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Index to Rutherford's letters

1. For Marion M'Naught             From Anwoth   June 6, 1627
2. To a Christian woman             From Anworth April 23 1628
3. To the Viscountess Kenmore. From Anwoth   27 July 1628
4. To Lady Kenmore                   From Anwoth  15 Jan 1629
.5.To Lady Kenmore                   From Anwoth. Sep 14 1629
6. For Marion M'Naught             From  Anwoth 1 Feb 1630
7. To my Lady Kenmore             From  Anwoth 1 Feb 1630
8. For Marion M'Naught             From  Anwoth  Undated.
9. For Marion M'Naught             From  Anwoth. Undated.
10. For Marion M'Naught.          From Anwoth.  Undated
11. To my Lady Kenmore           From Anwoth   26 Jun 1630

Rutherford Revised - (10)

10. For Marion M'Naught.  Anwoth,  undated

Well loved and dear sister in Christ,  I could not until now write an answer to you letter concerning my wife's illness; and she is still in much pain. I hope that all will end in God's mercy. I know the suffering life looks very like the way that leads to the Kingdom, for the Apostle has drawn the path and the King's way to market, 'through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.' (Act 14:22; 1Th 3:4). may the Lord give us the whole armour of God.
   You write to me about your people's condition, how their hearts are towards the man you know, and who you desire most strongly yourself. He would most gladly have the Lord's call for transplanting; for he knows that all God's plants, set by His own hand, do well; and if the work be God's, He can make the devil himself to be a stepping so stone for the work to go forward.I would advise you to ask God a submissive hear. Your reward will be with the Lord, although the people are not gathered (as the prophet says);and even though the work does not advance, God will see you as 'a repairer of the gaps'. Christ says you will not lose your reward. Hold tight. If you knew that the glorified in heaven think heaven easily obtained, when they have it after sixty of eighty years of struggling with God. When you come there you will think,'All I did to get my rich reward, which I enjoy by free grace, was but too little. Now then, for the love of the Prince of your salvation, who stands at the end of your path, holding up in this hand the prize and laurels for the race runners, forward, forward; do not weary. Take as many with you to heaven as you are able to attract. The more you attract, the more welcome you will be yourself.. Do not be stingy of sparing of the grace of God; and make every effort to establish an honest ministry in your town, now when you have few to speak well of you. I have many suffering in my work. I would be distressed if I had no access to the King's presence room, to show Him all the work. The devil is mad to see the water drawn away from his own mill; but would to God we could be the Lord's instruments to build the Son of God's house. 
   Pray for me. If the Lord does not provide new timber from Lebanon to build the house, the work will stop. I look to Him who has begun well with me. I have his handwriting that he will not change. Your daughter is well and longs for a Bible. The Lord establish you in peace. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit. 
   Yours at all power in Christ,      S.R.

Rutherford Revised - (9)

9. For Marion M'Naught recommending she love a friend.  Anwoth.  Undated.

Mistress, my love to you in Christ. At the request of this messenger whom I love I ask if you can help his wife with your advice, for she is in a most dangerous lie death condition. I had thought her state was changed, and hoped God would have brought her home, and now it looks like she will leave this life with a number of children left behind. If I can ask you to help her it will be a work of mercy. My own wife is still in great pain, night and day. Pray for us for life was never so weary for me. God had filled me with what is bitter, but this I believe holds my head up above the water, 'It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth.'(Lam 3:27) 
   I do remember you. I pray you be humble and believe, and I ask you in Christ Jesus, pray for John Stuart and his wife, and ask your husband to do the same. Remember me heartily to Jean Brown. Ask her to pray for me and my wife: I do remember her. Do not forget the church. Grace, grace on them, and peace to those who pray for the church. She is the ship we sail in to Canaan. If she is wrecked on a rock, we will be thrown overboard to swim to land for death or life. The grace of Jesus be with your husband and children.
   Yours in Christ,   S.R.

