Thursday, November 08, 2018

The changing world (219) Dec 1998

Dec 1st Spirits still up. katy to carol Gray to prepare Christmas music.
2nd       Housegroup Eph 4 at Judy's. Log all from USA. Gordon is unrepentant but prepared to seek counsel.
3rd        Work goes well now I can play Classic Fm. I was at one stage told I should have a license to play to the public to which I replied I played for myself and if others overheard: so what?
4th        Deb with teens to a beach party in Brighton. Back 3am.
5th        Session went well. Two hall for neighbour's wedding, Utte to Clynton Coote. Everyone very merry at 73 afterwards. This is the only civil wedding I have witnessed.
6th        Led for Steve. Katy at school for old folks carols. Steve on his India trip at prayer meeting.
7th          Work going well. Christmas letter done and sending overseas. Back on uk.rel newsgroup after three months off. I found it full of liberal heresy.
9th           Metro still has chronic problems. Housegroup here.
12th         Finished Christmas cards. Worship leaders went well. Carols at ballets with the usual mince pies.
13th         David B led for SC. Michael Owen sports personality of the year.
14th         Katy looking for a new cello. Deb got a distinction for college work.
16th         Katy to Lisa's restaurant with school. Housegroup at Judy's.Clinton bombed Iraq.
17th         Took staff to tally Ho for lunch. Watched Wag the Dog on video, a great expose of media manipulation.
18th          Christmas shopping Brent Cross.
19th          Rachel did the tree. Clinton to be impeached.
20th          SC in morning. Pot luck for Skiotis. Carol service went well.
21st           Roads now quieter to work but Metro still in for repair.
22nd          Katy went to see about a cello in Hampstead.
23rd          Mandelson resigns from cabinet.
24th          Very busy morning but quiet afternoon so finished early. Ling Yang studying international trade in Newcastle arrived. has lived in Germany. From Beijing.
25th           Chis paddock to lunch.
26th           Soaked visiting Windsor and Eton with our visitor.
27th           Preached on Christ the king. Took our visitor up Horsenden hill. Awards and quiz at church in evening then drinks at Briggs until late.
28th           Took Ling to station. Burroughs here. Heard Linette martin dies at midday. Had deteriorated rapidly after Christmas.
29th            Back to work on clear roads. England win at Melbourne in Ashes. Talked about applying to be a magistrate with Diana Dishley.
30th             Work quiet. Good housegroup.
31st              Flashed by A406 speed camera but no summons received. Rang Roger in New Zealand and Elliott in USA

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