Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Rutherford Revised (150)

150. To his loving Friend, John Henderson                                           From Aberdeen 14 March 1637

(Probably a tenant farmer of Gordon of Rusco)

Loving friend, - Continue in the love of Christ, and the doctrine which I faithfully and painstakingly taught you according to my ability. I am free of your blood. Fear the dreaded name of God. Keep in mind the answers I taught you, and love God's truth. Death, as fast as time flies, chases you out of this life; it is possible you will make your reckoning with your Judge before I see you. Let salvation be your care, night and day, and set aside hours and times of the day for prayer. I rejoice hearing that your house prays. Make sure your servants keep the Lord's day. This dirt and god of clay (I mean this vain world) is not worth seeking.
   A hireling pastor is to be pushed in on you, in the place to which I have Christ;s authority and right. Stand for your freedom for the word of God allows you a vote in choosing your pastor.
   What I write to you I write to your wife. Commend me heartily to her. The grace of God be with you.
   Your loving Friend and Pastor,  S.R.

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