Rutherford Revised - (8)

8. For Marion M'Naught when Rutherford's wife was ill - Anwoth , not dated.

Mistress, remembering my love to you in Jesus Christ. Thanks be to my Lord, I am well, but my wife's illness worsens daily, with constant pain. She has not been in God's house since communion, nor out of her bed. I have sent someone to Edinburgh for help from Doctor Jeally and apothecary John Hamilton.  I do not think this is a run of the mill illness , for her life is bitter; she does not sleep, but cries like a woman in labour. Only He who has the keys to the grave knows what will happen. Many times since I saw you, I have prayed the Lord to free her from the body, and take her to her rest. I believe the Lord's tide of suffering will go out again, I struggle with God, fearing nothing more than that the  Lord has freed the tempter in my family. May God rebuke him and his ways. Satan is only cast out by fasting and prayer, I ask you to remember our situation before the Lord asking for good Christian whom you know, especially your pastor, to do so too. It is fitting for us to knock at the Lord's door, and to stay there until we die knocking. If he will not open, that goes beyond what He has said in His word. I do not expect to get through life without injuries and blood. Welcome, welcome cross of Christ, if Christ is with it.  I am daily chastised so do not have a calm spirit in my calling; yet God has not put out my candel as he does to the wicked. Grace, grace be with you and all yours,
   Yours in the Lord,    S.R.

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Rutherford Revised - (7)

7. To my Lady Kenmore,  Anwoth 1 Feb 1630

Madam, I have very much longed to hear of your life, and health, and growth in the grace of God. I lacked a letter bearer, and the last possible one left unexpectedly, by whom I might have greeted your Ladyship, and therefore I could not write earlier. I beg you Madam, to let me know a brief note as to how you are. I know you grieve and are downcast; and if it were not so, you might be afraid, because then your way would not be like that (our Lord says) which leads to the New Jerusalem. I am sure, that if you knew what was before you, or if you saw some glimpses of it, you would gladly swim through the present floods of sorrow, spreading out your arms through desire to be on land. If God has given you the Guarantee of the Spirit, as part payment of God's principal sum, you have to rejoice; for our Lord will not lose his down payment, nor will he go back nor repent of the bargain. If you find at some time a longing to see God, rejoice in the assurance of that sight, even if that feast be like the passover, that only comes once a year. A peaceful conscience, freedom in prayer, and a clear sight of Himself looking out, and saying, to the soul, with a smiling face, 'Welcome to Me, troubled soul'; this is the down payment he sometimes gives, and which gladdens the heart, and is evidence that the bargain holds firm. But in order to get this down payment, is is good to often talk with God, both in prayer and hearing of the word. For this is the house of wine where you meet with your Well Beloved. Here it is where he kisses you with the kisses of his mouth, and you smell his clothes, and they have indeed a most fragrant and glorious smell. You must, I say, wait for him, and often be in communion with him, whose lips are lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh; and by His words he will stay your grief, for the Christ who saves you is a speaking Christ; the church knows Him by His voice (Song 2:8), and you can tell His voice among a thousand. I say this so you should not love those dumb masks of anti christian ceremonies, that the church where you are for a while, has thrown over Christ whom your soul loves. They show you a dumb Christ. But when our Lord comes, he speaks to the heart in the simple Gospel.
   I cannot speak to you or write to you of the happiness of those that are in Christ. When you have sold all that you have, and bought the field where this pearl is, you will think it not a bad bargain, for if you are in Him, as His is yours, and you are in Him, therefore, 'Because live, you also will live' (Joh 14:19). O sweet communion, when Christ and we are one with another, and are no longer two. 'FatherI desire that they alsowhom you have given memay be with me  where I am,  to see my glory that you have given me because you loved me' (Joh 17:24). Amen dear Jesus. let it be according to that word. I doubt that your heart should ever be cast down, if you believe this truth.I and they are not worthy of Jesus Chris, who will not suffer forty years' trouble for Him, having such glorious promises. But we fools believe these promises, like the man who read Plato's writings about the immortality of the souls long as the book was in his hand, he believed that all was true, and his soul could not die; but as soon as he put the book down, he began to imagine the soul was only smoke or vapour, that goes away like a breath. So we start believing the sweet and precious promises; but laying aside God's book, we begin to question everything. It is true faith to believe without a pledge, and to be constant; and when we doubt, to run to the Law and to the Testimony, and stay there. Madam, hold to here,: here is your Father's will, - read it; here He has left you forgiveness of sins and life everlasting. f all you have here are crosses and troubles, depressions, desertions and departures of the Lord, who is courting you in marriage, courage! He who woos you and is your suitor, should not live with you until you and he come up to His Father's house together. His purpose is to do you good in the end (Deut 8:16), and to give you rest from the days of trouble (Ps 94:13) 'It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth.' (Lam 3:27).  'Return to your stronghold, O prisoners of hope;' (Zec 9:12).  'For still the vision awaits its appointed timeit hastens to the endit will not lieIf it seems slow, wait for itit will surely come; it will not delay.' (Has 2:3). Hear Him saying, 'Come, my people, enter your chambers and shut your doors behind youhide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by.' (Isa 26:20). Believe then, believe and be saved; think not badly if you do not get your way or pleasure in this life; God will have you to rejoice in nothing but Himself. God forbid that you rejoice in anything except the cross of Christ (Gal 6:14).
   Our church Madam, is decaying - she is like Epfraim's cake, 'gray hairs are sprinkled upon himand he knows it not.' (Has 7:9). She is old and gray haired, near the grave and no-one cares. Her wine is sour and spoilt. Now if Phineas's wife lived she may labour to give birth and die, seeing the ark of God taken, and the glory depart from our Israel. The power and life of religion are gone.  'Woe to us, for the day declines,for the shadows of evening lengthen!' (Jer 6:4). Madam, the church is the ship which carries you to Canaan; if she is shipwrecked, you will be thrown overboard for death or life, to swim to land on broken planks. It is time for us, by prayer, to take on our master pilot, Jesus, and to cry, 'Master save us; we die.' Grace, grace be with you. We would think it a blessing to our church to see you here; but our sins keep good things from us. The great messenger of the Covenant keep you in body and spirit. 
   Yours in the Lord,   S.R.

