Thursday, November 08, 2018

The changing world (218) Nov 1998

Nov 1st Led and preached Ps 96. Complimented on stepping in when Joe could not come. I now say I am the IPC 12th man - always ready to come on the field when a man is needed. Took evening prayer meeting too.
2nd       Maureen off for two weeks but coped with the help of Liz and Sabine.
3rd        Now Liz off sick so only me and Sabine.
4th        Housegroup here. First frost.
8th        David B led and preached Ps 139. Damji's lunch and party to celebrate their ten years in business. They are Ismaili Muslims.
10th       Session encouraging. SC does not want two morning services yet. Kurt P presents.
11th       Observed the two minutes silence at work, me calling it for customers.
12th       Weekly chat with Mrs Damji. She says how the Torrington GP practice is not so go ahead as Speedwell the other one in our health centre.
14th        Synod. Our Korans hit by far east financial crisis. Talk to Mike Harvey who is now a deputy judge in children's court.
16th        Contacted Chinese student via HOST for Christmas.
18th        Birthday surprise for deb was Skiotis family to dinner. Call from Carol Babcock in USA. Gordo is not communicating with there.
19th        Shamim says I am more relaxed. Do feel more at home at work but still too tired.
21st        All to J&M's.
22nd       Terry led but I am fed up with contemporary songs especially as we approach the 250th anniversary of the death of Isaac watts. Katy to worship group.
23rd        half yearly church meeting. Told SC of GB's problem and emailed him for news.
24th        In better spirits.
25th        Did Watts tribute on net. Good housegroup at matinees.
26th        Talk with Shamim on the future of the pharmacy consortium. They want toby out the shares of the member who was struck off the professional register.
27th        To Canterbury for Rachel's graduation. Front row season the cathedral. Buffet lunch at university.
29th         The first time in a long while I stayed awake in SC's sermon. was this incipient sleep apnoea? Thanksgiving meal and service at church.
30th         Good spirits. More relaxed. Found Christian bookshop.

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