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The changing world (212) May 1998

May 1st Cut back pampers grass. Deb bowling.
2nd        Deb to football. David to a friend in Oxford with Katy in Fiat to help Martins move house. Removed garden pond.
3rd         Rota. Deb came us unhappy at being sent out of creche by TC. Evening prayer meeting.
4th         To Great Shelford.
5th         Maldren, Ugandan WE from Ellen Wilkinson. Oldfield governors,.
6th         Marjory in good spirits in hospital . She has secondaries in lymphatics and will need chemo.
7th         Election day. 8 to 10 telling at bowling. pavilion. 2 to 4  Birkbeck. 6 to 10 knocking up. Count looked close on bundles of votes for each candidate but I lost by 26 on slit votes with Joy H and two Labour at the top of the ballot paper getting in. No recount. We lost seven councillors. Down to 15 Tories.
8th          Bed 5am. Throwing out council paperwork. Beautiful weather. Commiseration calls. Visited Margery who has been kept in hospital vomiting. Ill with withdrawal symptoms as the stupid hospital withdrew he opiates.
9th          Katy on women's away day.
10th        Led in morning. Leon Beachy SIL and family visited.
11th        Kenyan Mildren WE.
12th        Before the election I said that of I lose I will say,'The voters have spoken, the bastards,
'. In the event I said, 'Only 30%+ bothered to vote and those who did failed to all vote for the three candidates from the same party'. Later I perceived the providence of God saving me from a Tory part fast departing from conservatism over sexuality. I joined the lost cause of the CPA. A lost cause because most electors will not agree with the idea of a Christian party. Those who do are politically inexperience and not united.
13th        Housegroup Margery's. Judy phoned to say her mother had dad suddenly of cerebral hemorrhage. Idiot neighbour George phoned as he could not sleep for noise from us. I could hear nothing except his nonsense.
14th         House being re roofed. George now friendly. Bipolar? Elliott years before said personality disorder. His end came in 2017 from dementia years after he was put in care. Estranged from his family did anyone go to his funeral?
15th        Dug out a back garden tee stump. With Wendy and Joan to mayor's quiz at town hall. Our team came third.
16th         Prayer with SC before work.
17th         Preached for Chelmsford Presbyterian. 21 speed restriction en route. Twice preached Habakkuk. Lunch at Ferguson's. He is an elder and an architect specialising in Anglican churches. She grew up in Alne, N Yorks, where her father was vital in the sixties - Gardener.
18th        Church members meeting.
19th         Katy to orchestra. Trimmed shrubs.
20th         Larson's to dinner for first time in four years since they left Ealing. On LBC talk radio concerning N Ireland thanks s to Steve Pound.
21st           Still warm and sunny. Cycling to work these days as medical advice to exercise.
22nd         Sympathy call from director of SS. What I did not know was that SS had a central government inspection before the election. Te verdict was critical but embargoed until after the election. That cost me my seat but now I bow before providence.
23rd         ToYeading for job interview but the employer never turned up. With Katy to the reading marina and a three hour canal boat trip to Horsenden Hill
24th         Barry Seagren in the morning and Alan H on inspiration at night.
25th         Burroughs here. Boston manor Park for Sealed Knot reenacting of battle of Turnham Green. I fancied joining them as a parliamentarian chaplain but it would mean weekends away so unrealistic.
26th        Rachel wanting to print 100 sheets of dissertation ran out of ink.
27th        Housegroup Margery's.Rachel has good report on Northolt placement.
28th        Katy still has tension headache.
29th        Rachel had a good interview at Northwick Park and her friend Trevor Graham  took her back to Canterbury. For Katy's birthday treat, Les miserables, Palace Theatre. My last visit to a West End show. Sickened by seeing hand holding homosexuals on the street. Upper circle front row seats. Great production with Christian messages. Best musical ever.
30th        Took grandad and rachel's bike to Canterbury. New pipe from sandwich and tobacco. Boat trip on River Stour.In Margate failed to find granddad's aunt's grave. Visited Ramsgate. back home.
31st        Rota. David commended for his leading. Pot luck n honour of Larsons. Good evening prayer meeting.


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The changing world (211) Apr 1998

Apr 2nd Session.
5th         Rota. Braithwaites here.
6th         Delivering leaflets on Medway estate with help from David and Tristram.
9th       Maundy Thursday working.
10th       Good Friday. Rain leaking from drainpipe at front. While out at Babcock's a wheel was stolen from our Fiat outside our house.
11th        Replacement Fiat wheel from breakers.
12th        Led Easter day service.
13th        Repaired front gutter. Rachel started placement Raven Clinic.
14th        Back to work with PMT -post Maureen tension.
15th        Katy given July date for hysterectomy. Housegroup at Margery's.
16th        Rang N Yorks council who are trying to get trust money but it is securely protected with us.
17th        Letter to Gazette on low levels of fostering placements.
18th        Lunch at Starvin Marvins the American diner on the A40.
19th        David's Dutch friends Duursmas to dinner.  Wondering if my ups and downs are chemical in the brain and/or from God. It would be another decade before I was diagnosed as bipolar.
21st        Busy but tired.
25th        Session mainly on LD. The members are not of one mind. She women think we are to soft as male elders believing the injured young girl. Women who like LD greeting them with a kiss are sympathetic to him. Those who do not want his kisses are not. We told him to stop the kissing and desist from all contact with girls in the church.But our session view is we do not know what happened. Only God and the two people involved know the truth. Delivering leaflets on Costons Lane. Well with us for meals. Walk by Hanwell locks.
26th        David preaching in harrow. Went with katy to visit Margery in Northwick park.
27th        Group. Southall agent is hopeless. TV watched on Paisley in Cameroon.
28th        Last council. Asked if labour were then happy with our policy on sexual equality in education as they had not changed it back to their old one which was the cause of me entering politics 12  years ago. Dunkerly unfairly accused me of being a single issue politician. This was though the single issue that had motivated me into police and soon, when the Tories failed to stand against homosexuality, it would mean I would leave their party. Ken Kettles last council after 30 years. He was soon to die and their house occupied by the daughter fall into neglected disrepair.
29th          Debated Care in the Community with Cudmore the Labour leader.
30th          Visited Margery who is in good spirits after her cancer op three days ago.

The changing world (210) Mar 1998

Mar 1st Led for SC on Great Commission. Feedback from one man not happy with our treatment of LD. Same on Egypt in evening.
2nd       Katy at aerobics.
3rd        RE syllabus working party.
4th        Housegroup on Ps110 at Margery's.
5th        David home on holiday from LBC.
6th        Fox hunting bill talked out of the Commons.
7th        Gave SS report on at day conference preparing for the local election.
8th        These days tired and depressed find it hard to stay awake in sermons.
9th         Early SS briefing with the director.
10gh      Felt down at session.
11th       Toe dressed. Visited four homes checking drugs. Saw Mr mantel's place photo. He must have received a gong. He was on destroyers in the Mediterranean in WW2. They depth charged a U boat which surfaced so close they could not bring the main guns to bear. The submarine dived but they identified it. After the war he me a German submariner who he had tried to sink on that U boat.
12th        Last SS of this council - and it proved to be my last too.
13th        Short staffed yet again so tired after.
14th        Deb persuaded me to invest in a new VCR.
15th        Bothered I am do dopey at church. David preached at Harrow URC but did not want us there.
16th        Oldfield governors.
17th         JCC. Linette martin has lung cancer and given up to a year if no chemo.
18th         EVSC
21st        With Deb to get Rachel from Canterbury. Conservative tea getting my nomination papers signed.
22nd        Tired in morning sermon on baptism. SC on millennialism at night.
24th         Interviewed William and Heather Leitch for infant baptism. SC says LD will not be charged. Margery to have op for bowel cancer.
25th        Housegroup at ours.
28th        Miriam Jones, Ed Clowney's granddaughter with us at David's invitation.

The changing world (209) Feb 1998

Feb 1st Took Skiotis family to church. I led. Prayer meeting evening and visit with SB to LD who was angry with us doubting his innocence of assault in BB.
2nd       BB's parents went to the police with session approval.
3rd       Policy. Sticking to a diet. Rajinder says she will leave.
4th       Housegroup. Margery depressed over forthcoming reduction in benefits when she turns 60.
5th       Session decides to say nothing to members unless LD is arrested or charged.
6th       Katy concerned about how long she will be off work if she has surgery. rachel to see Titanic with friend.
7th       Katy to women's prayer. Deb babysitting fo Constables.
8th       SC on Ps 12 -truth. Skiotis here for lunch. Took Mr O back.
9th       Conservative governors.
10th     Southall Tech for police consultative.
11th     Housegroup Margery's.
12th     SACRE.
13th     Constables on USA holiday. Rachel passed driving test first time.
14th     Mens prayer breakfast. Ward lunch. Took Katy to Titanic at Ealing Broadway cinema. Long, well, good photography, too much romance.
15th     Bob H preached. Took Rachel to Canterbury.
16th     Katy on half term helping Den on Frank Lloyd Wright project.
17th     Margery round for surprise 60th party. CC seemed upset and antisocial.
18th     Margery in better spirits with wine and cheese at her place for housegroup.
19th     Ten staff to a halal restaurant so no alcohol to say farewell to rejoinder who I shall;ll miss as assistant.
20th     Pastoral visit to CC who seems improved. Ealing magistrates. Linda Williamson, wee]ll known to the bench guilty of forging prescriptions. The chair of the bench, Diana Pagan had to stand down as she knows me. A very light sentence and a waste of my time and I was out of pocket too as court expenses far less than my loss of earnings. Resolved to report no more forgeries and I never had cause to do so again.
21st     Delivering Conservative leaflets Oldfield lane. CID phoned about LD case.
22nd    Rota. Church members informed of the accusations of indecency against LD. BB's parents not happy. Sami Mehta an Iraq.
23rd     New assistant Angela very quiet. Group.
24th     Council. Only one speech as my major one on beef on the bone was chopped by the guillotine.. New bedroom window installed.
25th     Housegroup at Judy's.
26th     A DC interviewed me about LD.
27th     Constables back from Arizona.
28th     Elders prayer, mainly LD situation.

