Saturday, April 06, 2019

Diary w/e Apr 6

Sun 31 Mar

Adult SS addressed by Ivan Stoitsev from the Congregational Church, Plovdiv, Bulgaria who told us of the history and present state of Christianity in Bulgaria. Paul Levy preached from Mat 13 on the person of Christ. Mothering Sunday lunch at Littles. Only one Ghanaian detainee at Harmondsworth when I preached on the second and third temptations of Christ.

Mon 1 Apr

Pleased to take my nonagenarian lady to glaucoma clinic for she has consented to her second cataract operation, 8/11 Ealing IPC elders present for our business meeting plus as usual. teaching elders from Liss and Ilford and one Oak Hill student  under the care of our presbytery. A meeting enlivened by an agenda item about a service to bless pets. It was April 1st.

Tue 2 Apr

U3A world religions group I chair discussing religion in Ethiopia. One new member present who hd visited there., the first Christian state before even Armenia, 4th century. Good talk with a local Muslim leader who wants Christians and Muslims to take action together against the lies on sexuality being taught in schools. I have referred him to The Christian Institute, Christian Concern and Christian Voice as I am all for co-belligerency against godless secularism.

Wed 3 Apr

Four ladies to U3A Current Affairs here on Isis brides and treason. One who is Czech manages to have her own minority viewpoint on everything. She would have Shamima Begum back. I asked if she would give her a room. Pastoral visit to Clayponds Hospital and a walk back to the bus through South Ealing Cemetery. 36 at prayer meeting addressed by a brother with a 31 year itinerant ministry among Iranians and Afghans.Very encouraging growth of the church despite persecution.

Th 4 Apr

Moorfields Eye Clinic at Ealing Hospital for my quarterly check up. No change in my troubled left eye or my 20:20 right one. The staff who treated me were from former USSR, Lithuania, Romania, Sudan and Portugal. Those I asked said Brexit was no problem.

Fri 5 Apr

Annual check up of my sleep apnoea at Charing Cross Hospital by a Portuguese physiologist then to Canterbury. Held up bu necessary length of slip road coned off.

Sat 6 Apr

Visited Swalecliffe Cactus Fair and Goodys micro-brewery near Herne.
Back from Canterbury in record time - no delays. The only other time those roads have been so clear was Christmas Day..Home and find our TV has sound but no picture. 

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