Thursday, May 30, 2019

Rutherford Revised (151)

151. To John Meine, Senior   From Aberdeen 14 March 1637

Dear brother, - Grace , mercy and peace be to you. I am surprised that you did not send me an answer to my last letter, for I am in need of it. I am in some favour with our great King, whose love would make a dead man speak and live. Whether my favour will last or not I cannot well say; but He often hears me, and (to His glory only I say it) no shortage of the love kisses of the Son of God. He thinks it good to throw me apples to play with in prison lest I should think too long and faint. I must give up all attempts to fathom the depth of His love. All I can do is to stand beside His great love and look and wonder. I am frightened by my debts of thankfulness; I fear my creditor will get a beggar's bill and poor accounts.
   I would do better with help. Oh for help, and that you would take notice of my situation! Your not writing to me makes me think you suppose that because He sends comfort, I am not to be pitied. But I am pained in my lack of thanksgiving, and in feeling His love, while I am sick again for the real presence and possession of Christ.  Yet there is no foolishness (if I may say so) nor affectionate love in Christ. Sometimes he knocks me down for old faults,; and I know He well knows that sweet comforts are swelling, and therefore sorrow must be let out in the wind.
   My dumb Sabbaths are festering wounds. The state of this oppressed church, and my brothers situation (I thank you and your wife for kindness to him), keep my sores smarting, and my wounds bleeding. But the foundation stands sure. Pray for m. Grace be with you.Remember me to you wife.   Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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