Sunday, May 26, 2019

Rutherford Revised (142)

142. To my very dear brother, William Livingstone                       From Aberdeen 13 Mar 1637

(Probably an Anwoth parishioner)

My very dear brother, - I rejoice on hearing that Christ has run away with your young love, and that you meet early in the morning with such a Lord; for a young man is often a furnished house for the devil to live in. Be humble and thankful for grace; and measure it by the one standard, truth. Christ will not pour water on your smoking fire; He never yet put out a flickering candle lit by the Sun of Righteousness. I recommend you pray and watch for the sins of your youth; for I know there is much communication between the devil and the young. Satan has a friend at court in the heart of youth; and there pride, comforts, lust, revenge, forgetting God, are his hired workers. Your soul will be happy if Christ occupies the house, and takes the keys Himself, and take charge, for He is well suited to take charge wherever He is. Keep Christ and entertain Him well. Cherish His grace; blow on your own fire and let Christ teach you.
   Now for myself, know that I am in full agreement with my Lord. Christ has put the Father and me into each other's arms. He made many sweet bargains before and this among the rest. I reign as king over my crosses. I will not flatter a temptation nor say a good word about the devil: I defy the iron gates of hell. God has ignored my quarrelling with Him when I came here, and now he feeds and feasts with me. 
   Praise, praise with me, and let us together lift up his mane.
      Your brother in Christ.  S. R.

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