a roman candle beneath a pine tree and set it alight. Not a good day to dial 999. We put it out which I later regretted as by removing the tree we would have freed up the land for later building. I am utterly opposed to Tree Preservation Orders. What business is it of the Council as to what trees grow on private property.
3rd           Steve preached.
9th           Stocktaking.
10th         Steve preached.
17th          Ed Clowney preached. Amazing content with no oratory at all.
20th         Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting.
22-24th    Synod. I think this was Ashburnham Place. If so, Rev Bickerteth told us about being left it by the last Countess Ashburnham. There were no entails. He sold off the treasures to pay millions in depth duties and turned the stately home into a conference centre. A great story of responsible Christian stewardship.
24th         Steve preached in the evening.
27th         Session. We will have to discipline Derrick Johnson over not providing for his family.
29th         Thanksgiving at the Larsons. I think this was when at the end of the meal children went out and Elliott produced cigars received while flying first class. Carl, the youngest boy came back to the room and was horrifies saying to me,'Graham you have taught my daddy to smoke and now he's going to DIE'.

The changing world (137) May - Aug 85

May 5th   Steve preaching.
7th            Presbytery
12th          Steve preached
19th          Led in morning. Elliott preached.
24th          Session.
26th          Elliott preached.
Jun 2nd     Steve preached.
9th            Steve preached
13th          IPC AGM.
16th          Joe preached.
23rd         Joe preached.
28th          Session
30th          Elliott preached.
Jul 1st       Congregational meeting.
6th            IPC international food fair
7th            Steve preached. Cartmels to lunch.
14th          Elliott preached
21st          Elliott preached
24th        Session retreat for planning
27th         Life picket outside the abortion clinic.
28th         Paul Clowney preached
Aug 2nd  On holiday in Wilmslow.
5th           To Alton Towers. Deb was afraid of the Corkscrew until late in the day. Then she loved it and went on continually for the queues had gone.
10th          Back home.
11th          Joe preached.
12th          My diary is incomplete but by this time I believe I was manager for a new pharmacy in store at the supermarket of International Stores, Brentford. The post was advertised and it did not offer me more than my present employment but in such circumstances one would tell one's employer hoping he would make it worth one's while to stay. My manger advised me not to try that with my employer Dawes. But I did and at first he offered me a little more money. I accepted but after a couple of days Dawes told me to go. He scared me because he had just lost a manager to another company. But this pharmacist was immediately unhappy and asked Dawes for his job back. He earned less than me so Dawes took him back and told me to go. I did get a little sweet revenge as I recruited two of Dawes good dispensers to work with me in Brentford.
   But the move was not straightforward. International Stores needed to move the drinks sales area in the store to accommodate the new pharmacy. It was a simple case before the licensing magistrates; or so they thought. But the chairman of the magistrates bench was Stockwell an Ealing pharmacy owner and the license change was refused. As a result I had no job to go to. I approached Andrews, superintendent pharmacist at Moss and he gave me a temporary job in Feltham. International appealed and had a barrister presenting their case. Stockwell excused himself from the bench. The license was approved and I was manager of the pharmacy from the day it opened. My manager was a larger than life orthodox Jewish last, Sandra Walters. She was the best boss ever. The only one who would praise you fro a job well done. Unfortunately she left for Selfridges and her replacement was not half the man she was not having the weight of personality to argue the case for pharmacy among the grocers of International. So some of my best and worst employers were Jewish.  In store pharmacy was fine except the regular stock takings. Normally they are annual events in pharmacies and done by professionals employed  for it. Supermarkets have frequent stock takes and if their 'shrinkage' is deemed excessive, they mat be sprung on you any time. Dispensary stocktaking was still done by outside experts bu one had to do the rest of the stock with ones own staff out of normal hours, a right bind.
18th     Raju preached.
25th     Elliott preached.
26th     IPC Discoverers.

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The changing world (136) Jan-Apr 85

Jan 1st Excellent day at Braithwaites.
2nd      Gardening. Visited Jacobs in Luton. Scargill seems determined to bring down Thatcher with his militancy. I am with Maggie.I will not contribute a penny for striking miners.
3rd       Family treated free by Howard Hallett. Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel.
4th       Overends visited and he took the children to the Natural history Museum.
5th       Freezing all day.
6th       Two inches of snow. Led for Steve. katy to hear Joe in the evening.
7th        Schools in. So cold took the car to work. David had first cornet lesson.Session.
8th        Day off.
9th        Welly proved naughty and delinquent in dog training.
11th       Katy away for music weekend.
12th       Stocktaking.
13th       Elliott and Joe preaching.
14th       Day off.
15th       Led prayer meeting.
21st       Congregational meeting.
23rd       day off.
Feb 10th  Led worship.
25th         Elders day away at Jordans.
Mar 1st Led service.
17th         Steve and Joe preached
18th         Day off. lectured at WEC.
25th         Session
26th         Day of prayer.
31st         Steve preached
Apr 2nd   Presbytery.  Lack of diary a symptom of depression?
5th           Elliott preached Good Friday
7th           Led for Steve preaching.
14th          Elliott and Steve preached.
16th          Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting. These were not usually memorable except for one on hypnosis.
21st           Steve and Joe preached.
26th           Session
27th          Off work. Pickering at Marie Stokes abortion clinic Mattock Lane.
28th          I reached, Elliott in evening.
29th          Day off. Congregational meting.

