Thursday, April 18, 2019

Rutherford revised (115)

115. To Mr Alexander Henderson From Aberdeen 9 Mar 1637

My reverend and dear Brother, - I received your letters. To me they are like apples of gold; for with my sweet feasts (and they are high and immeasurably more than such a sinner deserves),I have ballast of sadness, that weighs on me a little. It is only His boundless wisdom which is teaching His stupid child; and he knows that it is not safe for our stomachs to be drunk with comforts. Whatever happens, the sound, noise and frowns of Christ's cross are weightier than the cross itself. My witness is in heaven as I tell you I could wish many pound weights added to my cross, to know that by my sufferings Christ is promoted in His kingly work in this land. Oh what is my skin compared to His glory, or my losses or sad heart, to the apple of the eye of the Lord and his beloved Bride, His precious truth, His royal privileges, the glory of His justice giving His foes a blow, the witness of His faithful servants who glorify Him when He rides upon poor weak worms and triumphs in them! I want you to pray that I may come out of this fire with honesty, and that I may leave Christ's truth no worse than I found it; and that this honourable cause be neither stained nor weakened.
   As for your case, my reverend and dearest brother, you are the talk of north and south; and looked to as if you were made of glass crystal. Your specks and dust would soon be shouted and trumpets blown when you fail. But I know you have sought help from the mighty One. Do not trust in the comfort of men's light and frothy applause, nor your depressions on the words of those who mock and scorn godliness.  'We are treated as impostors, and yet are trueas unknown, and yet well known' (2Cor 6:8,9). God has called you to Christ's side and the wind is now in His pace in this land; and seeing you are with Him; you cannot expect the sheltered or sunny side of the hill. But I know you are determined to take Christ whatever the terms. I hope you will not regret it though your cause is hated, and people prejudiced against it. The powers of this world think our master a heavy load, that he makes too much noise, and that his reins and yokes injuries and deep wounds in their necks. So they kick and say, 'This man will not reign over us.'
   Let us pray for one another. May He who has made you a chosen arrow in His quiver, his you in the palm of his hand!
   I am your, in his sweet Lord Jesus, S.R.

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