The changing world (208) Jan 1998

1st Jan 98 Visit from Evan Horton.
3rd          Session early morning.
4th           Led morning service then to Braithwaite's with Mr O.
5th           Rachel on geriatric placement in Hampstead. Deb back to college.
6th           IPC funeral Florence Horsnell with remarkable tribute from Hereward, vicar of St Mellitus, Hanwell. Remarkable for an honest tribute to a difficult woman who had done the rounds of local churches.
7th           With Deb to good Questors civic performance of Grimm's Tales.
8th           Session in evening. Feeling I am not as active as I should be.
9th           Bad nose bleed at work. Foot dressed. Yakshita treated us, pharmacist Vivek and staff to meal at Brilliant, Southall which is a top Indian restaurant patronised by Prince Charles.
10th         Prayer breakfast.Nose bleed.Neil Richardson gave me season tickets to Arsenal 2 Leeds 1 with Trevor Wells. Nose bleed again and the runs.
11th         Rota. Mark Gouge to lunch. Rachel back from Canterbury with friend.
12th         Toe dressed. Found I have high blood pressure and no doubt that accounts for nose bleeds.
13th         Group planning manifesto.
14th         Doctor removed part of toe under local anaesthetic but it still hurt. Katy has £800 tax bill. Heard from Margery her story of adoption and lack of affection from adoptive parents.
15th         Day drive to Richmond to discus life plan for Dorothy with Mencap carers.
16th         Extra work kept me there late. Foot dressed.
17th         To Wells for lunch and walk by Thames.
18th          SC on Samson and then on eschatology where we differ on Mat 24.
19th          SS case conference with Margery and Robbin concerning dale. I did not stay for the judgement.
20th          Toe dressed. On antibiotic for it. SS group.
21st           Housegroup on Ps 119. Katy received good report on Deb at West Thames college.
22nd         SS committee. Press accuse Clinton of perverting the course of justice.
23rd          Window salesmen canvassing us. SC tells me that BB's mother reported she had read her daughter's diary and she had written that LD had assaulted her after lunch Christmas Day at their home.
24th          With SC to LD who seemed close to confessing the assault but then he denied initiating anything. Haymills to see fly tipping reported.
25th          Took membership class before church. Evening spoke on postmillennialism.
27th           Central heating engineer did not sort all the problems with thermostat and lack of heat in David's room.
28th           Oldfield governors.
29th           Window salesman persuaded me to but one but then I had doubts. katy told she may need surgery.
30th           BB's parents are divided over whether to do to the police with her diary allegation of assault.
31st           Elder's prayer.

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The changing world (207) Dec 1997

Dec 1st To Dr Wimasundera about my foot. Two antibiotics and dressings.
2nd       A little snow n the night. EVDC disabled shopping in West Ealing.
3rd        Government bans meat on the bone. Stupid.
4th        Foot dressed by nurse. Bob rambled on a lot about Southall at session.
5th        Katy and I to flute trio at St Mary's Perivale organised for LIFE by Anthea.
6th        Bach Middlesex Choir. Angry because it was in German and I had told Pam Hallett I only wanted to hear English productions.
7th       Led Advent service. Prayer in evening. Billy Bremner died age 54.
8th       Toe dressed.
9th       Dull EHHHA JCC.
10th     Foot dressed. Housegroup at ours.
11th     Constables to dinner.
12th     Saji from USA and India late arriving because of delay at Heathrow where terminal 1 had been on fire from 6am.
13th     Prayer breakfast. Over 120 Christmas cards done. Deb looking after Skiotis twins.
14th     SC on everlasting father.
15th     Meeting with traffic engineer and Middleton residents not very pleasant.
16th     EVSC. Left early. They want councillors off the committee. Katy unwell after school meal at Noughts and Crosses.
17th     Planning West on IBM and Post Office. Treated to a drink by Cllr Singh. Shopped Brent Cross. Saji still with us. He has been travelling and taking meetings.
19th    Pharmacy meal at Typhoon.
20th    With Deb to Canterbury to get Rachel. Four and a half hours round trip.
21st     Preached on mighty God. SC took carol service. Tears in O come all ye faithful as I was reminded of dad.
24th     Party at Russells surgery. Julde arrived from Norwich. She is from The Gambia, a second wife with four children and studying statistics. Katy went and brought her father over.
25th     Steve preached. Chris Baddock to lunch. David and Rachel out to Rachel Hosiers in evening. Florence Horsnet died.
26th     To Great Shelford in two cars. With Burroughs.
27th      Julde left. Mr O still hear.
28th      David led in the morning. Took Mr O home.
29th      Shop busy.
30th      Katy still has bad headaches.
31st      J&M and Mr O with us. All to Babcocks for the evening.

The changing world (206) Nov 1997

Nov 1st Katy at women's away day. David finished with a girl who would not talk about the faith. Dinner at Weals.
2nd       Led morning service. Grays to lunch. Deb back from enjoyable weekend.
3rd        Dennis Roe arrived from Pakistan en route to California. His wife is a former Hillcrest student.
4th        Enjoying the company of Denis, decorated veteran of the Vietnam lWar.
5th        Rachel home. Dennis spoke at housegroup and his testimony is an encouraging from drugs to pastorate.
6th        Took Denis to Heathrow before work.
8th        Men's prayer breakfast. Roofer came to see work to be done.
9th        Greenford war memorial service. At British Legion in the evening with Steve Pound MP. Katy took her dad home and Rachel returned to uni.
10th       At town hall interviewing candidates. 29 of us to Cafe Uno where I found Italian mixed grill too salty.
11th       Policy committee discussed about a Remembrance day maroon from the town hall damaged nine cars parked outside.
12th       Margery in hospital. Housegroup at ours.
13th       Central heating improved by a new pump.
14th       Care in Community meeting with MPs Pond and Soley. Wine and Cheese at Malams.
15th       Elders. Preparing service for Suffering Church Sunday.
16th       Led in morning. David spoke well in the evening on perseverance. Not expository but lively, personal. contemporary and spiritual.
17th       With director of SS before work. SS budget meeting. Took family to Pizza Hut for Deb's birthday.
18th        Visited Margery in Northwick park. Katy to orchestra.
19th        To Planning West to speak against Post Office depot plans. Oldfield governors.
20th         Ward committee.
21st          Katy unhappy with all the time I spend on the net so agreed to watch Morse video with her but she was not happy when i fell asleep.
22nd        To Great Shelford. Back for council Carers Awards evening.
23rd         Rota. SC good on dichotomy/trichotomy.
24th         Group not lively except discussion on Liberal Huck's explicit press letters on prostitution.
25th         Council uneventful except for the censure on Huck for his brothel letters and he was abusive.
26th         Met Simon Burns shadow SS minister. Not impressed really.
27th          Mat Middleton Avenue residents about expansion of the filling station.
28th          Hobbling at work wearing slippers due to painful toe. Second reading of bill to ban hunting with dogs. David missed his coach to Exeter thanks to a slow district line.
30th            SC on Judges. Katy at contact Sunday. Evening SC on Thanksgiving followed by turkey supper.

The changing world (205) Oct 1997

Oct 1st Housegroup at Margery's.
2nd       Settlement of Myra's estate at £68.000. Deb happier at college.
3rd        Did second draft of SS manifesto.
4th        Elders prayer. Bishops conference on faith at work at the town hall. Ate with Babcocks at Maxims.
5th         Led for harvest festival. Baptism of John Mark Constable. Evening prayer meeting.
6th         Session meeting. Deb to Tate gallery.
7th         Southall sector policy working group. Katy had a mole surgical removed.
8th         Katy to quartets, me to housegroup at Margery's.
9th         SACRE
10th       Deb to tramps supper. Katy's headaches better we think because of less tension over Deb's education.
11th       Prayer breakfast. Deb to Skiotis family to help look after their twins.
12th       Rota. Tristram to lunch.
13th       New girl started, Nicola.
14th       Nicola broke my cafetiere. Interviewed four candidates wanting to stand as councillors. All passed but only one was any good IMO.
15th        Oldfield governors.
16th        David Drew staying with us.
17th        Took Deb to Park Royal bowling. Victorian music hall in the Victoria hall.
18th         Conservative lunch. Deb looking after Skiotis twins.
19th         SC on idols. Watched the rubbish of Dance to the Moment of Time to see my customer Judith Paris acting.
20th         Katy and i enjoyed She stoops to Conquer at Questors.
21st         Met with SS director. Chinese takeaway for David's birthday.
23rd        Social services.
24th         Nearly six hours to drive to Harrogate. Mencap want money from the trust.
25th         Took Dorothy shopping in Thirsk then Ripon after lunch at Angel. Tea at Kings Head, Richmond.
26th         With Dorothy to Thirsk Methodist the lunch at Cleveland  Tontine before taking Dorothy to Richmond. Better journey back home in four and a half hours.
28th          Katy to orchestra.
29th          Spoke at church to American politics students on local government. Alison Hosier in labour.
30th          John Majiyagbe to dinner. he works for Walkers Crisp but is about to return to Nigeria.
31st           Deb away on teens weekend.

