Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rutherford Revised (145)

145. To Jean Gordon         From Aberdeen 13 Mar 1637 

(She seems to have been recently widowed)

My very dear and loving sister, - Grace, mercy and peace be to you.  I long to hear from you. I encourage you to start climbing the hill to the King's city, which must be conquered by force. Your afternoon sun is going down. Time will eat up your frail life, like a worm eats the root of a mayflower. Lend your heart to Christ. Put Him there as a seal. Take Him in and let the world and children wait at the door. They are not yours; prepare them for Christ your proper owner. It is good that He is your Husband and their Father. Who can miss a dead man when God fills his place? Give times of the day to prayer.  Persist in prayer to Christ, pleading with Him; frequent His door; give it no rest. I can tell you he will be found. Oh what sweet fellowship is between Him and me! I am imprisoned but He is not. His kindness shames me. He has come to my prison and run away with my heart and all my love. May he completely possess it! I do not want anyone to have my love, only Christ. I scorn those old loves that held us apart. Now we will not part. We will hear one another before I lose hold of Him. I am determined to wrestle with Christ before I leave Him. But my love to Him has given my soul a fever and there is no cooling of my fever until I really possess Christ. O, strong, strong love of Jesus, you have wounded my heart with your arrows.! Oh pain! Oh pain of love for Christ! Who will help me to praise?
   Let me have your prayers. Grace be with you.
      Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus, S.R. 

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