We see in John Calvin......

We see in John Calvin......
1. an unyielding faithfulness in the face of great hostility
"he put truth before consequences2
2. a commitment to the priority of preaching
3. a passionate concern for the glory of Christ
4. a true delight in God
5. the practice of ministerial humility
6. a pursuit of protestant catholicity
7. a commitment to meaningful pastoral care
8. a commitment to church purity
9. the absolute necessity and priority of scripture based worship
"9 Lessons from Calvin for the Church today" by Ian Hamilton @IPCEaling

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Rutherford Revised - (6)

6. For Marion M'Naught when Rutherford's wife was ill. His wife was ill for a year and a month, before she died.   Anwoth 1 Feb 1630

Niece to Lord Kenmore, and wife to the provost of Kirkcubbright. John Maxwell was an Edinburgh minister, later to be Bishop of Ross, a follower of Laud.

Loving and dear sister ,- if ever you want to please me, ask the Lord for me, now when I lack comfort and feel so heavy, that I cannot bear the burden any longer. The Almighty had doubled his blows upon me, for my wife is so tormented night and day, that I have wondered why the Lord delays so long. my life is bitter, and I fear the Lord is against me. It is (as I now know by experience) hard to keep sight of God in a storm, especially when He hides Himself, for the testing of His children. If he would be pleased to remove His hand, I want to seek Him more than I have done. Happy are those who can keep their soul. I am afraid of his judgements. I bless my God that there is a death, and a heaven. I would tire to begin again to be a Christian, so bitter it is to drink of the cup from which Christ drank, if I did not know there is no poison in it. May God not give us it until we are made to vomit again, for we have sick souls when God's medicine s not working. Pray that God would not lead my wife into temptation. I am sad to have done so little against the kingdom of Satan in my calling; for he would have me blaspheme God tohHis face. I believe, I believe, in the strength of Him who has put me in His work, that he shall fail to find what he seeks. My comfort is, that my Captain, Christ, has said, I must fight and overcome the world, and with a weak, spoiled and weaponless devil, 'the ruler of this world is comingHe has no claim on me,' (Jn 14:30). Ask Mr Robert, your minister, to remember me if he loves me. Grace, grace be with you and all yours.
   Remember the church. Mr John Maxwell has obtained a letter from the King, to urge conformity to the English liturgy and so give the communion at Christmas in Edinburgh.  Hold fast what you have, so no-one takes the crown from you. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit. 
   Yours in the Lord,   S.R.