The changing world (204) Sep 1997

Sep 1st Caroline Kelly from Bristol staying a week. Al Fayed's driver three times over the alcohol limit at 121mph. Everyone but me seems full of adulation for our beautiful flawed late princess.
2nd       Photographers charged with manslaughter. I feel sorry for them. Adulation of Di continues. Ugh! Asked to help Ben Drew stranded at Victoria for a Glaxo interview. Put him up for the night.
3rd        More of the Dianaolatry. Katy back to school. Housegroup at Judy's. David Seaber still in a bad way.
4th         Public grief OTT. The Queen criticised for staying in Balmoral and not flying the flag at half mast. She is to broadcast tomorrow.
5th        Rumour via Caroline that there was coke with Diana in the car. I am angry at criticism of Her majesty. She has to show a public lead not private emotion.
6th         Diana's funeral. The boss shut the shop. A simple procession kite Churchill's. William and Henry did very well. The service was spoiled by her brother's criticism of the royal family.An angry young man who did not deserve applause from the crowd outside. Flowers all over the hearse as it drove north though London. Rachel back from Caister.
7th         Rota but back fror Communion. Mr O and Tristram Jordan to lunch. Evening prayer meeting better attended.
8th        Tanya, jamaican from Acton High for WE. The boss still upset over Diana. He thought the funeral was fine. Rachel complains of lowered grant and no opportunity for a driving test soon.
9th       Bought a malt - Fettercairn. Rather light.
10th       Housegroup at Margery's.
11th       Scottish devolution referendum. Rachel took Deb to start her college course.
12th       With 45% only turnout Scots have devolution. Sad. Rachel to new Forest.
13th       Took Mr O to great Shelford. Back for last night of Proms. Doing quotes pages on Mac.
14th        David led for the first time for Steve on idols of youth and beauty. Paul C evening on the heart.
15th        Presbytery. MP boring
16th        Had a forged script for diazepam. David leaves bank work.
17th        Katy at string trios. David's student loan less than expected.
18th        Deb doing welt college. David practising cycling to LBC.
19th        Police came to check diazepam forgery. ^ kitted and 130+ injured in train crash at Southall. Roads blocked as a result.
20th        Elders prayer. Costons tea. Housewarming at Proms. We were the only English present.
21st        Led for SC on power. He did christolgy in evening.
22nd        Case conference for dale. Group planning manifesto. David started at LBC.
Rachel happy with guitar case for birthday.
23rd         Katy at orchestra. Rachel at friends overnight.
24th          Housegroup at ours. Deb off college sick.
25th          Deb refused college saying no friends. Contacted college and talked to tutor.
26th          Deb still at home. J&M came. Rachel had friends for a late birthday party.
27th          Elders prayer
28th          Civic service at the Polish RC Church. Took Rachel to Canterbury and back in four hours.
29th          New WE, Deepa from Greenford High. Katy Had to take reluctant Deb to college.
30th          Indian summer weather.

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The changing world (203) Aug 1997

Aug 2nd With Geoffrey on tour of Talisker distillery.
3rd          Free Church then a drive by Eileen Donan castle.
4th          First day of the holiday with perfect weather. Plonkton seal trip then to Applecross. Volve died at 2000' up on the highest climb in the country. No phone. Lift from Hamiltons, Aussies ex SIM Egbe. Small world. In my absence going to phone RAC, Geoffrey got the car going.
Beautiful peninsula drive.
5th          Shopped in Porteee then round north of Skye to Store and the grave of Flora
sMacDonald. Great views of the Hebrides.
6th          Highland games at Portree.
7th          Otters at Kylesku. To Elgol and the most beautiful view of the Cuillins.
8th          Our last day here clouded over again.
9th          A dull day from Glenelg to the Scotts at Dalry.
10th        Home via Appleby and battery on a hot misty day.
England loose Ashes.
11th        Very hot and sticky. Invited again on BBC TV 'You decide' programme on legalising drugs.
12th         Met Anne Atkins on TV debate about decriminalising drugs. At start 70+% against our side but at the end we had 55% on our side as the opposition had no real arguments.
13th         Hot and sticky. A couple of customers had seen me on TV.
14th         Dialed 999 when my assistant alerted me that a woman has added diazepam other prescription. Police were quick but she had scarpered.
16th        Prayer with SC. Very hot.
17th        SC on idolatry from Mat 6 then christology in evening.Paul Larson and Alysia at IPC.
18th        Hot and sticky. Shopped for Larson wedding present.
19th        Paul and Alysia to dinner. He has one more year of college. She has graduated.
20th        Payer with SC. May be the hottest August for 300+ years. Took Deb to enrol at college.
21st        Doctor examined my infected painful ear. Fair on Common. Ian Potts asked me if we win the next election will I stand for whip. Honoured to be asked.
22nd      In pain at work. Antibiotic tablets prescribed. No relief until I took decongestant. Deb has B grade GCSE maths.
23rd       David has a new girlfriend. French?
24th       Now the antibiotics have upset my digestion. SC on the idolatry of religion then on death of Christ.
25th       Wet so cooler. Ear no pain but still discharge. Sorting tax return. malts with Gordon.
26th        Rachel took driving theory test.
27th        Cooled by heavy rain.
28th        Katy decorating Deb's room. Housegroup at ours.
30th        Elders prayer. Rachel to Great Yarmouth.
31st        Roused at 8am by a cry from deb that Diana was dead. On all channels all day but no-one said about excessive speed. Led for SC and he asked me to speak on Christology in the evening as their Ben was at hospital with asthma. On the way people were on the bridge over the underpass watching to see Diana's coffin come past from RAF Northolt. I was later relieved to hear from Larry in LA, that he had decided not to phone me when he heard the news . Pleased he had not woken me up for that.

The changing world (202) Jul 1997

Jul 1st Tackled Rachel's grant forms and found DSS helpful. Boss offered more money for doing nursing homes. Prayer meeting poorly attended.
2nd      Drier and warmer after the wettest June for 150 years. Henman to quarter finals of Wimbledon. Budget puts 4p on petrol.
3rd       England make a decent start in Ashes test. Henman and Rusetshi out of the tennis. John Paul on WE not too bad.
4th       Threw three thieving glue sniffers out of the shop. John Paul finished WE trying my patience. Rachel to weekend in New Forest.
5th        To Exeter and back with all David's stuff including bike on roof. Listened to 16 year old hinges beat Navratilova in final. Aussies hammering us at Old Trafford.
6th       Led for Joe. Joe and Lucy here. Sampras beat Peoli in final. David preached well in the evening on 'I never knew you'. Disturbances during Orangemen's march in Portadown.
7th       Hot and sticky especially for group in town hall. David started at Cloys, Fulham. Katy diagnosed with tension headache and offered acupuncture. Nema Sandays is WE from Grayton. Central Office man gave presentation to group on campaigning.
8th       Rain called the heat and stickiness. Rachel pleased with 65% for her Hampstead case study.
9th       Katy more anxious than usual about completing tasks at school. Rachel's grant application submitted.
10th     Uneventful SACRE.
11th     Katy late in from open evening.
12th     To Lords with Tony Young and Philip Richardson. B&H one day final Kent 212 for 9 beaten by seven wickets, Surrey. Good food. Back with sunburn especially to face.
13th      Barry led for paul who was not expository and I presided at the Table. Expecting Larson newly weds on a military flight but disappointed they did not come. Babcocks look to be staying this year.
14th     Asked to go on BBC TV concerning homosexuality.
15th     taxi to BBC. Found I was not on the panel but in the audience from where I could say little but when i did it provoked opposition. George Curry, Newcastle and Katy Ivens there. The phone in went against us.
16th      Two customers said they had seen me on TV.
17th      To SS director to plan manifesto and budget. Ward committee. The new female friend of our released arsonist is afraid he will do damage again for she does not want marriage.
18th        Last day for Drayton WE student.
19th        Elders prayer. Bought David desk and shelves from IKEA.
20th        Spoke at Downhurst Nursing home. Bob Heppe spoke in evening.
21st        Continued good spirits. Group Town hall.
22nd      Four questions and three speeches in Council. Home 12:15am.
23rd       Eric and Maite Lardon to dinner. Heard about US army torture school. he is a captain in Special Forces specialising in Middle East international relations being an Arabic speaker.
24th      Hot, sticky and busy at work. Rachel has passed her second year.
25th      Eight hour drive over 430 miles to Scotts at dairy. Walked up their glen and saw where Peden preached to the Covenanters.
26th       Over 200 miles to Glenelg next to Skye.  Visited the Kylsku ferry to Skye.
27th       Free Church service Glenelg. Our landlord is a member. Visited Armisdale, Corran and Loch Hourn.
28th       To Kyle of Lochalsh - rather a dump. Plonkton. Stromeferry which has had no ferry ince 1972. Cloudy back to Glenelg over the pass.
29th        £18 for six trip ferry ticked to Skye. To Aird of Sleat. Walk to Point of Sleat in rain. Back in Glenelg found Geoffrey and Sara had arrived.
30th       Wet all day. Over the ferry and to Dunvegan to see the castle.
31st        Katy tired so stayed in cloudy Glenelg. Saw two mountain goats but they may be domesticated.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Papers I have saved for posterity

Saturday 1 June 1946 Daily Herald. Price 1d Four pages. The day my wife Katy was born (not in the paper) Headline -' Bread decision will come this month. Rationing of bread and flour may be necessary.' On the front page is the report of a 14 year old schoolboy given the part of Wackford Squeers Junior in the film of Nicholas Nickelby with dame Sybil Thorndike. Lucille ball starred in a new film reviewed. 5,000,000 cigarettes from Canada went on sale at 2s9d for 20. Yorkshire topped the cricket championship table above Lancashire.

Monday January 12 1970 The Times Price 8d - the first 8 pages. Headline: 'Ojukwu flees as Biafra faces total collapse. Gowon calls on remaining troops to surrender...920 days of fighting, death and hunger.'

1977 The Sunday Times Jubilee A pictorial record of the Queen's silver jubilee celebrations Price 75p Complete

25 march 1979 Observer Magazine. Article - What kind of summer are we going to get? With a photo of our family friend William Foggitt the weatherman from Thirsk.

