Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Stats

2017 stats

Blog posts - 763  so more than 6 daily.
Books read - 133 including 71 Christian books
Films seen -      21
Plays watched live - 1

2018 stats

Blog posts - 770 but 248 were blogging my old diaries.
Books read - 227 but some are pamphlets. 156 Christian books
Films seen - 11
Plays watched live - 1

I have cut down on fiction this year and reduced TV watching with few dramas now save for historical ones.

The changing world (286) Apr-Jun 2008

Apr 1st With KJD to Manancourt, Somme to find Driver Worth's 4.11.18 grave. Beautiful cemeteries. Most of the men younger than my sons. Thiepval the big memorial. Lochnager crater from the huge min's explosion heard in England. Peronne. Museum. 200 miles.
2nd       Another 200 miles but on my own to Noyon, Calvin's birth place. Museum needs bilingual signage.
3rd        La Cupole V weapon launch site now a museum to holocaust and resistance too.
4th        Agincourt. The battlefield has nothing to see but the small museum celebrates the devastating power of the English archers' longbows.
5th        To Nikides in Belgium beyond Brussels.
6th        Evangelical Baptist church. Nikides granddaughter dedicated.
7th        Tyne Cot, Ypres. 12,000+ graves mostly named. Largest Commonwealth War Graves cemetery.
8th        Waterloo museum good, rest poor. Battlefield rise very bumpy. Climbed the Dutch pyramid. Disgusted that the shop is all about the loser Napoleon. Treated our hosts to a E110 meal for four.
9th        Train to Brussels musical instrument museum.
10th       Ghent. Adoration of the Mystic lamb was worth the fee to view. Bill want s me back as IPC moderator.
11th        Home via Dunkirk.
12th        Good birthday for Elissa. Marius C cries at me.
13th        PL excellent on Christian's armour. Lunch at Levy's. Not so relevant on Corban. Members meet to discus Ian Clements as assistant.
15th        Katy starts to look after Elissa.
16th        Barnet PCT methotrexate audit meeting. Rubbish veggie food.
20th        Levy great on Ps w2 and Mk 7. Lunch at Cradock's.
w1st        Up phase. Amir and Chuck to session.
23rd        Introduction to Is at housegroup.
25th        Petrol £107.9/L.
26th        To Ongar for pub lunch with Chelmsford EPCEW. £5000 cheque from Jack's intestate estate. Would have been £9000 if only split among full first cousins.
27th        Baptised Elissa Ruth Little. The other grandad prayed. Good lunch at IPC but the stored tier of seven year old wedding cake was inedible tasting of plastic.
29th        Bp high at Ealing Hospital. Dick Keyes good at IPC on horror of crucifixion.
May 1st Session. Stayed up for local election results but only one in before I went to bed.
3rd         Boris is mayor. CPA fewer votes than SNP. Visited Kensington Palace.
4th          PL good intro to 1Cor. Packed for Brazilian lunch. PL v good on healing deaf mute. Presided at table. Went with Amir, two Afghans and an Iranian to Mahdi Restaurant, Chiswick.
7th          Visited the Iranian Fellowship at Christchurch North Finchley. Told most there were converts from Islam. Over 100 there but no real testimonies of conversion only prolonged prayers for healing.
9th          Session gave me three months sabbatical.
10th        Working breakfast with the session discussing plans when LCM closes their South Ealing Mission. J&Co here, R&A too for Carlo to cook cold Italian supper.
11th        Led for PL and did children talk. PL on 1Cor 1:1-9 excellent. Paul M on God's justice. Amir and Abdul Shamshi to supper.
14th        Death toll over 13,000 in China earthquake.
17th        With Trevor to Lords but only saw eight overs due to rain. Uxchoir excellent St John's passion.
18th         PL not so hot on 1Cor 1 party spirit. Marianne MacLeod, Baddock and Terry Beldam to lunch.
19th         Good report from Ealing haematology. Encouraging elders prayer.
23rd         Us and four others from IPC Ryanair Stanstead to Riga. Hristo took us to medieval cellar in old town for drinks together.
24th         Hristo wed Maria in a Pentecostal warehouse. Russian and English service. PL preached. Evening reception emotional and verbose.
25th          Lutheran cathedral in old town. Evangelical English service. Park and lake with raes and Corcorans. Italian dinner with Lefroys and Clowneys.
26th          Train to Jurmala, Soviet seaside resort. Lido good value food.
27th          Walked round Old Riga. Exhibition of Soviet realism art. Shocking how they had good representational art portraying lies while the West had abstract art portraying meaninglessness. Museum of the Occupation. Chilling to see suffering and holocaust. Lido fo another cheap heal and a litre of beer.
28th         Museum of Occupation. Old town walk. St John's. St Peter's with great view from the tower. Organ recital in cathedral.
29th         Museums of pharmacy , porcelain and musical instruments. War museum.
30th         Ryanair to Stanstead. Never again. Had to move seats and had my beer confiscated.  Petrol now £1.149 L.
Jun 1st     I preached Ps 28.
2nd          K very upset hit by lorry on the gyratory.
4th           Good IPC prayer. Ee Wei from malaysia is very encouragingly spiritual.
6th          Synod at Kingston. Liviu and Neil staying here.
7th          I am now presbytery moderator again. Resolved to visit churches. Euro football started.
8th          PL on 1or 1 and Mk 8. Ki Cheol and family, Ee Wei, Paul M and Natalia to lunch.
10th        With deb to Rae's for barbecue welcoming Hristo and maria back. K towed home by RAC from music.
12th        Metropolitan Tabernacle has the strangest bookshop selection with no Lloyd-Jones but does have paedobaptists. Tea at The Square. Only there once since i graduated in 67. Shown new extension. Most of my class seem to have been academics. No friends there.
13th        Iver Martin of Stornoway free Church Jn 17:1-5 good and contemporary at start of second IPC weekend at home. Ireland vote no on Maastricht treaty.
14th         IM good but not as structured as PL.
15th         IM on sower then David and Nabal. Heard about his three days at Balmoral preaching for the Queen at Crathie.
16th         With IPC crowd to Lords 20:20. Middlesex beat Surrey.
17th          Great early morning prayer at IPC.
19th         Dipensed fluoxetine to a 12 year old instead of loratadine but Dr Parker reassured th father and no further complaint. Carters, the major share holder has been sold to Chotai family.They proved to be my worst employers caring only about money and having a bossy accountant as a director. Afghans did excellent barbecue at 52. Good session prayer.
21st         Canterbury saw David at city museum.
22nd        D not happy with my critical comments on St Mary charismatic Anglicanism.
25th         NZ ODI at Oval with Trevor. They won needing two off the last ball and got them with an overthrow. Mark and Sue good at IPC prayer on Afghanistan.
27th         J7Co came as we had Mark larson family to dinner.
28th         222 miles the The Fleece, This for noon reunion drink. School tour by Margaret Joseph who taught there from 1948.She taught me RE.
29th         Twice at Harrogate Methodists. Pastor from Jennyfields good pm. Scamp on last legs.
30th          Hold up on M1 near Mansfield meant I was half an hour late for ealing hospital haematology appointment and they refused to see me.

