Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Rutherford's correspondents - 7. Jean Brown

Little is known of Jean Brown except from Rutherford's letters - 84, 111 and 131. She was a godly woman and a friend of Rutherford and the mother of a famous son, John Brown of Wamphray (c. 1610-1679) a prominent Scottish Covenanter and minister in the village of Wamphray, Annandale, who, after the Restoration of King Charles II to the throne (1660) and the Act of Uniformity (1662), was forced by the authorities to flee his native Scotland due to his outspoken opposition to prelacy - church ruled by bishops appointed by the king. He went into exile for the rest of his life in the Netherlands (described by one author as “the asylum of the banished” at the time), where he settled in Rotterdam, industriously wrote in favour of the Covenanter cause, and produced a number of noteworthy theological works. One of Brown’s major works is his The Life of Justification Opened, published posthumously in 1695 with a preface written by the Utrecht professor Melchior Leydekker. 
   Letter 111 advises her younger son Patrick too.

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