Saturday, April 13, 2019

Diary w/e Apr 13

Sun 7 Apr
Adult Sunday School and morning service with Dariusz Brycko of First Presbyterian Church, Warsaw (ARPC). Excellent exposition of Ps 103. Evening Paul Levy started on Spiritual Warfare from Eph 6 - Taking the whole armour go God. An outstanding sermon

Mon 8 Apr
Did a lot on Ancestry; genealogy of Katy's mother's family, one of whom George Worth served throughout WWI only to die on 4 Nov !918 on the Somme.  His family received the telegram on Armistice day. How cruel!

Tue 9th
Chris Roberts his usual excellent address at Ealing Lunchtime Talks. On Gal.3 - the law keeping that leads to a lack of guilty feelings if you think you have done enough and which leads to real guilt if you do not rely on Christ's obedience.

Wed 10th
This morning a magpie was in the garden, feeding but not flying away. This afternoon we had the patio door open and found the magpie had entered out ground floor bedroom. I called the RSPCA and they asked us to open a window and it managed to fly out. But it merely hopped around outside. Another magpie flew down to it but there was no fighting. It hopped over the road. So if you come across a distressed magpie you may wish to contact the RSPCA. It seemed to have blue colour, not the usual black and white.

Thu 11th
Reverted to typing my Rutherford revised as the Mac dictation program sometimes does not work, then it will double every phase and make silly mistakes. So easier to go back to my two fingered typing.

Fri 12th
Morning coffee and birthday cake at the Littles celebrating Elissa'a 12th birthday. The fashion is for all sort of unicorn things and we gave her s sequinned unicorn cushion.

Sat 13th
Excellent cafe breakfast and Bible study on Gen 17. Visited a member recently discharged from hospital and suffering with parkinsons. Took my 91 year old friend to be assessed for her second cataract operation.

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