Diary w/e 29 Dec 2018

Sun 23 Dec

PL on the politics of Christmas, Mat 2. After a good lunch I was drowsy. Leeds were 2-0 down so I had a siesta only to find I was a man of little faith. We won 2-3. Dropped Katy for our second carol service at which our granddaughter read. At 4pm the lights went out at home. Only our house. My kind son in law found it was merely a tripped circuit breaker. But until he sorted it, reading by a candle made me realise how we take blessings for granted, in this case electricity. I had around twenty the Immigration Removal centre service. New men from Ghana, Brazil, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. I preached from Mat 2 on who is he and what he came to do.

Mon 24 Dec

Took a very grumpy Hazel to have here eyes checked. She complained of a 9am appointment but that was because it is Christmas eve. Roads exceptionally quiet. Carrots, parsnips, sprouts prepared. Potatoes par boiling. SWMBO on with bread sauce and stuffing for 7.5Kg turkey.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day - church . Seven musicians this morning including a family quartet. Levy firs rate message, the baby is real, royal and rescuing. 7.5Kg turkey fed seven for dinner then I cut the meat off the bone for Debbie's turkey and broccoli bake for 12 at Rachel's tomorrow. 3Kg of meat will be more than enough. After the Queen's Christian message I had a siesta.

Boxing day

Twelve for lunch at the Littles and fifteen for tea when Adrian's daily joined us. Lethargic and inactive all day. Rachel's first foster child is a delight but photos are banned on social media so I did not take any of her, a quiet eighteen month old mixed race girl. Jonathan and family returned home.

Th 27 Dec

Quiet at home and not so lethargic.

Fr 28 Dec

David and family arrived in the evening with two dogs staying two nights.

Sat 29 Dec

David and family visited his sister and family. Katy made use of the left over turkey for a fine curry for seven.

Six new things for a new year

My sermon preached for the encouragement of the detainees at Harmondsworth Immigration removal Centre on 30th December 2018.

Six new things for a new year

1.New Song
Psalm 96:1 - Oh sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth!

Psalm 98:1 - A Psalm. Oh sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things! His right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him.

Psalm 144:9 - I will sing a new song to you, O God; upon a ten-stringed harp I will play to you,

Psalm 149:1 - Praise the LORD! Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise in the assembly of the godly!

Revelation 5:9 - And they sang a new song, saying, “Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation,

Revelation 14:3 - and they were singing a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.

2. New covenant
Jeremiah 31:31 - “Behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah,

Luke 22:20 - And likewise the cup after they had eaten, saying, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood

3.New heart
Ezekiel 11:19 - And I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh,

Ezekiel 18:31 - Cast away from you all the transgressions that you have committed, and make yourselves a new heart and a new spirit! Why will you die, O house of Israel?

Ezekiel 36:26 - And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

4.New heavens and a new earth
Isaiah 65:17 - “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind.

Matthew 19:28 - Jesus said to them, “Truly, I say to you, in the new world, when the Son of Man will sit on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

2 Peter 3:13 - But according to his promise we are waiting for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

Revelation 21:1 - Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.

Revelation 21:2 - And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Revelation 21:5 - And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

5. New commandment

John 13:34 - A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

6. New mercies
Lam 3:21  But this I call to mind,
and ktherefore I have hope:
22  lThe steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;2
lhis mercies never come to an end;
23  they are new mevery morning;
ngreat is your faithfulness.
24  o“The LORD is my portion,” says my soul,

k“therefore I will hope in him.”

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The changing world (285) Jan - Mar 2008

Jan 1st Burroughs and Adrian's family here. Disturbances in Kenya after elections. Benazir Bhutto assassinated.
2nd       Prayer at IPC.
3rd       Deb received NPA counter assistant certificate. Kenya still in disarray. Obama and Huckerbee win Iowa caucus.
4th       To Leapers than Macclesfield crematorium where i took Jack's funeral. Leaper's overnight.
5th        Home. Kenyan troubles somewhat settled.
6th        PL good on Eph1 and Jaiirus's daughter. Seyi and Titi Onamusi to lunch.
7th        Anna Wordsworth and Carl Larson to dinner.
9th        Started new house group at Littles and will do Colossians.
10th      D&K at Club 16 and 24/7. Deb helping Littles decorate.
11th      Speedwell's Sam said to get my painful leg checked out but Ealing A&E said nothing there.
13th      Led for Chuck on Phi 3. Meiners to lunch. Hristo OK pm.
15th      Ealing forum meet at Kings Arms, W5.
16th      RA& Amir at housetop which I led.
17th      Pastoral visit from PL who said I should stop leading and he passed on two complaints from females who did not like my hugs. I denied it was flirting and wished complainants would do the Biblical thing and confront me with their complaining. Crash landing Heathrow due to engine failure. no casualties.
18th      Anita's last day. She has been a great help. Thankful for 3/12 up not depressed.
19th      David Graves Canadian archaeologist spoke at 52 on Sodom and stayed with us.
20th      PL on Eph 1 and woman with issue of blood. Presided at table. Mat, Gillian and two Deb friends to lunch.
22nd     Stock markets crash stopped by US federal reserve interest cut.
24th      GP says I am good but prescribes atenolol. Chevening fellows and HOST Italian dinner. £50 from Saros research in Holborn.
25th      French banker loses £4 billion so may have made last weeks bear market himself.
26th      To Braithwaite's, Bromham.
27th      PL good  Eph 1 prayer and Mk 6 at Nazareth. John Corcoran to lunch.
28th      Session. My leading re-installed.
30th      Carlo and two other Italians to housegroup.
Feb 2nd Started to move rockery by cutting down holly tree. Levy across for a game of two halves at Twickenham - England 16-3 at half time lost by seven points.
3rd        More tree cutting. PL good, Eph 2:1 and with two rugby illustrations. We get more when Wales win.
4th         We had difficulty finding a showing of The Kite Runner but went to Staples Corner.
7th         Katy will not go to California but will let me go.
8th         Canterbury archbishop thinks Shari'a can be part of our legal system. Abu Hamza to be extradited to USA.
10th       D&Co to IPC. Darcy Dembek baptised. Amir and Naralia to lunch.
11th      Struggling not to be depressed.
13th      Heppe on hospitality, more passion than presentation.
15th      £150 from TEVA for seminar on how they can help independent pharmacies.
16th      £60 beef from Richardson's to cook for 24 at Valentines party. 29 came. Men serving women. Kurt a great help.
17th      PL a blessing on Eph 3:1 and death of John the Baptist. Met John Harbert, nutty George's nephew down fro derby with his family. George would not open the door.
18th      Dinner for three Charlotte's Place. £90. Excellent but pricey.
19th      To Earl's Court yo meet Roe's neighbour with bilks for me from Boers. Expected dinner together. He did not.
20th      DSZ staying.
21st      Delivery driver sick but i only had to do one delivery.
23rd      Richmond - And then there were none.
24th      PL excellent Eph 3 and Mk 6. Lunch at Daphne's. Session examined Rupert and Matt for membership.
25th      Boring members meeting with architect. I say let me go away for five years and come back whatever we get. It took Over ten years but was worth it in the end.
26th      Battling tiredness and depression.
27th      Better day. My moods are a mystery.
28th       Tiredness struggle again. Session. PL has doubts over an assistant and thinks we could move out of the building before work starts in two years. It took nine.
29th        Prince Harry has to return from Afghanistan.
Mar 1st EPCEW presbytery Cambridge.
2nd       PL Eph 4 unity, not as good as sometimes. Jesus in temple. Some spiritualising.
6th        Dispensed 0.0375ml dose od Oramorph for a terminal premature baby.
8th        Men's prayer breakfast at golf club.
9th        PL Eph 4 well applied. Richard Bewes on The Blood. Good. Rae family to lunch.
10th      Modupe Onamusi visited en route to Edinburgh. Kent Academy gave her an American accent.
11th      Depressed.
12th      Lunch at The Kent with Constable. Leapers staying.
13th      Session decides we can afford Ian Clements.
14th      Twelve of us to Ethiopian restaurant, Shepherds Bush.
15th      Trevor Wells treated me to my first visit to the new Emirates stadium. Arsenal 1 Middlesbrough 1.
16th       PL Eph 5.
17th       Down. Janice Winehouse brought in autographed programmes by Amy at music awards dinner.
20th       South Ealing Mission Iranian new year party.
21st       Good friday. PL Is 50.
22nd     Bought TomTom sat nav.
23rd      Snow did not settled. Led for PL Had Christ is Risen in many languages. PL good pm Col 3. Phillips to lunch.
24th      Down.
26th     D Sax to leave Lies.
28th     Levys who are house moving to dinner.
29th     Too Dover. Norfolk Line to Dunkirk. Rimbord farm hard to find. All family here as our treat.
30th     Bourgoune aquarium. Poor.
31st     Montreux walled town. Everywhere in France shuts on a Monday.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The changing world (284) Oct - Dec 2007

