Saturday, December 31, 2005

Books read in December (4)

1. The Work of the Holy Spirit - Abraham Kuyper
Among the outstanding gifts of the great Kuyper were those of theologian, pastor and journalist. All three come together in this book written in 123 weekly sections for the Christian weekly Dutch paper, The Herald. Kuyper ranges far and wide applying theology with gerat practicality for the Christian life so that this book can be read devotionally. There are some dated references to controversies of Kuyper's time but this is a great work and I cannot recommend it more highly than saying it is among so select few books I have read for a second time. This time I read it as a daily devotional, chapter by chapter.

2. The World According to Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson
I think this is the first time a top ten bestseller has appeared here. Clarkson sells well because I think he writes in a humorous way puncturing the balloons of folly and political correctnes that blight our lives. He is a man's man, not a new man. I can identify with him and usually agree with his viewpoint. Sometimes we differ. He likes cigarettes and 70s's rock music. i don't. He dislikes cricket which I love. I was given this as a Father's Day present and enjoyed it for a nightly chapter of bed time reading. It is funny enough to read again.

3. Cricket Sayings - No author given. Published by Marks and Spencer
A welcome Christmas present. Now i know where to look when I cannot remember where third man, silly point and deep extra cover are to be found on the field. I also learned a new word, doosra. I think though my copy of this book is likely to be loaned to visitors who want to learn about our national game, especially American friends. A comprehensive guide to the language of the great game.

4. Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss
When our children were growing up we were not really exposed to the delights of Dr Seuss. Now having learned of him from American friends I can take pleasure in reading such books to my grandchildren. Fun to read out loud, helpful for children learing to read and with a good lesson to teach. Do not refuse new food. You might just like it .