Saturday, May 04, 2019

Rutherford Revised (127)

127. To John Carsen                           From Aberdeen 11 Mar1637

Well beloved and dear Friend, - Not everyone seeks God and far fewer find Him; for they do not seek properly. He is to be sought for above all things if men want to find what they seek. Leave feathers and shadows to children, and go and seek your We-beloved. Your only task in the world is to woo Christ; therefore, put other lovers out of the house, and let Christ have all your love, without reducing or dividing it. It is little enough even if there was more of it. Serving the world and sin has low rewards and smoke instead of pleasures and only a dream in the night instead of true. rest for the soul. Wherever you go, your soul will only sleep soundly in Christ's embrace. Come in to Him and lie dow resting on the killed Son of God and ask for Him. I sought Him and now I would not give a fig for the worm eaten pleasures and moth eaten glory outside of heaven., since I have found Him and in Him all I can want or wish.! He has made me a king over the world. Princes cannot overcome me. Christ has given me the wedding kiss and he has my married love; we have made a good bargain on which neither side will go back.Oh, if you and all that country knew what sweet terms of mercy are between Him and me! Grace be with you.
  Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus, S.R.

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