Thursday, May 02, 2019

Rutherford Revised (124)

124.  To John Gordon of Cardoness, Elder     From Aberdeen

Honourable and dearest in the Lord, - Your letter has refreshed my soul. My joy is full if you and Christ are joined fast together. You are my joy and my crown. You know that I have recommended His love to you. I defy the world, Satan and sin. His love has no top nor bottom. My dearest in Christ, I write to you my soul's desire. Heaven is not next door. I find Christianity a hard work; get on with it in your evening. We all want to keep both Christ and our right eye, our right hand and foot; but that will not do for us. I beg you by the mercies of God and your appearance before Christ; look to Christ's account book and your own together and compare them. Give the remainder of your time to your soul. This great idol-god, the world will be lying in white ashes on the day of your appearance; and why should night dreams, day shadows and watery froth  and May flowers run away with your heart? When we come to the waterside and the edge of black death's river, and put our feet into the boat, we will laugh at our foolishness. Sir, I recommend you think about death, and how you want your soul to be when you lie cold, blue, foul-smelling clay.
   As to the hired man to be forced on you, I cannot say much for I am the King's prisoner; but as God's minister I want you to read Acts 1:15-16 to the end and Acts 6:2-5, and you will find that God's people should have a say in choosing church rulers and teachers. I will be sorry if you willingly consent to him unlawfully intruding in my work. May the only wise God direct you.
   God's grace be with you'
      Your loving pastor,  S.R.

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