Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The changing world (216) Sep 1998

Sep 1st First day at Torrington Park HCC Ltd, North Finchley. Half an hour's drive. Two good staff but horrendous Richardson computer. Very busy morning but quieter afternoon after ninety minutes lunch break.
2nd       Housegroup here on Eph 1
3rd        The boss, Mrs Damji, says they may replace the present computer.
4th         Getting better with the labelling. Meal with Mansells staff at clay oven. Given a decanter. Davis to Exeter.
5th         Rachel will pay £140 a month for her keep.
6th         Led in morning not following an order of service from SC. Peat family to lunch. He is seeking a job. Evening prayer meeting.
7th         First WE, Pray.
10th       Deb back to college.
11th       Starr report on Clinton recommends impeachment.
12th       Session in morning. Pleased no weekend work and no dispensing for addicts at all.
13th       To preach at Chelmsford Presbyterian. Arrived with only five minutes to spare. Flashed by speed camera coming back but received no letter later.
14th        First day with extra work as Liz on holiday. She was to prove to be a pain, obsessed with the way her local SS had treated he so badly.
15th       Enjoying Jimmy's biography of his father James Herriott and how his father found it hard to communicate with his son.
16th       Housegroup at Judy's. Deb unhappy at college.
17th         Very busy, 300+ scripts. Ealing CHC introductory evening. Deb off college.
18th        Busy again. Last day Priya, WE.
20th        David ed for SC on Psalms but I am not finding him inspiring.
21st        Helped by a lad from the bosses shop as Liz on holiday still. Ealing CHC at Acton a bore.
22nd      Five of us to The Lantern for Rachel's birthday - with a boyfriend. £100 bill.
23rd       Housegroup at Marilees, Acton.
24th       First pay, £2011 net. Bis wants to talk every Thursday lunchtime.
26th       Had a £28 ticket to see Leeds at Spurs. Exciting 3-3.
27th       Not happy at IPC with the way Mike P led with all modern songs and SC not really expository on evangelism.
28th        Dispenser Liz back to work.
29th        Late home for housegroup as A406 congested with Arsenal playing Champions League at Wembley whole their new stadium is being built.

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