Saturday, May 25, 2019

Diary w/e May 25

Sun 19 May

IPC Liss as visiting elder. Excellent service led by James Buchanan who gave a masterful sermon from Gen 25 - the significance of Abraham was in his son Isaac, not his other sons, and in his inheritance which was the cave of his grave. Isaac pointed to the one significant son, Christ, in whom all the praises are fulfilled and the cave pointed to the land and an eternal inheritance of life in Christ. IPC Ealing evening service Chris Roberts on Life in Middle Age from Proverbs. Chis is wise beyond his years as he is not yet middle aged.

Mon 20 May

Elders and Deacons budget planning meeting. 18 of us, 8 deacons, 8/11 elders and two church workers. Finances are healthy but the bulk of the giving is from very few people. With 70 giving units (families and singles) only 43 give regular through standing order etc. Chasing up members to encourage better stewardship is a task for elders as they visit members.

Tue 21 May

Six of us at early morning prayer, I took our two American visitors to Richmond Park. No deer seen.

Wed 22 May

I took our visitors to Oxford then we had house group on Amos 5.

Thu 23 May

6/11 elders at early morning prayer. Said farewell to our two American visitors. Took my 91 year old lady to vote. Next time I will get her a postal vote which is what I have.

Fri 24 May

 Two grandchildren visited for their piano lessons.

Sat 25 May

To Lords for one day final saw Somerset beat Hampshire. Excellent view from Compton Upper and sunburned.

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