Rutherford Revised - (5)

5. To Lady Kenmore when with her husband they left Anwoth.-  Anwoth Sep 14 1629

Madam, Greeting you in Jesus Christ, - I am sad that I must say farewell by letter,, perhaps forever, having little certainty of seeing you again, until the final general assembly, where the whole church shall meet; yet I promise by His grace, to present your Ladyship and your troubles, to Him who is able to save you, and give you an inheritance with the saints, in a more special way than I have done before.
   You are going to a country where the Sun of righteousness , in the Gospel, does not she so clearly as in this kingdom; but if you want to know where he whom your soul loves rests, and where he feeds at noon, wherever you are, follow in the footsteps of the flock, and feed yourself near the shepherds' tents (Song 1:7-8), that is, ask for some of the Lord's city's watchmen, who will tell you the truth, not lying, as to where you will find him whom your soul loves. I trust you are so engaged to marry the true Christ, that you will not give your love to any false Christ. You do not know how soon your wedding day will come; is not eternity nearby? It is time you were ready with your wedding dress. Do not be asleep ay your Lord's coming. I pray to God that you be standing on your feet when He knocks. Do not be afraid to go from this country to another part of the Lord's earth: ' The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof.'Thus is the Lord's lower house; while we stay here, we have no assurance to be ever in one room, but we must be content to be moved from one corner to another, resting in hope, that when we come up to the Lord's upper city, 'Jerusalem that is above',we shall move no more,because than we shall be at home.And go wherever you will, if the Lord goes with you you are at homeland you lodging is taken before night, so long as He who is Israel's dwelling place is your home (Ps 90:1).Believe me Madam, I think you are well housed, there are fair resting rooms and pleasant lighting, if you can in faith lie down your head on the breast of Jesus Christ: and while tis is so, you will have sound sleep. Jesus, Jesus, be your shadow and covering. It is a sweet soul sleep to lie in the arms of Christ; for His breath is very sweet.
   Pray for the poor friendless church. Sadly, no-one will speak for her now, although at home in her own country, she has good friends, her husband Christ, and his Father her Father-in-law. Ask your husband to be a friend to the church, and pray for her.
   I have received many and various adversities and heavy blows since the Lord called me to the ministry; but I consider your leaving us among the hardest. But I see God will have us deprived of whatever we make an idol, that he may have His own room. I see very little fruit from my ministry, and would be glad to know of one soul to be my crown and rejoicing on the day of Christ. I have laboured in vain;I have spent my strength for nothing and vanityyet surely my right is with the LORD," (Is 49:4). I wish and pray that the Lord would harden my face against all, and make me to go facing any storm. Again, I commend you, body and spirit, to Him who has loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood. Grace, grace, grace for ever be with you. Pray, pray continually.
   Your Ladyship's in all dutiful obedience in Christ,  S.R.

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Rutherford Revised - (4)

