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Rutherford Revised (134)

134. To John Ewart, Baillie of Kirkcudbright        From Aberdeen 13 Mar 1637

(Magistrate and father of John Stewart who in 1663 was banished for refusing to suppress a disturbance when a new minister was forced on Kirkcudbright  after the former minister was ejected by the bishop.)

My very worthy and dear friend, - I can only most kindly thank you for the expressions of your love. Your love and respect for me is a great comfort.
   I bless His high and glorious name, that the terror of great men has not frightened me from openly professing the Son of God. No, His cross is the sweetest load I ever carried; it is such a weight as wings are to a bird, or sails to a ship, to carry me onward to my harbour. I do not have much cause to fall in love with the world; but rather I would wish that He who sits over the floods would bring my broken ship to land, and keep mu conscience safe in these dangerous times; for wrath from the Lord is coming on this sinful land.
   It is good for us prisoners of hope to know our stronghold to run to before the storm comes on; therefore Sir, I beg you by the mercies of God, and the comforts of His spirit, by the blood of your Saviour, and by your appearance before the sin avenging Judge of the world, keep your clothes clean, and stand for the truth of Christ which you profess. When the time comes for your eyes to close, your face to grow pale, and your breath grow cold, and this house of clay tremble, and your one foot will be over the step into eternity, it will be your comfort and joy that you gave your name to Christ. Most people think heaven is next door, and that Christianity is easy,; but they are mistaken. Worthy Sir, I beg to to make sure work of salvation. I have found by experience that all I have done was a preparation for the day of my testing; so make a sure foundation for the coming time.
   I cannot repay you for your undeserved help to me and my troubled brother. But I trust to remember you before God. Remember me heavily to you kingd wife. \
  Yours, in his only Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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