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The changing world (288) Oct-Dec 2008

Oct 3rd Battling depression.
4th        J&Co here to see Tim Bulmer and family.
5th        Led for IC on Obadiah. Not inspiring. Better pm when I presided at table. Daphne regulating pot luck with her thermometer.
6th        Depressed.
11th      Dan Walker of BBC sport excellent at mens' prayer breakfast, Sudbury Golf Club. To Great Shelford.
12th     Hosiers to lunch. PL on 1Cor 7 and Mat.
13th     Down.
14th     Started lunchtime walking round the park.
15th     Gledhills to house group.
16th     Session prayer a needed tonic.
18th     To Braithwaites.
19th      Visited Camden Town church plant which meets over a pub.
20th      On way to work heard on BBC of an aid worker killed in Kabul. Mark Larson heard the shots and discovered she was one of his workers.
24th       Battling with depression.
25th       Margie Lawlers 60th party.
26th       Preached Ps 42-43 at South Ealing Mission. PL on marriage from Mark. Met Tom Courtney, MTW boss from Spain.
28th       First October snow in London for 74 years.
Nov 2nd PL on weaker brother and on divorce. Larson's and all workers to leave Afghanistan. Hamilton is F1 champion.
3rd          Session prayer hear Clare Levy pregnant.
4th          USA presidential election. All say Obama will win.
5rh          Obama landslide. Black and liberal euphoria.
6th          Doctor tells K to stop looking after Elissa because of back pain.
7th           Joel as clear Skypes to tell of the mess in Romania.
9th          I was Free Church clergyman at Ealing war memorial remembrance day. The RC priest surprised me with extempore prayer. Drink with the mayor. IC Jon 2 not very inspiring.
10th        Down.
11th        Petrol 92.9p/L. Deb looking after Elissa.
12th        Amir in relationship with Claire from N Ireland.
14th        Down.
15th        Barton Evangelical Canterbury.Poor leading and singing. Awful children's talk. Decent sermon. Good welcome. Hospitality declined. Home.
16th         Ealing haematology says all fine.
17th         With R&A to Ruislip Harvester.
20th         Deb bought 2008 Honda 125.
21st         Seaber's and T Beldam to dinner. Pam H had mini stroke.
22nd       IPC cleaning. had to go to work to reset alarm activated by window replacers. Fist IPC book discussion attracted only four.
23rd        PL enthusiastic over Ps 139. Sarah Brackley and Pam H to such. Pam's stroke has taken half her sight. PL on bringing children to Jesus.
24th        IPC half AGM mainly mercy ministries. Angered by cold protection video implying we are all paedophiles.
26th        Over 130 killed by Muslim terrorists in Mumbai.
27th        Fourth consecutive day round the park.
28th        Petrol 89.9p/L.
29th        Started Christmas letter. Wells and Bulmers visiting us. Riots in Joh.
30th        Preached on sheep and goats at Identikits Green.
Dec 1st   Perhaps 800 idled in Jos.
4th          Eurostar to Brussels. Seating with Joel and Daniel at OM. Locking knife confiscated at St pancras.
5th          Church planting committee on Romania. Ghent. Eleven Turks from Bulgaria baptised.
6th          Presbytery went well and I agreed to be moderator a second year. Eurostar home.
7th          PL 1Cor 9 and then Rich young ruler. For the first time K did pot luck stew and great tiramisu.
9th          Early morning IPC prayer always encouraging.
12th        I was Santa for IPC English class dinner. G&S arrived late. K did a CAP hamper.
13th        Great Shelford for the day.
14th        A big surprise after morning service to receive from PL chocolate, beer and theatre vouchers with thanks for 25 years as an elder. Said I was a faith full, prayerful encourager. PL excellent pm on Jn 1.
15th         Stuck four hours on A406 with a closure going to work where I arrived 11:30.
16th         First IPC mans party by C Cradock - meat, beer and games.
17th         Housegroup meal at A&R's. Met Amir's Clair from NI and AWM.
20th         Tenth anniversary of my quotations mailing list. Learned to download MP3s. Dinner at Gledhills. K brutalised on the way back. No good reason. Makes me angry there is no presumption of innocence.
21st          IC OK am, PL pm. Five Littles to lunch.  
22nd        My new Santa suit from a customer is very hot.
23rd         Reviewed book on cross meditations for EN passed on by PL.
24th         J&Co here. Skype with Elliott in Bahrain.
25th         Lunch at Littles.
26th         D&Co arrived. Felt sickly.
27th         J&Co left.
28th         IC OK am. PL magnificat with enthusiasm pm.Amir and Claire engaged.
29th         Israelis still killing in Gaza.
31st         Started bookselling on Amazon. Tree Mienrs and Tina Lawler round to see in new year.

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