Oct 1st Daphne here for piano lesson again.
2nd       Syl and Kurt interview me for missions to London video.
3rd       IPC prayer with Amir's testimony.
4th       Pizza with Piestrups at 52 then Bible study on covenants.
6th       Great dinner by Ash and Jennifer for us, Littles, Raes.
7th       PL good on Gen 10 and Mar 3.
11th     GP increased AMLODIPINE DOSE.
13TH    £265 new suit from Eurosuits.  First for 16 years. To Shelford for Hannah's 4th.
14th     PL Gen 11 and Mk 4. Dembecks to lunch. She is Giles Brandreth's nice.
15th     Grove cafe, Polish for forum meet. Only five of us.
19th     Fenella ate with us. Deb to Edinburgh.
20th     We lost rugby world cup final to very negative South Africa
21st      Men's prayer breakfast. PL excellent on Babel. Hazel Mangaser to lunch. D7Co here. Deb home from Dunblane.
22nd    D and family to Serbia.
28th     Led for Ian from Grove. Brazilian feast at Soares. Preached Ps 24 pm.
29th     $1200 cost me just over £600. Daphne round for her third piano lesson but shows not wearing her "Hug a presbyterian' apron.
31st      Lights off to deter wretched trick and treaters. Horrible American custom.
Nov 1st Police deemed guilty of shooting an innocent Brazilian. an illegal alien resisting arrest the day after a bombing.
2nd      I have a new boss. Mike Rudin left. Now Bridge of carters.
3rd      Plans for 73 have been refused to our delight. Lunch at The Kent with two republican senators from Georgia.
4th      Good from PL on 1Tim 1 and The Sower.
5th      Heathrow delays due to fog. Lufthansa late to Frankfurt. A rush to be last on board for San Francisco. Over eleven hours. Five hours later arrived Grass Valley, our first sat nav drive.
6th      New MacBook received. Cheaper here. Sad to hear Ester's husband has left.  High bridge, gold mining museum, Caloma, Placer, Lunch with Steve and Abbie. Lake Tahoe.
7th      With Julie round Sacramento to Mariposa. Miners Inn. Yosemite. El Capitan. 285 miles.
8th       From Modesto to Glacier Point. Nevada. Carson City. Grass Valley. 282 moles.
9th       Sacrament railway museum. Lunch by river with Joanna. Capitol. Super Fort. Abercrombie and Fitch shopping for Deb.
10th     Joanna and Nate visited.
11th     Spoke on London and mission at adult Sunday School. Dennis on generosity.
12th     Visited where Joanna's wedding reception is to be.
13th     Shot Colt 45, automatic, 30mm rifle but the muzzle loader jammed.
14th     400 miles to coast at Half Moon Bay. Artichoke capital of USA.
15th      SF to DC, five hours.
16th      LHR 11:45 am. ARE with us as having kitchen built.
17th      CPA AGM in city. There has been a split over non-Christians being selected as candidates. Alan Storkey spoke. Vote to leave EU.
18th      Men's prayer breakfast at 52. PL excellent 2Tim 2 and Mustard seed.
19th      Visited Leonard day in John Conolly unit.
22nd     Session. Plants to move house and have an assistant.
23rd      With J&Co BMI to Inverness. He hired Kia people mover to Nairn.
24th       Netty Bridge kirk for Fiona MacFarlane's wedding to Nathan Burrough. She is a barrister in chambers at Middle temple, he a city policemen. She was in a £10,00 dress and chauffeured up from London. Met Dimi and Ruth Ducker. Biggest marquee in Scotland for the reception in their house grounds. Enough champagne at canapes to get one merry before the reception. Coordinated waiter service. No free bar. You ordered from the waiter. I was too merry to dance. Piped into the reception and ceilidh after.
25th      The most incredible brunch which the father of the bride described as a simple highland breakfast. Coach to airport. Delay landing at T5.
26th      Half AGM IPC. Levy has a house, Amir a visa.
27th      ARE still here.
28th      Petrol over £1/L.
30th      Examined Daniel from Romania for ordination.
Dec 1st Presbytery approved Daniel and Neal. Uxchoir carols Uxbridge. ARE back to theirs. Sami.Marta and Christine staying.
2nd        Rico Tice excellent on Prodigal son. PL on Gadarene demoniac.
3rd        First day at work in Santa suit. Architects present plans for new church building.
4th        PL and I tried without success to poison the pine tree with copper sulphate. He has a £400,000 Hanwell house. The Oval has found my scoring book.
5th        Church prayer meeting. Petrol £102.9.
7th        Deb at pharmacy and finished assistant's course. Agreed quote of £9000 for most of our windows.
8th        To Shelford. Gave B a bike for birthday. Started Christmas cards.
9th        PL good 2Tim 4. Pot luck for John Dugan at 90. He said he remembered George V opening the old Wembley. Now it had been demolished he had lasted better. Preached on second coming. Cards done to H.
10th       St Mary Woolnoth in City for Banner's bicentennial celebration of Newton's death. Brian Edwards excellent then George Curry. Both remembered me.
11th       Angiogram Ealing Hospital. Nothing adverse.
12th      Finished cards.
13th      Session interviewed Ian C as assistant pastor. AR doubtful and rather stroppy and legalistic over initiatives.
14th      Surprised to hear Carters has been sold again.
15th      Heard Lucy Woodcock is unlikely to recover from her stroke and her brother Jack is looking to be the same way.
16th      PL good on Jesus king, Mat 1. They came to lunch. He was excellent at packed carol service on Jn 1.
17th      Session prayer. Lucy died.
18th      Deb had five friends to her party.
20th      Anita, Kenyan graduate stetted as excellent WE.
21st      Wedding of John Hosier to Haley at St James. Jack Williamson died.
23rd      PL excellent mat 2. annunciation them pm Wise men.
24th      Visited Leonard in Ealing hospital.
25th       To Canterbury. Decent C of E. Excellent turkey.
26th       Walked through apple orchard overlooking the city. Home after tea.
27th       K&D to Eccleshall.
28th       Ladies back from Lucy's funeral to tell me I am to take Jack's.
29th       J&Co here.
30th       Led for PL covenant service on flight into Egypt. D&Co here.
31st       Half day at work. Phone call from Elliott in Kabul. Children woken by fireworks.  