The changing world (135) Sep-Dec 84

Sep 4th  School term begins.
9th         Ivan Loew, NAM missionary and Larry Beckler to dinner. Mary became one of my best fronds most of whom are it seems American. larry was a Mennonite turned Presbyterian. His heritage got him Peace Coprs not the Vietnam draft. His home church, Grace and Peace PCA St Louis was his former employ. He was great friends with the pastor, a Middleman, brother to Udo of L'Abri. Larry was shocked and upset when later his formed pastor committed suicide when his sexual orientation was divulged. Larry came to us to be in mercy ministry and evangelism but no sooner was he here than Steve Bickley suddenly left us for the Proclamation Trust. Larry faced increased responsibilities. We ordained him as deacon first. As his ministry and preaching matured he became an elder but was never the pastor. Grab guy, big generous heart.
10th       Session meeting.
12th       Enrolled in Hanwell for evening class in vehicle maintenance and in building maintenance too.
18th       Presbytery.
23rd       Harvest festival with lunch.
24th        Congregational meeting.
Oct 19th Session.
21st         Arpie Joshua to dinner.
27th        Stocktaking.
28th         Barbara Luland to dinner.
31st          Joe and Lucy Woodcock to dinner, down from Wilmslow.
Nov 9-11th    Synod.
23rd               Session.
Dec 21st        Session.

The changing world (134) May-Aug 84

May      Working at Pickups Hayes. Cycled each day along the A40. Very bust pharmacy but with a couple of good dispensers who I later persuaded to work for my next employer leaving the awful Dawes. The shop also had a very large photography department. If I was called out at night with the burglar alarm sounding it was with thieves looking for camera equipment of for drugs as we dispensed to addicts. One of the latter presented a script, private, twice and it was then wrongly dispensed by a locus as I had failed to record all  the details. I told the drug squad and was let off with a warning. On another occasion I phoned up St Marys to ask if they were happy with how long a certain addict had been on a big dose of methadone. It is well known that they sell it on. I was told they never reduced doses unleaded the patient asked for it. So they were not trading addicts at all, merely maintaining them. That is why I am against methadone for junkies. No-one gives me single malt on the NHS. Also while in Hayes I did the odd locus for a nearby shop owned by a Shi'ite Muslim. It was appallingly unethical and I think I reported her to the Pharmaceutical Society. She had also had an improper relationship with one of her female assistants.
15th           Francis Schaeffer died
Jun 5th      Presbytery.  
18th           Congregational meeting.
25th           Schaeffer memorial service at All Souls. Very disappointed no mention of him founding the IPC. Was this a sop to the Anglicans? Stott never agreed with IPC starting.
Aug 11       Holiday in Yorkshire with John Majiyagbe. John was often with us in his Canterbury public school vacations. I was his official guardian. His father was a top international lawyer in Kano. His divorced mother was a justice of appeal and the first Hausa woman to be called to the bar. She later became Nigeria's chief justice. John was the same age as out David . He fitted in well. The only problem I recall was the time he was to fly to Nigeria but he has left his passport at school. We retrieved it but it was a logistical nightmare. By this time my parents had moved from Skipton Bridge house, home since 1952, to their Thirsk bungalow. These were the only two properties they ever owned.
Aug 20th   Discoverers.

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Diary w/e 23 June 2018

Sun 17 Jun

Entering the M25 en route to IPC Liss I suffered extreme diarrhoea without warning. I have had problems ever since the colon cancer surgery but usually I do get a little warning. We had to return home. I showered and stayed at home for the morning.
   We were invited to fathers' day barbecue with Rachel and family. Lovely food but my appetite was awry. Tea at IPC with Gethin Jones telling us his missionary plans for Paris. Paul preached Eze 33 evangelistically. I think I may now support Mexico after their defeat of Germany in Russia.

