Monday, April 29, 2019

Rutherford Revised (121)

121 To William Halliday         From Aberdeen 

Loving Friend, - I received your letter. I want you to take salvation seriously. The saddest and most miserable thing in the world is mistakes about grace, like conversion which is not real conversion.Make salvation sure and lay a sure foundation, for many are mistaken. Put a low price on this world's goods, but a high price on Christ. Temptations will come but if you do not welcome them you go the best way. Be jealous of yourself and your own heart and keep close to God. Let Him not find you a weak and feeble soldier. Do not be afraid to be on Christ's side for He will conquer and be victorious. Let no-one be frightened of Christ, for I have no quarrels with His cross; He and His cross are two good guests worth accommodating. Men would rather have Christ on the cheap but the price will not come down. Get used to prayer. Make Christ your Captain and your armour. Be conscientious about sinning when no-one sees. Grace be with you.
   Your, in Christ Jesus,     S.R.

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