Saturday, December 22, 2018

The changing world (283) Jul - Sep 2007

Jul 1st PM on deacons too long. PL Mar 2, new wine.
2nd     Good session prayer. Booked Janice Winehouse, Amy's mother as locus. Doctor arrested over Glasgow bomb.
3rd       David put his grandad on Youtube.
4th       mark and Sue excellent prayer meeting on Afghanistan
5th       K&D to HBC planning.
6th       Slow A406 made me late to Cath Benton's funeral. AH good tribute. PL sermon. I prayed. Burial. At tea talked with Cath's cousin who was a diplomat in Berlin responsible for visiting Hesse in Russian sector prison.
7th        Canterbury. Visited david curating city museum.
8th        10am St Mary's service. By Wincheap roundabout to see Le Tour. Enjoyable advertising parade. Home.
9th        Encouraging session with DB on Muslim work. 7/7 2005 bombers found guilty.
11th       Bombers get life, 40 years. For the first time in years wide awake in house group.
12th       Ealing hospital ECG, take amlodipine, book ECHO.
13th       Enjoyed first night of y=the Proms.
14th       Deb to Chelmsford EPCEW barbecue. K and I to Osterley House embroidery exhibition.
15th       PL on Genesis God tolerating sin and pm man without heart and hatred of unbelievers.
18th       Baddock to supper as usual before housegroup at which I was again awake.
19th       Lords. We batted but stopped for bad light. Strauss 96.
22nd      Dorset for Field's ruby wedding lunch. Floods Worcs and Glos.
23rd       Floods spearhead to Oxon.
24th       David cycling Wells to lands End.
25th       Charing Cross sleep clinic say I am OK for a year now.
26th       Still depressed. B&H here.
27th       Floods abating.
28th       Down. J,M and her parents here.
29th       Led twice for John Legg. They to lunch.
Aug 2nd £238 for new glasses.
3rd          To Harrogate. Foot and mouth in Surrey.
4th          Fountains Abbey. Ilkley.
5th          G preached E Keswick. Home.
9th          Anniversary meal Osteria Del Portico £68 for two. Tasty. Slow. pricey.
10th        Ealing hospital treadmill heart test OK.
11th        Oval against India. They had made 600+ but we failed to get 300.
12th        Good to have PF back. Not so hot on Rom 5 but good on Habituate 1.
18th        Lords for Durham v Hampshire one day final.
19th        PL on Luk 18 then Has 2-3. Boumas, Soarer and Fox to lunch.
21st        3.5% pay rise agreed. Down.
25th        Heard Mark Dishley on Zimbabwe trip at Church of the Ascension.
26th        Ian Clements from Grove chapel. Jennifer and Natalia to lunch. I preached cry of dereliction. HBC prayer.
28th        ECHO at Ealing. GP says bp better. Checking 73's planning application. Told it will be approved.
Sep 1st  Elliott and Martin to dinner.
2nd        PL good on gospel fast Lewis Allen good on ps 23.
5th         Oval ODI India. 315 with mask arenas 30 off last five balls. India won with a ball to spare. Lost my coring book but was returned.
6th         Encouraging session prayer. Christine and Mirella arrived from Romania.
7th         Romanian guests and most of presbytery to mental Turkish restaurant.
8th         Lords with Trevor. India all out 186 in 48 overs. We beat that in 37 overs with three wickets lost. Angry at Indian crowd booing Flintoff when the umpires made mistakes.
9th         Farrelly on Rich young ruler.Not impressed but not bad. Romanians to tube. Braithwaites to lunch.
15th       Wells unexpectedly to lunch. I had not put it in the diary.
16th        Down. PL good Gen 9 and Mk 3.
17th        Daphne for piano lesson bought in auction of pledges.
18th        JS's sister and brother in law treated me to lunch and have me a box JS had made as I had asked for a moment.
21st        Down. Larry Beckler to dinner.
22nd       J&Co here. Midsummer Night's Dream Richmond. Rubbish. Left at interval. Sensual. Parts in Indian languages.
23rd       Led for PL on rainbow. Larry pm.
28th       Down at session.
29th       Session encouraging prospect of Persian work.
30th       PL excellent on Noah's sin. Amir, Pam H and Seabers to lunch. Masih Ghar ordination, particularisation, baptism.

