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Rutherford revised (110)

110. To the Reverend and dear Brother, Mr David Dickson  From Aberdeen 7 Mar 1637

Reverend and dearest Brother, - I have no other joy this side of heaven, except that my Lord Jesus may be glorified in my imprisonment. Blessed be the Lord's people who help with the praises I owe. Dear brother, help me, a poor debtor, to pay the interest; because I cannot come anywhere close to repaying the capital sum. It is not joking or playing games to write as I do: never before did I come close to that place of communion with Christ to which I have now attained. To confirm this, I have been in private these last two or three Sabbaths, taking documents in the name of God, showing that my Lord Jesus and I have kissed one another in Aberdeen, the house of my pilgrimage. I do not want to play with an apple (He knows whom I serve in the spirit!) but I seek a seal. I only beg a down payment and extend credit for glory until supper time. I know I will not last in this world; my moonlight is like noonday light, and my four hours greater that my feasts when I was a preacher; at that time also I was often embraced in His arms. But who can blame Christ for seating me behind Him (if I may say so) on His white horse, or in His chariot covered with love, going through waters? Will not a father take his little spoiled son in his arms, and carry him over a ditch or a swamp? My short legs could not step over this place or sinking bog; and therefore, my Lord Jesus will carry me through. If a change comes, and a dark day (providing he will keep my faith unblemished and whole), I dare not blame Him, thought I get no more before heaven.But you know it is fitting if the medicine is sweet: my faith had fainted, and did had up a fainting man's head. He knows I would take Christ, sour or sweet, - anyway as long as it is indeed Christ. I do not now depend on prepared apples or sugary sweets, but I do not find fault with His gifts, and I must look and open my mouth wide. Since Christ will not hide away joys, he welcomes those who will not stay away. I look for no other fruit than that He be glorified. He knows I would take a poor diet to have His name set on high.
   I bless you for your advice. I hope to live by faith, and to swim without a load of joyful sensations round my neck; and to risk it though I should be drenched.
   As to my situation: I think the council should be tested with the matter referred to God; - duties are our, and event's are god's.
   I shall take time to go through your writing on the Covenant, and write to you my thoughts on it; and concerning the Arminian view of the contract between the Father and the Son. I beg you to proceed on commentaries on all Scripture. Your work on Hebrews is in great demand from all who want to know Christ's will. God willing I intent to start on Hosea and to try and get it printed here.
    I am so pleased to hear you have been kind to my brother. I hope your advice will benefit him. I commend him to you since i am so far away from him. I am glad that the dying servant of God, the famous and faith full Mr Cunningham, approved your work before he fell asleep.
   Grace, grace be with you.
      Yours in his sweet lord Jesus,   S.R.

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