Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Rutherford Revised (123)

123. To John Gordon of Cardoness, Younger   From Aberdeen

(This Gordon seems to have neglected religion and indulged in the sins of youth. Rutherford's warnings seem to have been to good effect for in 1644 Gordon was with the Covenanter's army in England and evidencing godliness)

Honoured and dear Brother, - I wrote to you recently: I now have many letters to write. I was refreshed by your letter.
   I encourage you for Christ's sake to work for your soul. Let these things have weight with you and seriously consider them: 1st, Weeping and gnashing of teeth in utter darkness or heaven's joy? 2ndly, When you lie like dead, cold blackened clay -think what you would give for an hour of life? 3rdly,You still have time and your sun has not yet set. 4thly, Consider the joy and peace in Christ's  service. 5thly, Think of the advantage of having angels, the world, life and death, crosses, yes, and devils all for you as the King's sergeants and servants to do your work. 6thly, To have mercy on your descendants and a blessing on your family. 7thly, To have true honour and a name in the world that gives a sweet aroma. 8thly, How you will rejoice when Christ lays your head under His chin and between His breasts and dries your face and welcomes you to glory and happiness. 9thly, Imagine the pain and torture of a guilty conscience; what slavery to have to carry the devil's dishonest loads. 10thly, Sin's joys are only dreams in the night, thoughts, mists, imaginations and shadows. 11thly, What dignity it is to be a son of God. 12thly, Dominion and mastery over temptations, over the world and sin. 13thly, That your enemies should be the tail and you the head.
   For your children now at rest (I speak to you and your wife so let her read this). 1st, I am a witness that Barbara has glory in heaven. 2ndly, To the others, I myself write that there are days to come on Scotland when barren wombs and dry breasts will be called blessed. They are then in the shelter of the harbour before the storm comes. 3rdly, They who are laid up in Christ's treasury in heaven are not lost to you. 4thly, You will meet with the at the Resurrection; they are sent before but not sent away. Your Lord who loves you is kindly in taking and giving, borrowing and lending. 6thly, Do not let children be your idols; for God will be jealous and remove the idol because he is greedy for all your love.
   I bless you, your wife and children. Grace be with you evermore.
      Your loving pastor, S.R.

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