30 May 1981 Potters Bar Press price 25p Some pages including a photo of Katy's father driving a new minibus for the 60 Plus Club.

Thursday July 30 1981 Yorkshire Post Two inside pages on the wedding of Charles and Diana.

November 1981 Evangelical Tomes Two inside pages with headline : Nigerian baker gets books into supermarkets.'My friend Dele Onamusi ad his company, Amazing Grace, for which i planned to work until forbidden by my employers, The Church of Christ in Nigeria. This precipitated my departure in 1982 after 12 years work for them in Nigeria.

Friday April 26 1991 The daily telegraph - article "Christians flee after 150 die in rampage by Nigerian Muslims'. This is Bauchi.

Saturday April 11 1992 The Times Supplement "The new House of Commons' - after Major's surprise election win.

2 October 1992 The Times Article 'Beware Germany. Lord Jacobovits warns of a threat to Europe'.

Saturday December 27 1992 I think. The Times produced, War Times, dated Saturday December 27 1642 Headline: 'Prospects for peace". It was a Civil war special supplement.

Wednesday June 26 1996 The Herald price 48p 'Professor a free man. Macleod cleared in sex case as sheriff speaks of enemies within the free Church'.

Thursday August 12 1999 The Times price 30p Headline, 'The twilight of wonder' and beneath it a photograph of the total eclipse of the sun.

Friday December 31 1999 The Times price 35p Headline, 'Showbiz dames top the bill'. The millennium new year's honours list -Taylor, Bassey and Andrews.

January 1 2000 Time  Headline:'Welcome to the new century'.

Saturday January 1 200 The Times price 60p all its parts and supplements. Headline: Here's to the new millennium.

August 19 2000 The Times. Only the football supplement: Premiership 2000-2001

Monday January 1 2001 The Times and The Times 2 and Sport Monday. price 35p Headline: Ministers pressed to reopen Dome.

Saturday June 9 2001 The Times price 60p  Together with Election 2001 supplement. Headline:A kiss, then Blair wields axe. Picture Blair kissing his baby son Leo.

Saturday September 15 2001 The Times price 70p with supplement Terror in America. Headline: America's might turns on Arab terrorist havens.

Wednesday June 5 2002 including World Cup inserts price 40p Headline: 'Gratitude, respect and pride. ' The Queen's golden jubilee.

Wednesday July 27 2011 The Sun price 25p Headline;'Farewell Amy, 1983-2011.' "Goodnight my angel.Sleep tight. Mummy and Daddy love you ever so much'. I knew Amy Whitehouse's mother, a fellow pharmacist.

Thursday July 28 2011 The Sun headline: "Quitting booze killed our Amy'.

Friday July 29 2011 The Sun page 7 'Amy would have wanted fans to have her clothes'.

August 12 2011 Greenford and Northolt Gazette price 65p 'Fear, shock, anger. Ealing riots:Community pulls together to count the cost of one night of mindless destruction, while residents and businesses refuse to be be cowed."

I have not regularly bought papers for many years. I used to take The Times every day but stopped in disgust around 1997.


The changing world (201) Jun 1997

Depressed at the start of the month so no diary.
Jun 21st Session. Sorting personal finances.
22th        Adult Sunday School on ways to say you love her. Led for SC. Some in evening on divorce.
23th        19st 3lb. Have struggled with weight for years. Bright girl Sundeep on second week of work experience.
24th         Sent a second WE student, John Paul from cardinal Wiseman as no work for hm at Mansells. Not as bright as Sundeep. two students are too much so sent Sundeep to mansells. Oldfield governors.
25th        Ranald Macaulay with us. Good to reminisce about 1969-70. he is a technophobe. John Paul slow but willing. Rachel started mental health placement in Hampstead.
26th        Talked with Ranald about depression which he too has experienced. Rain all day. No Wimbledon. Someone smashed a window of our Volvo in the night. Wondered if it was some yob. I think that more likely than our nutty neighbour.
27th         My down not helped by £175 for a Volvo window. Sandeep left WE with Roses for us. DB phoned concerned about son T and I tried to help lift his spirits. Blind leading blind? He always seemed to me at better putting on a brave front than I ever am.
28th          Spirits lifted despite PC not coming to pray as expected. Shopped for weeding present for Eric and Maite Larson.
29th         Rota. Kenneth Glass from Stockwell Baptist preached and came to lunch. Preached Ephesians 1-3 in evening.
30th         Jean-Paul Plunket tries my patience on his WE. Did home-brew order for the shop.Hong Kong handed over to China. The sun has set on empire in the far east.

The changing world (200) Apr-May 1997

Apr 1st Good number at church prayer meeting.
3rd       Session. Prayed for a member undergoing IVF to conceive. (She did)
4th       Retirement farewell for Trevot Preston of environmental services.
5th       To Raes to hear Raymonds from Gabon.
6th       Led morning service but feel tired. Too much malt at Gordon's.
8th       Busy day at work but feeling very tired. Katy at orchestra.
9th       Elizabeth Neuman form Germany with us. Former IPC member. She was in the Ruhr valley when the Dambusters bombed it.
10th     Good housegroup at Judy's. TH very unhappy with addict son.
11th     Tired and depressed at work.
12th      Mens prayer breakfast. Pot luck party for Emma and Mark. Did not want to stay to dance.
13th      Rota
14th      Harry Greenway as sitting MP would not engage in face to face debate with his parliamentary challengers, Pound and Gupta from the liberals. So I was on the platform in place of our MP debating care in the community. Highlight - or low - was the liberal espousing legalised brothels.
20th      Drove Rachel back to Canterbury ND WORRIED I WAS FLASHED BY A SPEED CAMERA. BUT NO TICKET CAME.
24th       Visited Northolt mosque and a Costons resident whose neighbour has a lorry in his front garden.
28th        Members meeting approved new low interest loan. All happy with SC as pastor.
29th        Southall police meeting concentrated on Slough disturbances between Sihks and Muslims.
30th        Greek Christian financial advisor called to advise on investing Myra's money.
May 1st  General election. Voted for harry but did not canvas this time.
2nd         Stayed up to 3:30 am for the results. 16% swing put Pound in. Felt very sorry as worse than expected with devastating Blair victory. Wore a black tie in mourning at work. Even considered a shave.
3rd          I was the only Tory at Pound's victory pariah t the Drayton. Labour people surprised but I wore blue and walked tall. Gave Steve a Havana as something really socialist as we worried how socialist New Labour would be.
9th          Samuel Mall visited from Missouri, India.
Post election depression meant no more diary this month.

The changing world (199) Mar 1997

Mar 1st With Katy to see Myra. Sad to see her very weak. But her mind is not dulled. On to Harrogate,
2nd        Visited myra who looked better but when we were back home we heard she is bad again. Phoned four relatives with her thanks. One had obeyed Myra's wishes to have flowers to enjoy while she lived instead of putting them with the coffin.
3rd          At Age Concern Acton heard three general election candidates on Care in the Community - Soley, Mitchell, Yerolemou.
4th          Town hall RPSGB workshop on respiratory diseases.
5th           David home on holiday.
6th           joint elders and deacons on budget especially chapel windows.
7th           Myra doing downhill. Rachel delayed by Central Line problems and I picked her up at Alpeton at midnight.
8th            Mans prayer breakfast. Church cleaning. David to LBS. 65% malt with Gordon who is troubled about his daughter going from Tilehurst to Cell Barnes Hospital.
9th           Led for randy. Mt O fainted while eating his pudding. 999 dialled. Ambulance to Central Middlesex but not kept in. Took Rachel to Dartford.
10th         Case conference at Greenford SS for dale. put on child protection register for neglect. Mr O staying with us for observation.
11th          Myra weaker.
12th          Myra dies 1am. Geoffrey has arranged funeral for Tuesday.
13th          SACRE at Ramgaria hall Southall.
15th          Elders prayer. Picked up Tuttlebees at Alperton then to ANCC reunion. Emma Grant's wedding. Not invited to the reception. Saw England thrash Wales in the last Cardiff Arms Park game ever/ Triple crown but not champions.
16th           Tuttlebees taken to airport before church where SC preached on Salt. Drove to harrogate. Read Myra's will.
17th           To Thirsk. Solicitor explained the will means that Geoffrey and i can do as we wish with the money according to the trust. Put house on market.
18th            Myra's funeral. Mr o, J&M, Ronald there. Back home via Cambridge. David home for LBC interview.
20th            Housegroup Margery's Rom 16.
22nd           To Thirsk and back with furniture. With Katy and deb to Fiddler on the Roof. Good and well done.
23rd             Rota. Interviewed Andrew Phelps for membership. Spoke on ascension in evening.
24th             Public meeting at Glaxo over plans to make Post Office site a snooker hall. Drink after with Steve Pound and harry Greenway. Lord Molloy thinks this council is not democratic.
25th             David accepted by LBC.
26th             Maundy Thursday. Took Mr O to Greenwich. National maritime Museum. Queens House. Picked up Rachel from ?Dartford.
28th              Depressed on Good Friday. Church in evening.
29th               Took alley rubbish furniture to the dump.
30th              Easter Day. Skipped sunrise service.
31sr              To Great Shelford with the Burroughs all day.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The changing world (198) Feb 1997