MON 18 Jun

I NOW HAVE LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR ONE OF OUR ELDERLY CHURCH MEMBERS WITH RESPONSIBILITY FOR HEALTH AND FINANCIAL AFFAIRS. My friends on Facebook told me to remove posting this. I was tempted to be stubborn thin king MYOB but reluctantly complied. I am a coward. 20 Jun

Tue 19 Jun

Nine at early morning prayer from 6:30. Blood test and check up with diabetic nurse. lunch with Littles senior.

Wed 20 Jun

Very pleasant tea for Ealing U3A helpers at the posh Ealing Golf Club. I led house group on 1 Sam 22-23 and Ps 52 and 54.

Thu 21 Jun

U3A on power of attorney. Important as I am one. I am offering to give a lecture on Nigeria next year. Debbie unwell and did not go to her cauldron's club.

Fri 22 Jun

Deb prescribed antibiotic for strep throat. We now have raspberries from two hanging baskets. Gone are the gooseberries harvested this time last year.

Sat 23 Jun

Digging deep down in the border and breaking up the clay for the real gardener. She is planting the border. Sermon prep on Noah for Harmondasworth.

The changing world (133) Mar to Apr 84

Mar 5th Congregational meeting.
6th         Met Mt Tombs Jonathan's teacher. While I was at work the Ealing visage rape took place less than a mile from me. Michael Saward the vicar was beaten with his cricket bat and his daughter raped. Interviewed in his hospital bed he was asked if he forgave the criminals. He replied that his first concern was justice. sadly the sentences passed on the evil thugs were not appropriate though the judge later contributed to Jill Saward's charity so showing some admission of his error in the trial.
8th         Day off and met with Dawes owner of Pickups Pharmacy hayes and about ten others. He was to give me a job then sack me when I asked for more money. A thoroughly dis likable man. One rep asked him why he was also rude only to be told it was because he had no reason to be nice to him. Iy appears he was a decent man at the start when he had one shop but with success came overweening arrogance. his passion was money and horticulture. Te first of my worst three employers. Two of the there were Jewish but so was the best employer too.
9th         Larsons to dinner.
12th       Session meeting.
13th       Barnes to dinner with Seabers and Sarah Archer.
Apr 1st  Geoffrey Aiken to dinner.
2nd        Session meeting.
5th         Last day Butterys.
7th         Met up with Procters.
15th       Lunch at Braithwaites.By then I must have bought my old Peugeot 504 estate. But I was still cycling to work.
27th       Minuses from Australia to dinner.
28th       Abrahams to dinner.

The changing world (132) Oct 83 to Feb 84

Oct           No diary entry's and no hospitality record.
Nov 28th  Church session meeting.
Dec 2nd    Dr and Mrs Clowney to dinner.
18th          IPC carol service.
Jan 2nd     The wells dined with us.
7th             Paul Simpson dined.
15th           John Moffit ditto.
16th           House group at barnes.
Feb 6th      Session
7th             Led prayer meeting.
9th             Holiday for moving. My diary omits the joys of househunting. We visited plenty in Southall, full of idols and curry. But most are too small for six. Where houses are larger is Norwood Grren which is whiter and more expensive. One day we saw two suitable properties, hanwell and perivale.The first was Connolly Dell with little parking so we plumped for Perivale. £46,000 with a £30,ooo mortgage which was a struggle. I never thought we would qualify for benefits except child allowance. Only later did I realise we could have claimed something.
10th           Move to 71 Lee Road, a DIY job with help from Trevor Wells. The big struggle was getting the piano. Eventually we had to back it into the under stairs cupboard beef getting into the front room. I vowed that if ever I left this house it would be in a box. Our first owner occupier house.
Joe and Steve visited.
14th           Presbytery.
17th           Back to work. Half term.
27th           Back to school.
28th           Paul Simpson to dinner.
I do not have the exact date but we adopted a new family member, Wellesly Dogmatix, the RSPCA  dog. A lovable mongrel, the result of a Jephtha like rash promise made to David in Nigeria. He loved Niko the Rockhaven racist Alsation and I rashly said he could have a dog when we had a house of our own. Welly was from a violent home. It was very sad to see the children their wave goodbye. Walking him by the canal he shied away from fishermen's rods. He was never obedient or trainable. David took him to classes but to no avail. He had pointer and palmation in him, the mutt. The latter breed are dogs of smell brain.Let him off the lead and anything could happen. By the canal he went for a smaller dog on a leash. The owner was forgiving. I threwWelly in the canal. What he did have was affection and loyalty and he was good with children. The old guy at 73 questioned us having him. No problem. George in 69was another kettle of fish. He lived there with his senile old mother. They were protestant Irish from the republic. Another brother had committed suicide from the from bedroom window. Mental ill health ran in the family. At the previous silver jubilee they had complained that the flags and bunting in the street were not good enough -manf them Irish! More to come of the saga of George and his blowing hot and cold for years.