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The changing world (294) Apr-Jun 2010

Apr 1st GP prescribed citalopram for my depression. No joke. Surrounded by drugs at work I had always resisted medication.
2nd        Good Friday. PL good on redemption. Kenneth Skilling to lunch. Elissa with us overnight as R&A were at a wedding.
3rd         Cardiff wedding of Andrew Phelps and Jess Track. PL preached. Visited Balfours. Evening wedding reception.
4th          Anxious. David Cross preached EPCEW Emmanuel Cardiff. Lunch at Naylors.
5th          Down.
6th          Anxious about planned trip to Baku.
9th          Bill Goodman boss of MTW staying. he treated us to Siloam Village dinner.
10th        Good meeting with Bill Goodman, Jun Lemass and Ken Matlock, all of MTW. MacBook screen replaced.
11th        PL on healing of blind man. Susanna and Paul Coleman to lunch. Dick Lucas excellent on 1Cor 15.
12th         Fed up with blanket news coverage of coming general election.
13th        Confirmed Aeroflot tickets to Baku.
14th        Thrilled to see Dale on video winning third prize in Essex public speaking competition - all about Marjorie.
15th        Volcanic ash from Iceland closes all UK airports.
16th        Our flights to Baku cancelled. Rebooked in four days time.
17th        Chartwell -best National Trust property. Gives one a patriotic thrill. White Hart, Bletchingly.
18th        St Nicholas, Sevenoaks. Knole Park magnificent 15th C house.
19th        RHS Wisley.Tropical and alpine glasshouses the highlights.
20th        Early prayer IPC and lunchtime talk at town hall - Ic on Jn 5.
21st        To Leapers.
22nd       Shugnorough hall home of earls of Litchfield.
23rd        Sudbury hall. Museum of childhood poor. Third day of depression.
24th        Home. Did Record article on co-belligerents.
25th        PL birth of Isaac. Ee wei and Jenifer Courtney to lunch. Rebecca Cradock baptised. PL on Christ as Lord - excellent. Petrol 120.9/L and rising.
26th        Board meeting.
28th        Brown recoded calling a woman a bigotafter he left her company.
May 1st  Polls show Torys ahead but no working majority.
2nd         Down. PL Abraham sacrificing Isaac. Raju good talk, rambling sermon.
3rd          JMBH here also RAE for tea.
5th          Citalopram kicking in.
6th          Voted. Exit polls show hung parliament.
7th           Bed 3am. Polls were right. Looks like a Conservative Liberal deal. I am disgusted.
8th           DSZ arrived. Osterley Park. Leeds promoted.
9th          PL death Sarah and Trinity.
10th        Visited Michael Owen who has cancer Northwick Park. Brown to reign Labour leadership.
11th        Cameron as prime minister with Clegg deputy.
12th        Cardiologist says need to lower BP.
13th        Kenneth Skilling took me to Tally Ho lunch.
14th        K with R at Ealing Hospital as E has another fracture.
15th        With PL, Tom Courtney and David cross at IPC sorting out the mess Chris Bear has caused at Canada Water. At Richmond for Honeysuckle Weeks in Witness for the Prosecution.
16th        PL good on Isaac Bonnie Lawrence and Sfeffen Muller S Carolina to lunch. David Gibson pm.
17th        Katy on Benslow cello course. Looks like Camden Town not financially viable.
18th        New parliament with coalition front bench.
20th        Surprise visit of Mardi going from Kabul to Canada.
21sg        Church planting committee with Ed Hartman and Ken Matlock. We are to withdraw minutes about Ed which frankly I think are true. Joel staying.
22nd        Visited Michael Owen.
23rd        PL on Jacob and Isaac. Yohan B, Sarah B and Limas to lunch. John Ross good on great commission.
24th        Down.
25th        Went to visit Michael O but he had been admitted to hospital.
27th        Session. PL wants enthusiasm over building.
28th        English class barbecue.
29th        Lords with Trevor against Bangladesh. Left 1:30 due to rain.
30th        Down. IC 2Jn. Pm introduction to Song od Songs.
31st        Down.
Jun 1st   Elders prayer encouraging. JBHRAE here for Sunderban take way for K's birthday.
2nd        Good IPC prayer. Taxi driver shoots 12 dead in Cumbria. Had seemed a normal bloke.
4th         Presbytery prayer then Kingston synod. Great food. Tom Nachtergale staying with us.
5th         Presbytery here. PL took over as moderator. Elders to Amit to pray for healing of Bell's palsy.
6th         IC on 3Jn. Macintyres, Clare Arian's parents to lunch. PL on SS1
10th       Session prayer
11th       Maite Larsin to lunch from Bahrain. Start of SA world cup.
12th       Barbecue at Littles with bunting and fly past of RAF. The Knave, Dorset. England 1 USA 1. Pathetic.
13th       Corfe Castle Congregational and Torbay Gospelaires who we heard later at The Blue Pool. Pm back to IC's father's church.
14th       Wareha. Kempton Lacey gardens. Wareham minster with chained library. Katy lost camera.
15th       Wareham. Brownsea Island. Expensive ferry. Red squirrels. Bloody Sunday report from saville Commission.
16th        Tolpuddle Nartyrs museum. Told curator their caption was wrong. Their leader looked to heaven not in despair. Cider museum. Found you need apple juice only to produce cider. Lyme Regis baptist church to find the parade to commemorate the lifting of the longest civil war siege.Became a parliamentary pikeman for the day. Kept quiet about having a C of E priestess on parade. Totally non-historic.
17th      Studland Bay. Knooll beach to Shell beach and up to Old harry Rocks. Nudist beach mainly populated by homosexuals.
18th      Durdle Door. Lulworth Cove. Fieldstone Manor.
19th      Home. Picked red currants and gooseberries.
20th      Levy excellent on Is. BA to Dusseldorf. Met by Anthea Weale in big Mercedes. Huge apartment.
21st      Went looking unsuccessfully for Elizabeth Nauman in hospital.
22nd     Marburg. Found Elizabeth strong in faith in hospital.
23rd      England 1 Slovenia 0. Our restaurant of choice for supper closed for the football. Enjoyed being with a Ghanian as the only one on his side in Germany 1 Ghana 0.
24th      Edersee and dam busters museum.
25th      World Heritage Mine Museum.
26th      Home. Picked strawberries.
27th      M Fox Ps 2. Germany 4 England 1. Robbed of a goal by a blind referee. PL good SS 1.
28th      Harmondsworth Baptist meeting four volunteers and assistant chaplain for prayer.
29th      INR good.
30th      £220 for new glasses.



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