Thursday, April 11, 2019

Same old blog - New Name

I have decided to rename my main blog. I have kept Grumpy Old Chemist but renamed Christian Quoter as Graham's Uncommon Place . From even before the Reformation, Christians kept commonplace books of their spiritual pilgrimages, blessed thoughts, recipes, even jokes I suspect. These are great sources of historic information written by hand, Milton's intellectual development can be charted via entries in his commonplace book (now in the British Library).  but famous people had theirs printed usually posthumously, like "Milton’s Commonplace Book," in John Milton: Complete Prose Works, gen. ed. Don M. Wolfe (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1953). 

So as I love the historic, I thought I would rename my blog as it is after all the modern electronic equivalent of that ancient custom the commonplace book. But it is not a book but a blog. So an Uncommon Place seems to me an appropriate title linking present to past. The old urls will I hope still be the same.

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