The changing world (282) Apr-Jun 2007

Apr1st PL excellent Gen 5. Mar 1 pm.
2nd      Session.
3rd       Disciplines of a godly man - the tongue.
4th       Feeling ill got locus and came home.
5th       Recovered from stomach bug. Finished bathroom looks good.
6th       Good Friday. PL good on the cry of desolation. Led at table with CRC liturgy. Nigerian student from HOST staying. At last my birthday present balloon flight was on. Knebworth to Hatfield House. Very good. Katy followed in the car.
7th       To Brighton and saw the Grand Hotel where the murderous IRA were more successful than Guy Fawkes in filling members of the ruing class.
8th        PL good on resurrection, am Mark and pm Luke. Mary V from Ethiopia to lunch.
9th        Windsor Great Park. Sunday the student left.
10th      Jonathan McKirgan staying with us.
11th      Rachel kept in Ealing Hospital for pessary induction but no movement.
12th      1.30 Elissa Ruth Little 7il 4oz. Visited.
13th      Theresa sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for supplying heroin to her boyfriend in the Scrubs. My letter as to good character did not help. She had thought she was talking in cannabis lest the boyfriend be beaten up.
15th      PL on resurrection in John. R&E home in afternoon. J&Co visited them. PL on Mar 1.
16th      33 shot dead in Virginia University.
17th      Passed part one of MUR after four attempts. Started watering with hose.
19th      Took JM to lodge with Raes.
20th      Jennifer C and Gillian T to dinner and planning for the Ethiopia trip.
21st      Flew Stanstead to Pula. Taxi to Rovinj. Third floor flat given to us for the week by the Clowneys as a 60th birthday present. Food out very good. Glass bottomed boat trip. Weather perfect.
22nd     Walk round old town. Evangelical church small, happy classy, welcoming, no translation. Boat to Lim Fyord. Saw two dolphins. French president Sarcosi elected.
23rd      Bus to Pula and amphitheatre.
24th      Hire car up coast and mountain villages. Lunch Bije. Mutuva. Old Hun.
25th      East coast of Istria. Pazin. Ruins of Dvigrad.
26th      Baredini caves very impressive. Momuja. Returned hire car.
27th        Walked round Rovinja and St Euphemia's church.
28th       Pula to Srtanstead. IPC fund raiser for Ethiopia trip. Quiz, meal, auction of pledges made £1444. Leeds relegated again.
29th       David Field good 1Pt. Hristo good on sanctification. Eric, Spanish RC cook arrived for a week.
30th       Employed Marina Lines.A good decision.
May 2nd Ealing Town Hall. Paternalistic on helping patients.
3rd          Overnight rash on left abdomen. At home with treatment for shingles. Fell asleep waiting for election results Scotland and Wales voting for their devolved governments.
4th          At home. Cooked for Terry Beldam and Aaron and Eileen Lawler.
5th          Three Ledwiths valeted the Mondeo raising money for the Ethiopia trip.
6th           PL on Enoch.
7th           Bank holiday brought the first decent rain for several weeks. Eric left back bedroom window unfastened and it swung and smashed. Repaired by Adrian.
8th           Off work but collated customer satisfaction survey, probably the most useless innovation of the new pharmacy contract. If a customer is not satisfied with my pharmacy all they need to do is walk five minutes to the next one. Survey the hospitals. There you wait half an hour not my couple of minutes for dispensing. Ultrasound spleen scan revealed nothing of concern. Eric left without paying and losing keys.
9th           Ealing North Conservatives first open primary so though I am not a member I got to vote for the victorious Ian Gibb. Took Katy to Charing Cross hospital for surgery.
10th         Visited hospital. No op yet as she is a cold case and they had urgent ops. Blair announces date of departure.
11th         Katy home without surgery. Jennifer, Gillian and Marianne here overnight before Ethiopia flight.Search continues in Portugal for  four year old Madeline McCann.
12th         Took Deb and the three to Heathrow for Ethiopia. For £50 Carlo cooked a four course lunch for nine. The Bargain at Richmond. Maxwell and Mother Theresa.
13th         PL good on sons of men. Pm on Peters mother in law. My brother has grandfather's diary 1912-52.
14th         Session prayer here.
16th         Took K to Charing Cross. Labour has no nominee to contest with Brown for leadership.
17th         Lords. Test disrupted by rain. Queen visited. Cook century against Windies. K had surgery. I visited. Breathless walking to tube.
18th         K home. Deb happy in Ethiopia.
19th         Chelsea 1 Man u 0. First final at the new Wembley.
20th         Led for PL on total depravity. Took Jonathan Cullen to Rochester prison to visit his mother. Two hour visit. Theresa in good spirits. Bewes excellent pm.
25th         To Harrogate. Read G Graham's diary to 1918. Mentions his wife very little.
26th          With G to Headingley. England put on 204 more for loss of two wickets than bowled Windies out for 46 and 22-2 in follow on.
27th          Bond on Job at Jennyfields. Took Mrs Brayshaw and D to King's Arms Richmond. GG diary finished. Preached 6500 sermons. Preached on Pentecost at Grove Rd.
28th           Home. K's back no better.
30th           Damp proofing of kitchen done.
31st            Charing Cross supply sleep apnoea machine. GP says breathlessness due to enlarged heart.
Jun 1st       Machine seems OK and I slept well. Dr Sam says left ventricular failure explains my breathlessness. Liviu and wife Sika arrived.
2nd            Kingston synod. Man from Camden Town good on Mat 16. Romanians to tube. Joel good on Her 9.
3rd            Session. prayer. LD's dementia worse.
5th            Visited M and said she should talk about her voices. She thinks she needs exorcism. I do not.
6th            Thirty plus at church prayers.
9th            Lower Sunbury Terry Beldam's 70th. Pleased to see dale. To Eccleshal.
10th          417 miles in nine hours. Gretna, round Glasgow, Tyndrum, Glenfinnan, Mallaig and a grumpy local.
11th          Ferry to Skye. Ramsey ferry. Big. Tarbet ferry, Harris. B&B hard to find but tourist office sent us to Scalpay and a family members of the Free Church Continuing.
12th          Round the intoxicatingly beautiful golden rod, east Harris. Lunar landscape before Leverburgh where we visited Malcolm Peters doing holiday cover for the free Church. Never seen such yellow sand and blue sea on a dull day.
13th          to Husainish and views of Taransay. North coast. east Loch target.
14th          Lewis. Parcs. Uig. Ballater. Light up to 11pm.
15th          Berneray bridge across the Atlantic. Iron age house. Beautiful cemetery. Stornoway.
16th           Shopping. Breathless. A&E admitted me to hospital with left ventricular failure. K found our landlady was a Lieutenant Colonel in Afghanistan.
17th          In side ward. Consultant wants to rule out pulmonary embolism. K got to the Free Church. The sister was from there and told the minister and the assistant minister visited at 9:10 pm which really impressed me. Wheezy.
18th          Able to get up. CT scan. Feeling better. No wheeze.
19th          Visited Eye of Ness after discharge. Had to find a new B&B. Butt of Lewis.
20th          Tarbet. Golden road. Leverburgh. Ferry to Benbecula. Excellent B&B. Drove round North Uist.
21st          Our hosts have two beautiful Newfies.Benbecula. South Uist. New B&B with English couple.
22nd         Seals at Loch Eynost. Discovered an abandoned ballet's reaper. Museum with Whisky Galore remembered. Saw a bottle from it on Eriskay. Segregated graveyard with sailors known unto god from WW@. Heard corncrakes.
23rd          Lochboisdale to ban. Unforgettable journey. Calm. Beautiful views of Rhum, Big, Mick, Strait of Mull. Langustines a final holiday treat.
24th          Dunbarton. Glasgow. Annedale Water. Lancaster. M6 toll.  511 miles to home in 11 hours.
26th          Heard Ian Sproule dies saving his wife in a car crash.
27th          Blair resigns. Brown promises to do it differently but the only sign of his Presbeterianissm was scrapping plans for a super casino. Larsons to dinner fresh from Dubai.
28th          Sleep apnoea clinic. Five breath stops an hour is normal. Mine has reduced from 60 to 15. Cath Benton died.
29th          Oval Windies 20"20 Won by 5 wickets off last two balls so thrilling for my guest John Skiotis. Two car bombs defused West London. Floods still in Sheffield.
30th          Bomb at Glasgow airport.