Feb 1st Elders prayer. Raes took Deb to Canterbury. Enjoyed malt with Gordon Babcock.
2nd      Led for Steve starting on Sermon on the Mount. Spoke in the evening on Presbyterian and Reformed.
4th       Katy to orchestra, me Oldfield governors. OJ Simpson guilty in civil case.
5th       Prayer with SC before work.
7th       Lorraine and Jim York, OM, to dinner. They eventually left IPC as we were not confessionally premillenial IIRC.
8th       To Canterbury and back for Rachel all in three hours.
9th        SC on Sermon on the Mount again. Took Rachel to Dartford Hospital for her work placement.
10th      Thankful the boss away as I was the lead on 1pm BBC TV news, in silhouette like an IRA terrorist with an actor's voiceover. Lead too on 6pm radio news.Deb not happy with work experience at The Clearing Hose.
11th      Elders away planning day at Martins.
12th      Scott Larson to dinner. Aunt Myra in hospital.
14th      Took staff to Shahee Tandoori but slow very poor service.
15th       To see Myra in hospital. Took Dorothy to The Angel for lunch. and to see her mother. Then took her back to Richmond and me to Harrogate.
16th        Starbeck C of E. Modern songs. No liturgy. Women clergy. No proper explanation of baptism. Lunch with he family then to Myra and home to Perivale.
17th        Helping deb prepare art portfolio for Uxbridge College.
18th        Deb's Uxbridge interview went well.
19th        Told now to submit all scripts including cheap paid one's. RPSGB denied the fraud happened but the pricing bureau to notice.
21st        Wendy Barber to supper. Rachel home from Dartford.
22nd       Costons tea. Booked holiday near Kyle of Lochalsh.
23rd       Joe on Sermon on the Mount.
24th       Deb at Acton sports course, Took her to Hounslow College where she was accepted and at Uxbridge too.
25th       Council with SS speeches. Home 1am.
26th       Margery wants me to go to SS case conference on Dale's welfare.
27th       Council tax setting meeting then all the house group to North China restaurant for Terry Seaber's 60th.
28th        Pat McKenna and Judy to dinner. Rachel home from Dartford.

The changing world (197) Jan 1997

Jan 1st. With Deb to Braithwaites. Steven back from Edinburgh YWAM.
2nd        Unexpected boys pay £470. katy preparing music for fred's funeral. Big freeze. very funny See How They Run Questors civic performance.
3rd         Drove with deb taking david his computer. Lunch with Evans family in Salisbury. Bought clothes in Beer. Cold in Exeter overnight too.
4th          David at work at bank. long walk in Foyle gorge despite a little snow.
5th          Church at Belmont. A woman leading. Preacher good on Christian involvement but not an exposition of the text and rather left wing. Back home. Frosty.
6th          Nirva new work experience girl. As usual clearing up after locus. Led prayers at fred Benton's funeral and visited the Hosier family afterwards.
8th         Prayer with Steve before work. BB who is a troubled teenager round with her father.
9th         Deb has had 100% marks in two maths tests. Session discussed calling Randy as an elder. A little snow.
11th        Mr O phoned not well so Katy brought him to us. BB and family round. A psychiatrist has advised that she is a suicide risk.
12th        Led for Steve on Sanctity of Human Life Day. BB to stay with a church member away from her rather dysfunctional family home. We think she is attention seeking.
13th        Warmer after two weeks of frost. Election campaign hots up but no date given.
14th         Katy took her dad back to Potters Bar.
15th         Council to set the tax receded by awful Buddhist prayers.
16th         Costons AGM. Joy Hetherington standing again with me but Jeremy Mindel is not having moved from the borough. BB taken to hospital after she said she took an overdose of Ibuprofen but we have reason to doubt her story.
17th        Final day of our work experience girl and her mother brought us Armenian sweets. BB in hospital. Deb to teens but complains that she is ignored by her friends.
18th       Took Rachel to Canterbury. Tobacco bought in Sandwich. Cooked tandoori for Aaron and Eileen's wedding. Thought her attire with top hat rather strange.
19th       Rota. Steve on membership in the evening. Discussion after dominated by AH again.
20th       Visited SS director then work. Katy at Ealing hospital who say it is irrelevant whether BB took an overdose and one should not say she is manipulative. We disagree.
21st        SS group planning. Katy to orchestra. Deb doing college applications.
22nd       SS committee with deaf travel passes. We opposed AIDS budget spend.
23rd        Customer Lorna Bower is a BBC TV news producer. She asked me to be interviewed on prescription charges if they will preserve my anonymity. I had previously blogged this but on the wrong year.  Aaron to housegroup to speak on their coming year in Belgium.
24th        Southall police station for superintendent to meet councillors. When home - no wallet. Phoned Southall police. They had not found it and the meeting room was now locked. Cancelled credit card. Margery is in good spirits but refuses radiotherapy. BB is to be sent to Tlehust (psychiatric hospital).
25th        Raes to dinner.
26th        Preached providence Ps 62. Andrew Phelps to lunch. Not happy SC unilaterally cancelled the evening service when I could have done it.
27th         Katy thinks I should not go on TV anonymously to expose fraud over prescription charges. Independent pharmacies may not submit prescriptions when the charge collected is more than the cost of the drugs prescribed. I have ben instructed to do this in two pharmacies and was unhappy at the fraud involved.Tried to identify unknown tablets found by BB's mother in her bedroom. Southall Police Consultative Committee.
28th        RPSGB workshop at Town hall on antibiotics. Found the Bevans who run it go to St Mary's, hanwell. She is a pharmacist. He works for the council leisure services but caters for our meetings.
29th        SC encouraged me to do the BBC interview which I did at my customer's home.
30th        Anxious about keeping my anonymity. Good housegroup at Margery's.
31st        Last day of Dizrat Yakubu work experience.    

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The changing world (196) Nov-Dec 1996

Nov 17th To Great Shelford via Potters bar. Baptist church modern repetitive style but good sermon.
18th          Miriam J round for Deb's 16th birthday.
19th         Sleet and snow. Inspection of Georgian House drug standards. Recovered from depressed phase.
20th         Planning. IBM Greenford deferred. Deb reluctant to go to Tutorial centre.
21st         Special SS budget meeting then SACRE at Friends Meeting House.
22nd        Still delivering oxygen to Florrie.
23rd         Elders prayer. RA stayed overnight and we had full and frank discussion of past disagreements. Cleared the air.
24th         Led for MP who is a boring preacher. Katy to school's contact Sunday.
25th         Group debating how to respond to Labour's motion on gun control. Our leader is very anti hand guns.
26th         I only had om]ne question in council. Back 12:20 am but nausea and sick so walking Welly at 1:30am.
28th         SC lad good Thanksgiving service at IPC then over 40 there for good meal.
30th         Pleased to see Stephen Procter at Presbytery. he is there as a Liss Baptist elder. Katy tired after Christmas cake making.
Dec 1       Rota. With David B at The Kent and very happy Leeds 2 Chelsea 0. A surprise.
2nd          Home-brew order done. I love it when people working in countries like Saudi buy malt then hide it in baby food tins. Good smuggling.
3rd           Prayer meting. Dircon now my ISP but slow. The days of dial up modems.
5th           Session. David came to resign and it was accepted. I wanted to dissent as I do not think his sons' discipline problems disqualify him. I believe he is depressed over it hence the resignation.
6th           Promised replacement pharmacy computer will not now come for three days. A low loader with a crane stuck on Scotch Common roundabout so held up returning home.
7th           Men's prayer breakfast. Gordon B says they now plan to leave in January.
Christmas shopping. Swept autumn leaves. Judy J's 50th birthday party. Good food and drink.
8th           Led for Joe on second in Advent. Unlikely to do the Christmas letter this year as I am behind with things.
9th           Taiwo from Mediphase sorted the printers. Impressive work by man who goes to Kensington Temple. Did Christmas letter after all and deb put a tree on it.
10th          Cleared desk at home to start the cards.
11th          Elders prayer before work where Maureen the former manager is getting on well with the new Highway labelling program. JCC town hall. Overseas cards done with Katy.
12th          Cards and net before work. Housegroup after.
14th          To Northolt post office to pick up my repaired Peterson pipe. Elders prayer. Christmas shopping with katy Ealing Broadway.
15th           With Katy ,Bob, Nigel and Steve enjoyed doing a book table on Uxbridge Road, Southall.
17th            Florrie Lingwood died but I did not know for two days.
18th            Planning West on IBM with Pound full flow in chair. EVSC at Quakers. Char with Acton RC priest.
19th            Asked to collect Florrie's oxygen etc so found she had died and I was upset. Bought card. Wrote letter. Ordered flowers.
20th            Took Rachel back. Brown's tobacconist in Sandwich is my favourite shop. Bought a pipe and his own excellent tobacco. late back for her and Her and Phonicia's Lawler's wedding reception.
21st              Early prayer. Pleased with new £130 glasses. Katy with me to Harry Greenway's Costons lunch. Shopping for family presents. Rachel guitar. David waistcoat.
 22nd             Mr O here. Good traditional carol service from SC.
23rd               Work very busy. Leaving part for receptionist at Gai and Wilmasundera's surgery.
24th               Lunch party for Dr Russell. J&M arrived in the morning. Jasmine from Hong Kong and Leeds in the afternoon and David Evening.
25th               French toast for breakfast. Brought Robbin to church. SC good as were the carols. Fred Benton was in church but died later that afternoon. 18+ lb turkey. Enjoyed Israel in Egypt CDs, cigar and brandy. Jonathan convulsed with mist reading Uses for a dead cat.
26th              Walk with Jasmine, Katy, J&M along canal and up Horsenden Hill. Heard of death of Fred Benton. Told Margery and Robbin when we took them presents. Chris Baddock to lunch. Babcocks round for evening games.
27th               Quiet at work. Made a snowman out the front. Jasmine cooked excellent Chinese meal.
Rachel out with Rob as usual.
28th               Shopped with Katy before four Burroughs to lunch. Martha has met the Spice Girls. Walk in Gunnersbury Park where we lost three Burroughs who diverted in to the museum.
29th                Paul preached on mysteries. Everyone greeting Hosiers and Cath on their loss of fred. Took David to Paddington train. Katy and i took Jasmine on a tour of the sights. Babcocks in evening sampling 12 malts but a cold hampered my taste buds. Their friend Bill visiting from USA.
30th                 Jasmine left us saying she was no longer afraid of dogs.
31st                 Work very busy. Not many at watching service so in the lounge. Rachel out with Rob.Phoned Larsons in USA. Eric to visit on June honeymoon.

