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Rutherford Revised (128)

128. To the Earl of Cassillis          From Aberdeen 13 Mar1637 

My very noble and honourable Lord, - I am bold (from the honourable and Christian report I hear abut your Lordship, and I have nothing to say apart from what concerns the honourable cause which the Lord has enabled your Lordship to support), to write this; that it is your Lordship's crown your glory and your honour, to put your shoulder to the Lord's glory, which now is falling to the ground, and to back Christ now when so many think it wise to let Christ fend for Himself. The powerful of the world always did and still do believe that Christ is a difficult neighbour, and it is a pain to promote His yesses and noes.. They fear He will take their chariots and their crowns and their honour from them; but my Lord does not need any of them. But it is your glory to profess Christ and His buried truth; for let men say what they like, but our  the argument with the church's enemies in this day of Jacob's trouble is, whether Christ aught to be King and no-one make laws except Him.It is about the apple of Christ's eye and His royal privileges which is now debated; and Christ's kingly honour has come to yes and no. But pardon me my dear and noble Lord, when I beg you by the mercies of God, by the comfort of the Spirit, by the wounds of our dear Saviour, by your appearance before the judge of the living and the dead, to stand for Christ, and to support Him. Oh, if the nobility had played their part, and been zealous for the Lord, it would not be like it is now! But men think it wise to stand off Christ until his skull is fractured and they sing dumbly. There is a coming time when Christ will set up a full court, and He will be the glory of Scotland; and he will make a jewel, a necklace, a seal on His heart, and a ring on His finger, of those who have professed Him before this faithless generation. Though before that comes, wrath from the Lord is destined for this land.
   My Lord, I have reason to write this to your Lordship; for I dare not conceal His kindness to the soul of a persecuted exiled prisoner. Who more than a sinner like me has cause to boast in the Lord, who is feasted with the comforts of Christ, and to have no pain in my sufferings except for the pain of soul sickness of love for Christ and sorrow that I cannot help to loudly sound the praises of Him who has heard the sighing of the prisoner, and is content to lay the head of His oppressed servant on His chest, under His chin, and to let him smell his clothes? It is fitting I write this, so your Lordship may know that Christ is as good as He is described; and to witness to your Lordship that the cause which your Lordship now takes before the faithless world, is Christ's and that your Lordship will not be ashamed of it.
   Grace be with you.
      Your Lordship's indebted servant     S.R.

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