4. To the elect and noble lady, my lady Kenmore, on the death of her baby daughter. Anwoth 15 Jan 1629

Madam, - Greeting your ladyship with grace and mercy from God our Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, - I was sorry to leave your ladyship grieving, and would still be sorry , if I were not sure that you have one with you in the fire whose face is like that of a Son of God. I am glad that since your youth you have been used to wrestling with God, so you are hardly able to swallow, being thrown from fire to fire, knowing you are precious to God and your health requires Him to do this.. All brothers and sisters of Christ must be like his image and copy his suffering (Rom 8:29). Some are more like the copy than other. Think, Madam, it is part of your glory to be enrolled among those whom one of the elders pointed out to John,'These are the ones coming out of the great tribulation. They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.' Behold your Forerunner going out of the world in a sea of blood, and it is not wrong to die as he did. Fulfil with joy '''what is lacking in Christ's afflictions' (Col 1:24). You have lost a child: nose is not lost to you who is found in Christ. She is not sent away, only sent before, like a star which going out of our sight does not die and vanish, but shines in another hemisphere. You do not see her, yet she shines in another country.If she lived here only a short time, she has now got eternity; and you have to rejoice that you have fulfilment in heaven. Do not build your nest in a tree here; for you see God has sold the forest to death; and every tree where you would rest is ready to be cut down, so that we may fly and mount up, and build upon the Rock,and live in the holes in the Rock. What you love apart form Jesus, your husband, is an adulterous lover. Now it is God's special blessing to Judah, that he will not let her find her way following strange lovers. 'Therefore jI will hedge up her4 way with thornsand kI will build a wall against her,so that she cannot find her pathsShe shall pursue her lovers but not overtake themand she shall seek thembut shall not find them.' His 2:6-7. O three times happy Judah,when God builds a double stone wall between her and the fires of hell. The world, and the things of the world, madam, is the lover you naturally like besides your own husband, Christ.The hedge of thorns and the wall God builds in your way, to keep you from this lover, is the thorny hedge of daily grief, loss of children, bodily weakness, evil of the times, uncertain future, lack of comfort in the world, fear of God's anger for old sins not repented of. What do you lose if God daily twists and plaits the hedge thicker daily? God be blessed, the Lord will not let you find your paths. Return to your first husband. Do not tire., nor think that death walks slowly towards you. You must be riper before being shook from the tree. You days are no longer than Job's which were,' swifter than fa runnerthey flee away; they see no good.They go by like skiffs of reedlike an eagle swooping on the prey.'(Job 9: 25-26) You have less time now than you had yesterday. Your span of time will soon be ended. God's greater mercy  is to give you more years to consider the huge gulf of time in never ending eternity.The Lord has told you what you should be doing until he come.  Peter says,'waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God,' There is night here with ignorance and daily troubles like waves of the sea, so sigh and long for the dawning of that morning, and the breaking of that day of the coming of the Son of man, when the shadows will fly away. Persuade yourself the King is coming;; read his bletter sent ahead of hm, 'I am coming soon.' (Rev 3:11). Wait with the weary night watchman for the breaking in the eastern sky, and think you may have no tomorrow. Be like the wise father, who being invited tomorrow to dine with his friend, answered, "for many days i have had no tomorrow at all'.I am reluctant to tire you, Show yourself a Christian by not grumbling, for which sin 14,700 were killed. (Num 16:49). Be patient. Gain Christ and you lose nothing. Remembering my brother's and my wife humble service to your Ladyship, I commend you to the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus, assuring you that your day is coming, and God's mercy stays with you. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit. 
Yours in the Lord Jesus with all dutiful obedience,  S.R.

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Rutherford Revised - (3)

3) To the Viscountess Kenmure-at a time of illness and spiritual depression. From Anwoth 27 July 1628

(Lady Jane Campbell was the third daughter of Archibald Campbell, seventh Earl of Argyle, and sister to the Marquis of Argyll who was beheaded in 1661. She was widowed in 1634 having had two daughters dying in infancy in 1629 and 1634.)

