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The changing world (289) Jan-Mar 2009

Jan 1st Great Shelford.
2nd      Met Chottai the accountant soon to be company secretary. A man I came to loathe for his nit picking interventions. A tail to wag the dog.
3rd      Listing books on Amazon. Gillian and Matt engaged.
4th      PL Is 42. Fields to lunch. David Field pm on Jas 1. Sold first book.
5th      A little snow.
6th      Coldest spell for 13 years. Skyped Larry. Gordon B phoned. Did new practice leaflet.
7th      Paul Larson and family at IPC prayer. Peterson resigns England captaincy.
10th    London's coldest day for over 10 tears -1C.
11th   PL 1Cor 12. P Larson family to lunch.
12th   After session met with A and Gerben of building committee who say we should put in a planning application. NHHT next door unco-operative.
13th    Ill. Speedwell GP gave amoxycillin but pain came in gut and she said A&E. Ealing took over four hours to produce a letter saying binary colic. They were wrong.
14th    Ultrasound scan ordered. Colic pain. Now over 300 books on Amazon.
15th    Dr Mon suggested tramadol and it worked. Plane landed on Hudson River.
16th    First undisturbed night for a long time.
17th    Braithwaite's here. Northalla Fields. Good views of city.
18th    PL good 1Cor 10. Chapel full. Andrew, Sarah and Jess to lunch. To Canada Water. About 80 there.
20th    Excitement over Obama's inauguration. Bush unlamented.
21st    Ulrasound reveals no stones. Buscopan and gaviscon. They are had it wrong.
22nd   Drugs seem to be working.
23rd    Skype with Joel who has new church premises in Verona.
25th     PL excellent 1Cor 11 head covering. David Field and family to lunch. Clowneys are to move to Edinburgh.
26th     Syypes with Ed and then Joel to sort Romania. Surprised by diary said I liked Ed for he was the most troublesome MTW missionary ever.
29th     Congested and breathless. Hard even to walk to bus. GP said get ECG. Atrial fibrillation. GP would contact ealing but I phoned Davis Lefroy who said he would admit me the next day.
30th     Hammersmith A&E. Admitted for tests and drugs.
31st     Surprised to be in a mixed ward until evening when moved to a private ward as short of emergency beds. David Lefroy has handed my case to a colleague but he visited in his Arsenal scarf after his match at Emirates.
Feb 1st Private ward means you eat off china not plastic, Sky TV, choice of morning paper. Sadly I was back with the plebs by lunchtime. Visited by K, D, Gledhills, PL and A Rae. Snow.
2nd       Heaviest snowfall for 18 years. It was the white British staff who came in on foot as no public transport.Kept fasting until 4:30 after cardioversion by professor.  Went very well but IV line in right hand no help when one is wired to the bed and filled with diuretic and you have to handle your bottle.K&A visited and he loaned me a phone so I could be on line.
3rd        Meiners visited. Discharged 4pm. K brought me home.
4th         Walked by canal with K. I have lost 18il - all liquid. Good IPC prayer.
5th         GP signs me off work for a week.
6th         K painting kitchen.
7th         Posted three books sold.
8th         PL great on 1C 12, unity. Figgetts and Iraqis Atheel and hasan to lunch, the politest men ever and supporters of the invasion od their country. Shan Shan and Ee Wei received as members. PL good on triumphal entry.
9th         Session prayer, Raes.
11th       Ranald Macaulay staying.
12th       Removed water and debris from flat roof. Disgusted by general dhimmi reaction to Wilders being banned from this country.
13th        Learned of Dad's fourth cousin Florence Little murdered by Harold Jones 1921. Our family never knew her mother was a Weeks.
14th        Dis roast pork,£50 from Richardson's, for Valentines dinner.
15th        PL good on 1Cor 12 and Mk 11. Session and deacons discus moving morning service to TVU as the chapels full. D&Co staying.
16th        With K, D%Co, Deb, R&E to Natiraual History Museum.
17th         Back to work.
18th         Dishley to dinner. Gulas spoke at housegroup.
19th         Gulas still here.
21st         J&CO here. All of us enjoyed Kew. £50 for four adults. 3d each forty years ago.
23rd        Session on vision for next 25 years, building plans and move to TVU.
24th        PL on 1Cor 13 and Mk 11.
26th        Joyce Milverton's memorial service Christchurch, Cockfosters.
27th        Two Chinese girls staying from HOST.
28th        Took students to Oxford. Christchurch. Regatta 8s on Cherwell.
Mar 1st   1Cor 14 and Mic 1.Meat shortage at pock luck. unusual.
6th          Presbytery committees recommended Amjad for MBB work and M Roberts for York.
Daniel and another Romanian staying here.
7th          Moderated joint presbytery with EPCEW. Amjad failed floor examination. I thought it unfair on him.
8th          Preached depression sermon at Less. Back for PL Mic 2.
9th          Took Romanians to Luton airport.
13th         Indonesian HOST student staying.
14th         British museum and library. Iranian new year at South Ealing Mission. 100+ there.
15th         1Cor and Mic 4. Amir and Claire to lunch.
17th         David Lefroy treated me to Arsenal 2 Hull 0.
18th         Check up with Dr Bellamy, Hammersmith.
20th         Elders on budget. J looking at houses to buy.
21st         Building committee and session. To Chelmsford with Scotts overnight.
22nd        Preached on depression then credit crunch.
28th         FFM at Amjad's.
29th         Preached for Koreans at h/ammersmith. PL good Mk 12.Matthew Black of MTW staying here.
30th        Matthew interviewed me for MTW video.

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