Saturday, May 04, 2019

Rutherford Revised (129)

129. Mr. Robert Gordon, Baillie of Ayr                 From Aberdeen         13 Mar 1637

Worthy Sir,- Grace mercy and peace be to you.  I long to have a letter from you, Remember Lord Kenmure's words on his death bed. Sir, I pary you will sell everything and buy the Pearl. Time will cut you from this world's glory; look to what will do you good when your time has run out. And let Christ's love most influence  your soul and that influence will overcome the love of other things. Christ seeks your help in your place; give Him your hand. Who has greater reason to encourage others to profess Christ, than I, for He has made me sick with love and has left me in pain to fight with His love. And love is likely to fall fainting in His absence. I do not mean that He deserts me, or that my comforts are low, but that this is a strange pain. O that I had a heart and a love to pay Him back again! Oh, if principalities and powers, thrones and dominions and all the world would help me to praise! Praise Him on my behalf.
   Remember my love to your wife. I most kindly thank you for your love to my brother. Grace be with you.
   Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus, S.R.

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