Madam, I write with all dutiful obedience in the Lord remembered. I am grieved to hear of your Ladyship's ill health and sickness; yet I trust you have learnt to say, 'It is the Lord, let him do what ever seems good in his sight.' It is now many years since the fallen angels questioned whether their will or the will of their creator should be done; and since that time humans have always in that way, questioned God, daily rebelling against His will. But the Lord, being both a party and judge in this case, has obtained a judgement 'My counsel shall standand I will accomplish all my purpose,’ (Is 46:10). It is, therefore, best for us, in obedient faith and holy submission, to give to God that  which the law of His almighty and just power demands of us. Therefore ,Lady, it is your Lord's will that you in all circumstances say, 'Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven', and you are comforted, that he who sees you through all your evils, knows the weakness of your nature, and knows what is best for the health of your soul, and that he holds every cup of suffering to your lips with his own gracious hand. Never believe that your tender-hearted Saviour, who knows the weakness of your stomach, will mix that cup with the tiniest drop of poison. Drink then with the patience of the saints and the God of patience bless your medicine.
   I have heard your Ladyship complain of deadness and lack of the power of God in your life. Take courage! He who walked in the garden, and made a noise so that Adam heard his voice, will also at sometimes walk in your soul, and make you hear a sweeter word. Yet, we will not always hear the noise and steps of his feet when he walks. You are at such a time like Jacob, who mourned the supposed death of Joseph, when Joseph was yet alive. The new creature, in the image of the second Adam, is living in you; and yet you are mourning at the was supposed death of Christ in you. Ephraim moans and mourns (Jer 31:18), when he thinks God is far off and does not hear; and yet God is like the bridegroom (Song 2:9), standing behind a thin wall and listening; finally says to himself, 'I have surely heard Ephraim moaning about himself''. I am confident Lady, that Christ Jesus, who you seek through forests and mountains, is within you. Yet I do not say this to put a pillow under your head, nor to dissuade you from a holy fear of losing your Christ, or of provoking and 'stirring up the beloved before He please', by sin. I know that the devil will come in and tell you, as in all good works, crying, 'Half is mine' and so try to bring you under a fearful sleep until He whom you love leaves the door and stops knocking. Therefore, here the Spirit of God must hold you in the golden mid-line between confident resting in the arms of Christ, and presumptuous and drowsy sleeping in the bed of human security. Do not underestimate yourself because of your wretchedness and sinful drowsiness, and do not underestimate God in his ways of unchangeable mercy. For there are many Christians who are like young sailors who think the whole land and shore move, when the ship and they themselves are moved; just so not a few imagine God moves and sails and changes place because their giddy lives are under sail and subject to alteration, to ebbing and flowing. But, 'the Lord's foundation stands sure'. God knows you are his own. Wrestle, fight, go forward, watch, fear, believe, pray; and then you have all the infallible signs within you of one of Christ's elect.
   You have before you now Lady, the prospect of sickness then death. Gather now food for the journey. May God give you eyes to see through sickness and death, and to see something beyond death. I do not doubt that if hell were between you and Christ like a river you had to cross, then you would step in and go through to be with Him, hoping that He would come Himself into the deepest part of the river and lend you his hand. I believe that now you hell is dried up, and you have only these two shallow streams, to pass through, sickness and death; and you have also a promise that Christ will do more than meet you, that He will come Himself and so with you step by step, yes, and carry you in His arms. O then! O then! for the joy that is set before you; for the love of the Man (who is also 'God over all , blessed for ever), who is standing on the shore to welcome you, run your race with patience. The Lord go with you. Your Lord will not have you nor any of his servants, changed for the worse. Death in itself includes both the death of the soul and death of the body; but for God's children death is limited to a narrower compass. So when you die only part of death seizes you, or the least part of you shall die, that is the loss of your body; for in Christ you are delivered from the second death; and, therefore, as one born of God, do not sin (although you cannot live and not sin), and that serpent shall only eat your earthly part. Your soul is above the law of death. But it is fearful and dangerous to be a debtor and servant to sin; for you cannot balance a good account with God in respect to sin, unless Christ both count and pay for you. 
   I trust also Lady, that you will be careful to bring before the Lord the present state of this decaying church. For  the Lord knows as to what Parliament will conclude concerning her. I am sure the judgement of a most fearful parliament in heaven is at the very point of coming out because of the sins of the land. For,' they have rejected the law of the LORD of hostsand have despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.(Is 5:24). 'Justice is turned backand righteousness stands far awayfor truth has stumbled in the public squaresand uprightness cannot enter.'(Is 59:14). Look! It is as if the prophet had seen us and our church, liking justice to be treated like an enemy holding out at the gates of our city (for so she is banished!), and truth liken to a person sick and diseased, fallen down in a deadly fainting fit in the streets before he can enter a house. The priests 'have caused many to stumble by your instructionYou have corrupted the covenant of Levisays the LORD of hosts' (Mal 2:8). But what will they do in the end? Therefore, give the Lord no rest concerning the church. Stir up your husband, your brother, and all with whom you are in agreement, to stand on the Lord's side against Baal. I have hope that you husband loves the peace and prosperity of the church. The peace of God be on him concerning his plans about the establishing of a powerful ministry in this land. So, not willing to weary your Ladyship more, I commend you now and always, to the grace and mercy of that God, who is able to keep you , so that you do not fall. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit.
    Your Ladyship's servant at all dutiful obedience in Christ, S.R.