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The changing world (195) Sep-Oct 1996

Sep 1st Led in morning for Steve who finished his attributes of God series in the evening.
2nd       Saw director of SS who will look into RG's care of D to see if he is at risk.
3rd        EVSC at Age Concern, Southall.
4th        Boring public meeting at Oldfield on labour's transport plans. Steve Pound in the chair. One has to hear such drivel from the public at these meetings.
7th        Five hour journey to take David to his new place in Exeter.
8th        Baptist church Exeter than home.
9th        gas explosion on the Avenue so Argyle Road closed until 7pm. Howard Wilkinson sacked by Leeds.
10th        George Graham is Leeds manager.
11th        Rachel opened car door and knocked off a cyclist who broke her collar bone.
12th        Session in evening.
14th        Prayer breakfast. Last Night of the proms.
15th        Rota. Preached on wrath of God evening.
16th        Took Rachel to work in Hayes. EHHHA JCC Perceval House.
20th        Rachel had friends round for her birthday but quite enough.
21st        Elders prayer.
22nd       New evening series on evangelism.
23rd        Called on SS director to discus SS Taxi card. Reminded him about RG. LB badly depressed.
25th        Margery back in hospital.
27th        Visited Margery who is recovering from food poisoning.
30th         Boss wants to reduce Deb's hours.
Oct 3rd    Phoned Peter Clark for deb to do work experience on his farm.
5th           Bought new bed at Daniels. Lasted nearly 12 years!
6th           Preached harvest sermon.
7th           Elders and deacons budget meeting at Clowney.
10th         Session quicker with Steve in chair.
12TH       Mens prayer then church cleaning - me scrubbing the cooker.
14th         Steve chaired his first members meeting.

The changing world (194) Aug 1996

AUG 1ST Start of every month scripts to count and send for pricing and stock orders to p[lace and unpack.
2nd           10:15 am to Port Isaac leaving Welly in Kennels near Exeter. Road very narrow. Parking some distance, Polzeath lovely beach.
3rd            Walks along the coast in fine weather. Shopped camel ford. Nigeria win Olympic football gold beating the Argies 3-2.
4th            Tintagel Methodist St Columb steam rally saw two traction engines ploughing.
5th             Bude. Headland. Morwenstow. Hawkers hut and church.
6th             Morning wet and windy. At Port Quin walked on cliffs and watched waves. Pints in Golden Lion opposite.
7th              Beach beyond Newquay as the town was very congested.
8th              Camelford. Wadebridge. Anniversary dinner at School House Hotel. Excellent.
9th              To Exeter via Bodmin to pick up David. Dartmoor and Princeton prison museum. Reservoir with geese. Okehampton.
10th            Polzeath beach. Showery and cold. Padstow interesting harbour.
11th            Delabole Methodist. Port Gaverne raft race. Cornish gig racing with six men per boat.
12th            Wadebridge. Padstow. On Jubilee Queen to Puffin Island.
13th             Took David back to Exeter. Dawlish Warne. Kings Teignton. Cheeky Dartmoor ponies.
14th             Tintagel church and castle. Trebethwick Strand. Beach visit interrupted by swift incoming tide. Boscastle harbour walk.
15th             Failed to visit St Enodoc as no free parking. Trebethwick Strand until the tide came in then Delabole wind farm and Poldark Inn.
16th             10am left and picked up Welly. Home 4:30 pm to find Aussie David had looked after our house very well. Upset David phones near midnight. Girlfriend trouble.
17th              Took Rachel to agency. Prayer with Steve. David still very upset at being dropped but we hope he will stay in Exeter.
18th               David some better and staying put. Steve led and preached morning. J&M stayed at start of holiday. Steve on omniscience evening.
19th            Very hot. Back to work. J&M to Germany.
20th             Some rain so cooler.
21st             Prayer with Steve before Mansells.
22nd            After work took Deb to the fair then session.
23rd             Rachel away camping. Rain so cooler.
24th             Elders prayer. David on holiday from Exeter.
25th             On ITV Many Questions. Asked about disestablishment. David Holloway good. Steve on goodness in evening.
26th              To Windsor and Eton. Two hour Thames cruise to Bray. Delayed at locks.Rachel back from camping.
27th              Ladies at Discoverers. Katy at orchestra.
28th              Charles and Diana divorce finalised.
30th              Indian takeaway to cheer up David very angry with his former girl's father.
31st              11:45 pm to Victoria to pick up J&M who arrived 1:15am.

The changing world (193) Jul 1996

Jul 2nd Southall police consultative meeting
3rd        Met with the visiting RA who is as ever critical. I set a bad example and do not communicate well according to this visiting expert. He does great work and is blessed but he is a leader who must have followers not equals in a team.
5th        Elders planning day at Joe's. Agreement on all matters except music.
6th        Katy to recorder exams.
7th        Led for Steve on Phil 1. Evening he did immutability of God. Rachel back from TFG in New Forest.
8th        Took Rachel to an agency for packing work.
9th         All Katy's recorder pupils passed as did Rachel with first year results.
10th       Oldfield AGM.
12th       Riots in Northern Ireland.
13th       Prayer with Steve then to great Shelford for the day.
14th        Rota. mark, Sue and Scott Larson to lunch. Steve on the cross in evening.
15th        Jonathan to be made redundant after his firm is taken over.
16th        Five questions and seven speeches in council. Good chat with Richardson. Mayor Patel refreshed us afterwards. BED 12:45AM.
17TH     Took Rachel to work and prayer with Steve before work.
18th        Deb baby sat for Barnes while pesky and hate at Beacon House end of term party. Rachel to TFG.
19th       Atlanta Olympiad started. Very hit.
20th       Barbecue at home.
21st       Led for Steve on Phil 1. Lunch at IPC. Steve on omnipresence of God.
22nd      90f very hot.
23rd       Katy at orchestra.
24th       Prayer with Steve. Mansells work. EVSC AGM with decent food.
25th       Work. Ward. Housegroup. Helicopter with each light circling at 12"30am.
26th       A little rain cooled us . Jonathan may not be made redundant.
27th       Stolen car crashed on Bilton road wrecking two parked cars. Costons lunch. Took girls to IPC barbecue. Wood End supper at Varneys. Met jason and a woman who may stand in Costons.
28th       Jonathan Edwards triple jump Olympic silver medal. Steve on Phil 1. Christine Rachel's friend to lunch. Steve on holiness of God. Hill wins German F1.
29th       Friend of Rachel's, Joe from Ware with us.
30th       Katy at orchestra. Rachel at Discoverers planning.
31st        Greenford Community centre housing meeting on anti-social behaviour. A rabble especially one black family all mouth.

The changing world (192) Jun 1996

Jun 2nd Installation of Steve Constable with John Nichols of LCM preaching. I led. Pot luck. John Macaulay and two daughters with us for tea and spoke on WBT work in Kenya.
4th        New work experience student, Sithani from Zimbabwe.
5th        Deb evening work with me. Oldfield governors.
6th        First elders with Steve C. I am now clerk.
7th        Summer heat cooled by midnight storms.
8th        Elders prayer then to Canterbury. ury. Picnic. Ramsgate. Sandwich. Dover. Dropped Rachel and drive home. Start of European cup - England 1 Sweden 1.
9th        Steve on Mat 16. Margery unhappy with the state of RG's fat.
10th      Tube driver opened his door on Jordan Road and someone blew his head off with a shotgun. Later the police chief superintendent in charge told me that they had no clues and thought it was a case of mistaken identity.
11th       Deb is now to work with me three afternoons a week.
13th       Steve C at our housegroup.
14th       David and Jane with us.
15th       Met with Ed Clowney before work. Visited RG and spoke about lack of hygiene in her flat.England 2 Switzerland 0 Euro cup. Church meal to celebrate Rae's wedding.
16th       Ed Clowney on Abraham saw my day and evening on Christ in wisdom literature. Took David and Jane to Elim for mark Dishley's baptism. Christ Hosier's 50th birthday. Part in their garden with string trio.
17th       Presbytery. Med Andrew Fellowes.
18th      England 4 Holland 1 a second half rout.
20th      Ward then housegroup after work.
22nd     Elders prayer. Took RG and her son to see her elder child with the father's family in Shepherds bush and reminded her of the need to keep improving the care of her flat.
23rd      Steve on Acts 16. To Canterbury and brought Rachel's loads home.
25th      Rachel home. Donald Macleod not guilty on all charges.
26th      England lose to Germany on penalties thanks to Southgate's being saved.
27th      Saw Greatheart - very anti-England and sorry not to have the execution accurately portrayed.
29th      Elders prayer early.
30th      Steve on Phil 1 and evening, Infinity of God.Germany 2 Czechs 1 Euro final.

