Monday, April 22, 2019

Rutherford revised (116)

116. To the Right Honourable my Lord Loudon  From Aberdeen 9 Mar 1637

My very noble and honourable Lord, - Grace mercy and peace be to you. I am bold to write to your Lordship, so you may know that the honourable cause which you are graced to profess is Christ's own truth. You are in many ways blessed by God, who has taken it upon yourself to come out in public with Christ on your forehead, when many are ashamed of Him, and hide as it were under their coat as if He were a stolen Christ. If this faithless generation, and especially the nobility of this kingdom, did not think Christ dear goods and religion expensive, hazardous and dangerous, they would not desert His cause as they do, and stand looking on with hands behind their backs when louts are running off carrying the spoils of the church, and the boards from the Son of God's house. Law and justice are to be had by any, especially for money and means; but Christ can get no law, cheap or dear. It would be the glory and honour of you who are the nobility in this land, to plead for your wronged Bridegroom and His persecuted bride, as far as zeal and standing laws will go with you. Your logic concerning this' that it will do no good for the cause, and therefore, silence is best until the Lord takes it in hand,'
is not, with respect to your Lordship's learning with a straw. Event's are God's. Let us act and not argue against God's work. Let Him who controls sit in charge. It is not a good idea to complain we cannot get a way to riches when our laziness, cold zeal, temporising and faithless fearfulness spoils a good providence.
   I will be confident of your Lordship going on in the strength of the Lord, and keep Christ, and confess Him, that He will publicly read your name before men and angels. I will beg your Lordship to speak and encourage your noble chief (The Earl of Argyle), to do the same. For I am sad that so many of you find a new wisdom, undeserving of such a name. It would be better if men would see that their wisdom be holy and their holiness wise.
   I will be bold as to ask your Lordship to give me more than your former help (for which your Lordship has a prisoner's blessing and prayers) this, that you would help my brother who now suffers for the same cause; for as he is living near your Lordship; your Lordship's word and meeting may help him.
   So, recommending your Lordship to the saving grace and tender mercy of Christ Jesus our Lord, I remain your Lordship's indebted servant in Christ,   S.R.

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