Friday, December 21, 2018

I am a fan of the NHS.

Before taking an apprehensive 91 year old for cataract surgery I asked for prayer on social media as she was very fearful. To my surprise I received this tweet in response - from  Dec 19

'Hi Graham, please let Hazel know that we're wishing her the very best of luck for her operation. We're sure the team will take very good care of her, but if she (or you) have any questions for them, please do just ask - our clinicians are always happy to help in any way they can.'

On the day all went well though it seemed touch and go that she would sign the operation consent form but all went well and as we told her the anticipation was worse than the procedure which was painless. The hospital has arranged for district nurses to come in daily for the next two weeks and give the prescribed eye drops six times a day.

So well done Moorfields at Ealing Hospital.

IM John Newton 21 Dec 1807

Afflictions make them love the word,
Stir up their hearts to prayer;
And many precious proofs afford,
Of their Redeemer's care.
John Newton , SAMPSON's lion. Olnety Hymn No 24.

Tis past the dreadful stormy night
Is gone, with all its fears!
And now I see returning light,
The Lord, my Sun, appears.
John Newton (Olney Hymns 3:21, stanza 1)

It is necessary that our sharpest trials should sometimes spring from our dearest comforts, else we should be in danger of forgetting ourselves and setting up our rest here. - John Newton letter 21 Dec 1776

You have need of patience; and if you ask, the Lord will give it: but there can be no settled peace till our will is in a measure subdued. Hide yourself under the shadow of His wings; rely upon His care and power; look upon Him as a physician who has graciously undertaken to heal your soul of the worst of sicknesses, sin. Yield to His prescriptions, and fight against every thought that would represent it as desirable to be permitted to choose for yourself.- JOHN NEWTON

I am persuaded that love and humility are the highest attainments in the school of Christ and the brightest evidences that he is indeed our Master. ... John Newton (1725-1807)

God often takes a course for accomplishing His purposes directly contrary to what our narrow views would prescribe. He brings a death upon our feelings, wishes, and prospects when He is about to give us the desire of our hearts. -- John Newton (1725-1807)

He knows our sorrows, not merely as He knows all things, but as one who has been in our situation, and who, though without sin Himself, endured when upon earth inexpressibly more for us than He will ever lay upon us. -- JOHN NEWTON

God's people have no assurances that the dark experiences of life will be held at bay, much less that God will provide some sort of running commentary on the meaning of each day's allotment of confusion, boredom, pain, or achievement. It is no great matter where we are, provided we see that the Lord has placed us there, and that He is with us. -- John Newton

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The changing world (281) Jan - Mar 2007

Jan 5th Dinner at A Lawlers.
7th       PL good again on Gen 3:15. Paul Mills from Cardiff on Ps 64.
8th       JS's funeral. First time to a customers. Failed on line CPPE on MURs. Encouraging session.
10th     Over thirty at IPC prayer. Showed Afghan photos. K&D helping A&R's move.
11th     Only four others came to ealing Forum social at Dolphin, Hanwell.
13th     Visited R&A's new house.
14th     PL good on Gin 3 and Ecc 8. Skiotis family to lunch.
15th     Session examines Marianne fro Black Isle for membership. Also R&A.
16th     D&Co here.
18th     Session and deacons. Passed CPPE MUR test.
19th     Ten killed in last few days of storms. Leapers staying.
21st      Led for Chuck P.
24th      2"snow.
25th      Government will not compromise with RCC over homosexual adoption.
27th      Visited J&Co.
28th      PL very good on Gen 4-11 and Ecc 9-10.
29th      Session on church planting decided we need to grow first.
31st      IPC mercy ministry seminar with mash Ghar.
Feb 1st Failed CPPE part 4 of MUR test.
2nd       Brought Fenella to dinner. Bird flu in Norfolk turkeys.
3rd        Poor quiz at St Paul's. We were third. Rubbish quiz mistress.
4th        PL on Gen 4. Marius Cradock baptised. Dick Lucas on Mal 3:20.
5th        Session and deacons meal together. Turkey slaughter continues.
6th        IPC fourth in a series, disciplines of a godly father.
7th        Masih Ghar mercy ministry second meeting. Dr Parker prescribed co-amoxiclav and recommends an X-ray.
8th        2+" snow. D&Co back from Sri lanka.
9th        Chicken sales down but not prices.
10th      Agatha Christie's Uninvited Guest at Richmond.
11th      S Constable iffy. Dick Lucas good on Ph 1.
12th      Ealing hospital say polyerythraemia and early chronic lymphatic leukaemia. Told elders at our prayer meeting but decided to not tell the family to avoid them worrying. This led to later criticism but I remain unrepentant.
14th      Paul M, Kurt and two elders from Virginia to dinner.
15th      AAH rep took me to lunch as we are switching to his firm. Failed part four of MUR test for second time.
16th       Took K to John Lyons Hungry Horse for Valentines.
17th       J&Co day visit. R&A here overnight as electricity being overhauled at theirs.
18th       Levy on Cain. Led at table. Ecc 11-12 pm.
19th       Started pharmacy blog. Spirometry says I have the lungs of a 74 year old. Session concerning over RH and her brother antagonism.
21st       Failed CPPE MUR part 4 for third time so have to re do. Leonard D dementia diagnosed.
23rd      T Beldam and Seaber's to dinner. Troops back from Iraq and going to Afghanistan. Prince harry to iraq.
24th       Party at 52 for terry Seaber. Dinner with Piestrups in Shepherds Bush.
25th       John Scott EPCEW on Rut 1. Very good. Chantal, Ashley and Rupert to lunch. Saw Joanne nee Bulmer and family at rachel's.
27th        Customer complained about my Blair cartoon on my notice board. Family knows him. Failed MURpart 1 again.
Mar 2nd  Christine from Romania staying.
3rd           Oldfield men's prayer breakfast at golf club on Middle east reformed fellowship. Presbytery. Encouragement fro Azerbaijan, and Murat from Belgium. Church plants planned in York and Camden Town. Lunar eclipse.
4th            Pl on Cain and Ecc 12.
6th            D&Co here. A,R, J&H. Afghan take away.
7th            Charing Cross hospital thinks I have sleep apnoea. Good IPC prayer.
8th            To Ilford to see a pharmacy with robot dispensing.
9th            Alaister McLeod St Andrews Free Church Mission started IPC weekend at home. Excellent 45 minutes on Jesus the prophet. No notes used.
10th          Christ as priest. Paul M on witness. Bill N on IPC development. Christ the king. Idiot George next door complains of noise in the night. Dementia?
11th          A Macleod excellent on death of Stephen.
12th          Session seems to want unrealistic expansion.
13th          Discipline of body man and IPC prayer.
16th          Much Ado About Nothing at Questors. Nico Farrelly staying.
17th          IPC pot luck for Jacobs. I brought a section of the cedar's trunk home for a house sign board. Eugene Oregon at Richmond.
18th         Gledhills to lunch. Also Puopolo, Carlo and Emma. PL on Cain and intro to Mark. Interviewed Amir, Afghan from Iran who has a thrilling testimony and may work with IPC. Flintoff suspended for drunkenness.
19th         NHS PCT examine my pharmacy . we are contract compliant. Session. We have a former member accused of child molesting. This turned out to be a malicious false accusation.
20th         Disciplines of a godly man on worship.
21st         2p off tax next year in Brown's last budget.
23rs        K&D to R's baby shower.
24th        Canterbury.
25th        Best St Mary's sermon ever on New 13 but not much competition. Wlk here Sandwich. Home.
26th        Paisley and Adams agree on devolved NI government.
27th        Very good early prayer at IPC. Failed MUR test again. Marking Deb and Theresa's assistant courses. Sleep over with monitors on at Charing Cross hospital.
28th         Surprised to hear K agreed £3000 bathroom renovation.
29th         Bathroom plaster drying.
30th         New bath in use.
31st         Day at the Wells. Thames walk.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The changing world (280) Oct-Dec 2006