Monday, October 22, 2018

The changing world (191) Apr-May 1996

Apr 1st Deacons went well on proposed budget but we will miss Babcocks next year.
2nd       Busy with pre-Easter rush. At prayer meeting heard jack Miller very ill after heart operation.
4th        Took David and Jane to Windsor castle. Enjoyed the history and paintings.
5th         Good Friday. I led and preached. later took Katy to the cinema and we enjoyed Sense and Sensibility.   Austen and hardy I have never enjoyed reading but love as films or TV.
6th        All the Wells family to dinner.
7th        I was criticised for having deconstructionist Andrew Sandlin to preach. I was unhappy that he did not preach resurrection on Easter day. Him and Stephen Perks to lunch.
8th        Took David and Jame to Victoria coach station. Burroughs with us. A very upset Bob Heppe phones to tell us Jack Miller died this morning.
13th      Mens prayer breakfast.
14th      Preached on comfort from resurrection. Mr O bought a L reg Metro from Rydal Crescent.
15th      Church AGM went well.
16th      Donald Macleod case in Edinburgh high court.
Katy at orchestra.
17th      The Yorks divorce put Macleod case off the Times front page.
18th      Took Rachel back to Canterbury then work.
21st       Led for Joe and in the evening preached on Thrones.
24th       Visited the Northolt Mosque. When proposed about 10 years ago most controversial but this Dawoodi Bohra group have raised no problems locally.
25th       For the second time the Fiat's radio was stolen when parked on the Common.
28th       Gavin McGrath preached.
30th       Katy to orchestra.
May 3rd Anita McKee and baby Kyla arrived to stay for her brother, Andrew Rae's wedding.
4th          Session early. Katy to the wedding. I stayed and dug the garden.
5th          Gavin McGrath morning, Bob Heppe evening.
6th          Teens did pancakes for church bank holiday breakfast.
7th           New work experience student, Harpal.
12th         Mike Peat preached on elders deserving honour. Dr M C Matthews visited fro India. Visited Margery in Northwick Park. Took Katy to Victoria and walked by the Thames to canary Wharf wearing my 5- Today badges.
13th         Visited tutorial centre and heard Deb is doing well.
14th         Full council and after a beer with the mayor.
15th          Oldfield governors.
16th         Early prayer with Paul. Housegroup with Judy and Hosiers.
18th         Session in the morning. Malt with Gordon in the evening.
19th         Took Deb to Maidenhead College of Agriculture open day. She is not interested really.
21st          Annual council.
26th          I led for Paul then preached on Pentecost in the evening.
28th          Visited Windsor and Eton.
29th           With Katy to Uxbridge for a new sewing machine.
30th           Housegroup at Margery's.
31st           Early morning to Heathrow to pick up Constables.

The changing world (190) Mar 1996

Mar 2nd Session with AH invited along. Visit to SS respite care Northolt. Merry Widow at Greenford hall.
3rd         Preached How 3-6. Paul on worship in evening then took Mr O back to Potters Bar. This was to become a regular pattern when he ho longer had a car. he would come to us by train, have roast lunch and I would run him back.
4th         Deb helped in the pharmacy in the afternoon.
5th         Katy to orchestra. Me to prayer meeting led by Bob Heppe.
6th         I think it was a council colleague who gave me his season ticket to see QPR 1 Leeds 2, Yeboah scoring.
7th         Police consultative committee Southall. The Asian locals there prefer to be policed by whites as we have no favourites. The police have no problems there except at religious festivals when groups come in from other towns.
9th         Session early morning.
10th         Preached Hosea again. Andrew are and fiancee Nicki to lunch.
11th       SS director before work. Deb helped in afternoon. SS group in evening.
12th       SS committee.
13th       Thomas Hamilton kills 16 five year old children and their teacher in Dunblane. It turned out the police had not vetted him properly for gun licences. Parliament was as a result to introduce such repressive legislation that our Olympic pistol shooting team had to go to France to practise.
Met the MD of Brets the council contractor. He is a Christian. Front of the Fiat's radio stolen when parked by the Common.
14th          Elders prayer early morning. EVSC Acton.
15th          Whole country has grief over Dunblane. Major and Blair visit together.
17th          Preached How 11-13.Treated Katy and family to Mothers' day lunch at Pizza Hut.
19th         With Randy to Kingston for presbytery. Ranald told she is not happy with Liphook over baptism and we tried to tighten the conditions for baptist elders.
20th          To funeral of Harry Gaskin our former neighbour at 73 Lee Road. He had been involved in building the houses here in the 1930s and ought his when newly built.
22nd          With Katy to get Rachel from Canterbury.
23rd           Kary, Deb and Rachel to 'Joseph' at the Apollo.
24th           Led morning service. Braithwaite's and Mr O to lunch. Stephen Green of Christian Voice in the evening.
25th           Rachel got some work experience arranged at Georgian House,
26th           Katy to orchestra.
27th           SACRE not quorate due to Anglicans not attending.
28th           Elders prayer before work and housegroup after.
29th          Mad cow scare but no cheap meat to be found.
30th          West London Synphonia, La Boheme at St John's.
31st           Rota. David and Jane arrived. I preached evening Palm Sunday sermon.

Diary w/e 27 Oct 2018

Sun 21 Oct

Laurens very informative adult Sunday School on worldview. Paul's sermon on Mat 10 - Christ divides so Christians persecuted would have been appropriate in Nigeria. Jonathan Wilcox presided very well at the Table. Little family to lunch with us. Paul excellent on Num 20 and rightly proud of his three points - God in the dock, God on the rock and God with his flock. It beats apt alliterations artful aid.

Mon 22 Oct

To Central Middlesex Hospital urology OPD for a surgical procedure only for the consultant to say he wanted to try a different one and I would now be on the waiting list. It is too like plumbing. You cannot get the job done when expected.

Tue 23 Oct

Chris Roberts ELT on John 2 cleansing the temple. Pastoral visit. Cooked chilli and stir fry for dinner.

Wed 24th

Cardiology in Hanwell. Consultant increased dose of diuretics as says  I have too much fluid retention in legs. To drink less I am told. Not easy as other drugs dry one's mouth.

Thu 25th

Sunnier than forecast so reading outside from 11am. Cooked Briyani which turned out rather hot.

Fri 26th

Called on the Littles who are home after five days in Derbyshire. Debbie cooked her amazing broccoli and chicken n bake.

Sat 27th

My father would have been 100 today. At the Evangelical Library before my first visit to the Plateau State UK meeting in Acton. Warmly welcomed on a cold night.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

The changing world (189) Feb 1996

Feb 1st Early elders prayer. Visited new art gallery in Pitshanger manor. Sorry it seems all modern art, no historic paintings.
3rd       Looking after dale while his mother visited her daughter who is with the father. Margery  visited in Northwick Park again.
4th       Ballot approves call of Steve Constable. David Cross, MTW missionary with EPCEW visited with Merrilie Ritchie who spoke on divorce.
5th     With SS director before work and our pre-policy group on ward boundaries.
6th      Heavy snow made me late for work. Had to deliver oxygen to Florrie. EHHHA evening health promotion on emergency contraception. I was in the minority of those who do not want the freedom to prescribe the morning after pill.
7th      Evening visit to a SS group home which has satisfied clients and good staff.
8th      Morning prayer with Bob Heppe.
9th      Evening pastoral visit to AH who is unhappy with some session decisions.
10th    David B back on session. men's prayer breakfast. Visited Rajinder after her surgery in Ealing Hospital. West London Sinfonia at St John's.
11th     Morning service led and introduced Hosea with Jennifer Reid and Lesley Barnes reading.
12th     Boring education committee.
13th     Katy at music group.
14th     School for Scandal at Questors.
15th     Special council for housing grant. Ward AGM.
17th     Took Deb to Great Shelford. To Myra's for Dorothy's 52nd birthday.
18th     Uncle Neil preached at St Jame's Green.Geoffrey and Sara across.  Lunch with Myra and tea then Dorothy back to her home in Richmond.
19th     Took Myra to lunch at the Angel, Topcliffe. Snow showers.
20th      Picked up deb from Great Shelford and home in snowy landscape.
22nd     Morning at EHHHA in Chiswick workshop on sexual health. Said my bit on zero risk sex to the surprise of the homosexual leading the workshop. Housegroup Rom 8 at Robbins.
24th       Session. Visited Rajinder in hospital.
25th       Rota. Elaine Barnes to lunch. Some on worship again in evening.
27th       Full council. Home 12:45 am.
29th       Special council tax setting preceded by the gift of a Polish eagle for the mayor's chain.

Diary w/e 20 Oct 2018

Sun 14 Oct

To Liss IPC as part of my elder's duties. Excellent sermon on giving from James Buchanan and hospitality at their home too. Back to IPC Ealing evening service but only to take David Jones for his third talk at the Immigration Removal Centre on witness to Muslims. David is the expert on personal evangelism and he relates so well to Africans. New detainees from Nigeria and Ghana as usual. Another from Brazil too and for the first time ever in eight years, a Russian in our captive audience.

Mon 15

Pastoral visit to High Wycombe to encourage Amjad and Sarah, our members there engaged in Muslim ministry. Enjoyed Pakistani curry and then prayer meeting.

Tue 16

Four of us at early morning prayer. Wasted journey to Northwick Park OPD. Appointment cancelled. Late to ELT thanks to the E7 bus being slow. Chris Roberts excellent as ever on The Wedding at Cana. Pastoral visit. ECHO cardiogram in Hanwell.

Wed 17

Hosted U3A history on Spain up to the Muslim conquest. I learned that orange comes from Arabic. Housegroup at Cradocks on the witch of Endor. A dark passage of judgement pointing to a better king.

Th 18

Waited for E10 to travel to dine with family in Ealing. Over 15 minutes late then stuck on Ruislip Road due to roadworks at the Argyle Road roundabout. Told the bus would terminate at Scotch Common. Rang to say we would not be dining where we had booked as we could not get there in time. Off the E10 and back to Greenford for lunch at a cafe there. Katy planted four pots of bulbs. New chapel not ready to clean this Saturday but next.

Fri 19

Shopped with Katy in two supermarkets.

Sat 20

Breakfast and Gen1 study with five IPC men then bookstall which was very quiet. First anniversary of our move to this house. 37 years in Ealing, four homes. Twelve years in Nigeria, ten homes.

The changing world (188) Jan 1996

Jan 1st Dropped David at Alperton then to Burroughs with Grandad.
2nd      Su Pui from Drayton High is new work experience girl. OM team at prayer meeting led by Bob H.
3rd      With Katy to civic performance of The Ghost Train at Questors.
4th       Elders prayer before work. Elders and deacons met jn evening. Katy reluctant to let me get internet.
5th       At Babcocks to see internet at work.
6th       Constables visited us with their two toddlers. I would be happy to call him.
7th       Hosiers to dinner,
8th       Met SS dirtier before work. SS pre-meeting after. Terry Beldam tiling the kitchen. Rajinder concerned she has to have surgery.
9th        SS committee. Katy our with cello.
10th      At Mansells hit the panic button calling police when a nutty white woman assaulted a large black customer in the post office queue. St Anne's governors. Rachel back to Canterbury.
11th       Steve Constable at our housegroup.
12th       Away day at Martins. Agreed to send members a letter recommending calling Steve Constable. At the time I did not record him saying he would consider staying three years or so but I do remember thinking, "What happened to the concept on staying until the Lord calls elsewhere?'
Deb had Gillian Heppe for a sleep over.
13th         With Rachel in Canterbury.
14th         Led for Steve C.
15th         Ordered modem and did not tell Katy yet.
16th         Evening pharmacy continuing education on health promotion at town hall.
17th         Signed up for Mailbox internet.
18th         Modem arrived and Keith Martin helped set it up.
19th         Found evidence of a dishonest assistant. My fords email sent to Rachel.
20th         Session decided to ask David B if he wants a sabbatical.
21st         Church meeting agrees to ballot to call Steve C.
22nd        Rota. Chis paddock to lunch. Spoke on worship in evening.
23rd         The boss persuaded the dishonest assistant to repay £1000 and leave with no references, no police.
25th          Early morning elders prayer. Good housegroup on Rom 8.
26th          A little snow. Joan Welch back with us first time in over two years.
27th          A little more snow. J&M with us.
28th          Led for Barry Segren preaching at ordination of Mark Larson as deacon. Spoke on worship in evening. David B to take sabbatical from session.
30th           Second health promotion workshop at town hall.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The changing world (187) Dec 1995

Dec 2nd Elders prayer. Shopped with katy at Macro. Front garden tend. Tim Gray staying. katy and I to good Messiah by Ealing Choral Society, Acton Town Hall. Counter tenor good in place of contralto.
3rd        Morning service disrupted for me trying to help a very distressed Margery after a black in his car tried to rob her. Evening David B on divorce. Pulled a muscle and could not sleep for pain.
4th        Could not get night doctor or quick A&E help before work. Suffered until saw Dr Lancer 4:30 who confirmed muscle strain as ibuprofen has helped. Told boss I was giving notice. He said he was yet to make me a n offer. Oldfield parents will reject plans to have tutorial centre there. Dick keys spoke on heroes.
5th         Boss surprised me offering 5% now and 3% next year which I will probably accept. Home in snow.
6th        Told boss I would accept his offer and that he is grumpy and Indu selfish. Felt better for it. EHHA JCC briefly then a drink with the Labour councillor, Liz Brookes.
7th        Elders prayer. ward meeting.
8th        Deb to youth group then Heppes overnight. With katy doing overseas cards.
9th        Early elders then prayer breakfast. Tiles ordered for kitchen. Costons lunch. Gardening for a short while.
10th      Finished the cards. Rota. Randy led. Katy to youth service.
1th        Deacons.
12th      Brought Margery to encouraging prayer meeting with OM team here for Christmas evangelism.
13th      Katy out to school Christmas meal.
14th      6am set off to Canterbury
 through city. Lost three times but Canterbury 8:30. Left ( with Rachel who navigates well. Home 11:30 then off to work.
15th      After work rejoinder took me to Excelsior and the staff meal cost us £10 each. Good carvers. Home 11pm.
16th      Early session meeting. Our MP's lunch not well attended.
17th      David led for Paul. Teen's service on Freedom. OM did the carol service but few outsiders came.
18th       Rachel has a student's appetite for home cooking.
19th       After lunch donned hired father Christmas suit. Hot but fun. Visited surgery in it.
20th       In the suit at Mansells. EVSC management. Nibbles after and good chat with RC orient from Acton.
21st      Shopped with Katy for final presents at Ealing Broadway. Work in Santa suit. Housegroup Rom 7.
22nd     Visited Georgian House in Santa Suit. Glad to divest myself of it. Staff meal Shahee tandoori Southall, Rachel included but Katy busy at home preparing.
23rd      david home and Hiroko, japanese student from Durham here for the holiday.
24th      Led for David on Mary. Had neighbours, Beldams and Robin to ours for carols. Phoned Steve Constable arranging his visit.
25th      18+lb turkey on atv7am. David B preached well. Chis Baddock and Mr O with us .
26th      J&M with us and grandad too, After lunch a walk up Horsenden Hill. A little snow later.
27th      Back to work Mansells and Mattock lane later.
28th      Prayer with Paul before work. Housegroup Seaber. Very upset at family addicts.
230h      Elders prayer before work. Babcocks and david's friend Tristram with in the evening.
31st       Led covenant service with Bob preaching a rambling sermon on Peter. Soup lunch. Pot luck for evening dinner before games. Phoned Larsons.

On Pastoral Visitation - Church of Scotland General Assembly Act 10, 1708.

"The following articles are unanimously recommended to the ministers of this church, not as binding rules, but as a help to them in their visiting of families: viz., that ministers visit all the families in their parish, at least once a year, if the same be large, and oftener if the parish be small. And in the management of this work it is advised, 
1. That ere a minister set out to this work, he labour to have his own heart in a suitable frame for it. 
2. That he choose such a time in the year, as his people may be best at leisure to meet with him: and that due intimation be made of the minister's design to visit, that the people may order their affairs so that he may find them at home. 
3. That he be accompanied with the elder of the bounds; with whom he may confer before they go forth to the work, about the state and condition of the persons and families of these bounds, that the minister may be able to speak the more suitably to their condition, and as may be most for edification. 
4. When they enter a house, after a short account of the design of the visit, they are to take an account of the names of the family, parents, children, and servants, and inquire for certificates from those who are lately come to the parish, and to mark them in the roll for catechizing: and to take notice who can read, and of the age of children when capable of catechizing. 
5. Then the minister may speak to them all in general of the necessity of regeneration, and the advantages of serious religion and godliness: of piety toward God, and justice and charity towards men. 
6. And next, more particularly to the servants, of their duty to fear and serve God: and to be dutiful, faithful, and obedient servants, and of the promises made to such: recommending to them the reading of the Scriptures as they can, and prayer in secret, and love and concord among themselves: and in particular, a holy care of sanctifying the Lord's day. 
7. The minister is to apply his discourse to the children, as they are capable, with affectionate seriousness; showing them the advantages of knowing, loving, seeking, and serving God, and remembering their Creator and Redeemer in the days of their youth, and honouring their parents; and to remember how they are dedicated to God in baptism; and when of age, and fit, and after due instruction of the nature of the covenant of grace, and seals thereof, to excite them to engage themselves personally to the Lord, and to desire, and pray for, and take the first opportunity they can of partaking of the Lord's Supper; to be specially careful how they communicate at first, much depending thereon: and such of the servants as are young, are to be exhorted hereto in like manner, exciting them also to daily reading of the Scriptures and to secret prayer, and sanctifying of the Lord's day. 
8. After this he should speak privately to the master and mistress of the family, about their personal duty towards God, and the care of their own souls' salvation, and their obligations to promote religion, and the worship of God in their families; and to restrain and punish vice, and encourage piety, and to be careful that they and their house serve the Lord, and sanctify the Lord's day. After this, it may be fit to exhort masters to take care that God be worshipped daily in their family, by prayer, and praise, and reading of Scripture. They should inquire of them concerning the conversation and behaviour of the servants, and their duty towards God and man, and how they attend the worship of God in the family, and the public worship on the Lord's day, and how they behave after sermon: if any of them be piously inclined; if they make conscience of secret prayer, and reading of the Scripture: if there be catechizing, and instructing of the ignorant and weak; if due care be taken in educating the children, and particularly if they be put timeously to school, and how they profit thereat: and how the Lord's day is spent after sermon, in the family and in secret: all which the minister may mix with suitable directions, encouragements, and admonitions, as he shall see cause, and most for edification. 
9. He may inquire who have Bibles, and encourage them who are able to get Bibles of their own, to make diligent and religious use thereof, and to recommend to parents and masters of families, to have the Confession of Faith, Catechisms, and other good books, for instruction in faith and manners. 
10. If any be tainted with errors, or given to vice, they should be particularly dealt with, and spoken to, either privately or before others, as may be most for edification, and all in the family are to be exhorted to watch and edify one another, and to carry towards any who walk disorderly according to the rule, Matt. 18 : 15. 
11. If there be any difference or division, either in the family or with the neighbours, the minister should endeavour to remove the same, and to make peace and to ex cite to follow it with all men, as far as possible. 
12. It may be also inquired of those who have received tokens to communicate the last season for it, whether they have made use of them or not, and those who have communicated may be inquired privately, how they have profited thereby, and excited to remember to pay their vows to the Lord. 13. If there be any in the parish who keep not Church communion with us, whatever their motives may be, ministers ought to deal with God for them, and with themselves in such a way as may be most proper to gain them, and exonerate their own consciences before God and his people, waiting, if God peradventure will prevail with them; who can tell, but our making them sensible of our tender love and affection to their persons, especially to their souls, giving them all due respect, and doing them all the good we can, yet still discountenancing their sin, may in the end be blessed of God for their good. Jude 22, 23; 2 Tim. 2 : 23, 25. All this should be carried on with dependence on God and fervent prayer to him, both before a minister set forth to such a work, and with the visited, as there shall be access to, and opportunity for it." .