Oct 1st PL good on image of God and on Ecc 2.
7th       Oldfield mans' prayer breakfast at Sudbury Hill golf club. Royal Brunei to Dubai. No booze but good food.
8th       Taxi to next terminal. Katy covered but gawped at as we awaited Arianair to Kabul where Elliott met us. A was house to their house behind 8'walls.
9th        Loma Lindi hospital with E where one late arriving post grad medic had the excuse of having been summoned to be the president's doctor. Took E&M to a Sufi restaurant. Ramadan and we were the only diners. $62 for the four of use including my shish.
10th      Babur's garden being rebuilt after civil war. SERVE meeting.
11th      Woman speaker not impressed at the church which meeting behind closed doors in an expat compound. The last church building was destroyed years ago.
12th      With Mark and Sue to the national gallery. No Islamic art only the Western art which survived the Taliban because the curators hid it. Pizza Express lunch despite Ramadan. The restaurant had been bombed previously.
13th       At ARM=OM gathering. reasonable sermon. About 200 at Community Church. N exposition of the text.
14th       Visited Daralasam place ruins. Took M&S to Thai restaurant. Automatic rifle on the door. Excellent at £90 for four.
15th       With M to SERVE office then to Paghman. Enabling and mobilising the disabled. Deaf, blind and handicapped children in school. Quargha dam. At dinner met Barbara Busse PCUSA missionary.
16th       Bomb on the way to the airport. Every lunchtime we hear the collected land mines being detonated. Bought a souvenir hat in the market. we were able to go out. In later years expats could not go out without being accompanied and radio alert.
17th       Our flight cancelled. We think the finance minister commandeered the plane. AIM housegroup. Met a medic who had been there many years and who was later murdered with all his colleagues when on an ophthalmic tour.
18th       Bribes demanded to get through the airport checks. Karama hotel Dubai. Landrover desert safari and barbecue. Too hot to eat - desert not the food.
19th       Red bus tour. Museum. An hour on the creek. Second bus tour. Incredible building work including the world's tallest. 25% to the world's tower cranes work here.  Left behind my camera in a shop. The second one I have lost on holiday. Cruise with dinner around the harbour. waiting for taxi to the airport it was evident that many Arabs were picking up Asian whores in the hotel. Grid lock on the way to the airport caused anxiety but fortunately though we were late so was our plane coming in from Brunei so all was well.
20th    Home. GP says I need simvastatin.
21st    D&Co here. Zac though to have swallowed sharp piece of Lego but A&E said he is OK. R&A accept offer on their flat.
22nd   PL not so hot on Gen2 but good on Ecc 3. I spoke on Afghanistan.
24th    Told to have Xray heart scan at Wellington hospital due to calcium in arteries.
26th    Theresa upset . Son Shaun arrested for burglary. Arthur Rayner announced he was visiting with his partner who hails from Greenford. Got along well on family history etc. no confrontation concerning adultery.
27th     J&Co here. B quite vocal. H noisy but inarticulate.
28th     Took girls to see highland cattle on Horsenden hill.
29th     Led for P Boddington and did children's take with veiled Afghan dolls. Led for AR who did well.
31st     Visited Joun Stewart out with MS from 8/12 hospital and death of his mother. A&R bought Dorringtom house.
Nov 1st  To JS again at lunch.
2nd         To TS again. He has no relative closer than Wakefield.
3rd          To Harrogate.
4th           Picked up Dorothy in Richmond. Lunch Hawes creamery. Beer in Dent. Richmond. harrogate.
5th           Took Sara's mum to Richmond Methodist and King's Arm's lunch. Home.
6th           Visited JS.
8th            As above.
10th          Ditto. BNP leader not guilty of rase hate for saying Islam a wicked vicious religion.
11th          Two hours at wellington hospital for tests.
12th          PL good on marriage and on ECC 5. Barnes and Jennifer Courtney to lunch. Aaron Lawler and family are leaving IPC over children in services they say. So all lawyers will have departed.
13th          Ealing haematology say blood some better.
14th          Doing Ancestry research. Visited JS. Quick half AGM at IPC.
15th          Trescothick retires fro verses tour with 'stress'.
16th          Visited JS. Family tree uploaded to web.
17th          Hammersmith hospital blood volume test and spleen scan.
18th          Wellington hospital for second heart scan.
19th          Great Shelford Free Church. I do not like their services. Lunch at all you can eat Wok N'Grill. Eleven of us a@£10.80 each.
21st          Session prayer at Levy's.
22nd        taxi to and from St Mary's hospital for stroke research.
23rd        Up to 12:30 am for start of Ashes in Brisbane. Visited JS.
25th        F&C with cod £4.10.
26th        PL good on Gen 3. I led. Piestrups to lunch and Gillian Thomson. Roe family arrived. he gave testimony pm.
27th        Dennis treated us to harvester.
28th        Petrol 86.9p/l. Theresa off as son in court. magistrates refer it to crown court. Visited JS.
29th        Visited JS who is now bedridden.
Dec 1st   Liviu staying.
2nd         Presbytery
3rd          PL good on the fall. Tom Courtney good but long. I presided at table.
4th          Joel and family to dinner.
5th          Dinner at Figgetts.
6th          JS visited. Failing. The 100+ year old cedar has been illegal felled by the developers .
7th          £3000 for new central heating. Old system dirty and never flushed. Stared Christmas cards. Mini tornado Kensal Rise.
8th          JS unable to sit up in bed. Told Dr parker. Cards done to H.
9th          To Braithwaite's then Judy J's 60th at IPC. Steel band.
10th        PL good on Gen 3:15. To Great Shelford.
11th        Session here.
13th        Pleased to see JS up and in easy chair. K playing cello at Shaftesbury House carols.
14th        GP put me on irbesartan and referred me to chest specialist.
15th        JS failing rapidly.
17th        PL good again on Gen 3:15. Nikides to lunch. Full house for carol service including four from 73 Lee rd.
18th        JS to hospital. Session.
20th        Record day of 540 scripts in 480 minutes.
21st        With Littles including seniors to Sunderban to celebrate exchange of contracts.
22nd       Dinner at Meiners.
23rd        J&Co here.
24th        Led for PL on Ph 2. JS died.
25th        PL good with handcuffs from Cherry Pye. Chis b and veronica with us.
26th        A&R to lunch and he brought £400 caviar.
27th        Jonathan and Katy Gray's post wedding party at IPC.
30th         Saddam Hussein hanged.
31st         Brought Fenelia to hear me on Ps 21. Paul M on Dec 3.


Saturday, December 15, 2018

The changing world (280) Jul-Sep 2006

Sat 1st F S Trueman died. Eng 0 Portugal 0. Rooney sent off. Lost 3-1 on penalties.
2nd      Breakfast under gazebo. Preached introduction to proverbs.
5th       M&S Larson at IPC on Afghanistan. K retires from school after 19 years.
7th       Did two minutes silence for the 52 killed in London 2005.
8th       To Nikides barbecue with BN recovering from pulmonary embolism.
9th        Dimitri Ps 20. Shan Shan and Jennifer Courtney to lunch. Preached on Wisdom. Italy win World Cup beating France on penalties.
11th      Saw Middlesex beat Hampshire at Southgate 20:20. Session mainly on deacons training.
12th      200+ killed by Mumbai railway bombs.
13th      Lost £44 ticket on way to Lords and bought a £62 one top of grandstand. England batting against Pakistan. Hannah fell from bed and broke collar bone.
14th      Drove to Paddington for an Indian with Erica.
15th      Shocked to find i had a parking ticket last night.  To Canterbury.
16th      St Mary's. Reculver. Back for Dimitri and Ben's farewell party.
17th      Session met with deacons. Not happy that Aaron is for not doing the boiler in case of redevelopment.
19th      97F. Went to paddington and found where i parked was restricted until 8:30pm hence the ticket.
20th      3% pay rise awarded.
21st      Terry Beldam to dinner.
22nd     To Southgate, Middlesex v Sussex. Home early in afternoon due to rain.
23rd      Led for Ralph Kelley of Atlanta.  Four of them to lunch. Preached on folly. Israel bombs Hezbollah in Lebanon.
24th      At Perceval House examined objectionable plans proposed for next door, 73. Officer thinks it will be refused.
25th      Anglia quote £2500 for new front porch etc.
26th      Led prayer meeting.
27th      To Eccleshall. Cheadle parish church. Jonathan Woodworth married Barbara Woodcock.
28th      Pm preached on the sluggard.
31st      Rachel pregnant.
Aug 2nd Led prayer meeting with reduced summer numbers.
4th          Israel continues to attack Hezbollah.
5th          Again led for Ralph Kelley then I preached on the friend.
8th          With deb to QPR 2 Leeds 2.
10th        Flights held up as suspected suicide bombs in hand luggage.
11th        All arrested are pakistanis. They want d to down perhaps ten planes.
12th        To Burroughs and RSPB reserve walk.
13th        PL church as willing service. Me Proverbs, words.
14th        Lebanon cease fire.
17th        Our Lebanese next door escaped the country via Syria. Christian areas unaffected only the Shi'ite ones helped by Iran.
19th        Coach South Mimms to Dover. Shearings holiday. Calais. Rheims.
20th        All of France shut on Sunday. Hergeswal posh hotel.
21st        Charted boat on lake to Lucerne. Coach back
22nd       Coach to Briedel to see wood carvers. Good fondue Interlaken. Train to grindewald. Coach back.
23rd        Coach to Thun then Berne.
24th        Coach through Gothard pass to Italian wine cantons. Lunch in German Diminis. Back over pass in Glacier Express.
25th        Endlbeg then mt Titilis. Three cable cars. Cloudy but in the sun above cloud on top.
26th        Bought a local travel ticket for the next week. Across lake then up funicular. Biggest lift in Europe.
27th        Rain. Local reformed German church. no welcome whatsoever. Disgusting.
28th        Dull day some rain but we can criss cross the lake on the boats.
29th        Train to Interlaken.
30th        Snow on peaks. Boat, cable car, train up mountain.Rigi.
31st        Boat to Alpenstad. Funicular to Pilates. 48% steepest in the world.Back by cable cars, bus, train.
Sep 1st     Cloudless day. Train to Apsnach. Mountain railway up Pilatus. Down by train. Train to harness. Funicular. cable car. Stansehorn.
2nd         550 miles to hotel at St Omer.
3rd          Boat to Calais. Coach to South mimes. Mini bus home. PL fine on Gen 1.
4th          Session. Will look to expand chapel.
6th          Still watering garden by buckets.
7th          K&D to new 24/7 club.
9th          Penelope Keith in Entertaining Angles at Richmond.
10th        Hristo took me in Merc to Liss for ordination of David Sacherneim. Richard Bewes excellent pm.
11th        Still watering.
13th        PL back from Baku. Filling in visa forms for Afghanistan.
16th        Afghan visas arrived. Canterbury.
17th        Zac baptised. Vicar spoke about trip to Mozambique and his wife danced. Ugh.
19th        Paid £600 by Glaxo Stockley park for training their reps.
20th        Still watering.
22nd        Farrelly visiting us. Noelle Hussein to dinner too.
23rd        PL moderating presbytery. committed to growth.
24th        Led for A Waldecker v good on Ex 33. Christine told about Timosoara pm.
26th        GP says bp up, lose weight. Ealing hospital wired me up for cardiac test over 24 hours.
28th         Edgware pm for audit instructions and poor veggie food.
29th         New front porch from Anglia.