Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The changing world (252) Dec 2001

Dec 1st Session met Ryans and they came to lunch. Took Angelino to choir in Hayes.
2nd       Mark Ryan good on Ps 2 Preach the world. Mark and Sue Larson on Bangladesh in evening.
3rd       Ryans to dinner. Deacons.
5th       Housegroup at Judy's with Ryans,
6th       Fourth sitting for portrait. Did Christmas letter.
7th       HV here on catechism again. Told him session divided over his marriage.
8th       Mark Ryan tells session wants to procede and would come when flat ready. Took Angelino to choir carols in Uxbridge then to halletts.
9th        Ryan excellent on Following Jesus. Kirsty moving to Oxford. Flat might be available. Pot luck for Ryans. He spoke in evening on Prayer of Jabez. Beckham sports personality of the year.
10th       Session. Did some Christmas cards.
11th       Finished cards.
12th       Housegroup.
13th       Fifth portrait sitting.
14th       Bowyer not guilty of charges but Woodgate guilty of affray. Ryans not coming. Does not feel called and not up to leadership and wife unhappy.
15th       To Great Shelford.
16th        Preached Zec 6. NP to stay another 18 months. Met Prof Jones and wife. She is Paul C's sister. They are at Westminster, California. He went to school with John Lennon.
18th         Staff to Tally Ho for Christmas meal. Session. NP desperate to move out of the flat.
20th         Sixth portrait sitting.
21st         Housegroup Christmas meal at church with Hallett, Roger, Anna and Madeline.
22nd        Put up decorations with deb.
23rd         NP on Dec 7 and DB led carol service for him.
24th         Finished work 4:45. Picked up Mr O. Kim from Korea with us. Stuffed turkey.
25th         Baddock to lunch. Four Littles to tea.
26th         DEJMB to lunch. Walked canal loop.
27th         D&E go home.
28th         Portrait sitting again.
29th         JMB here. A&R called on his birthday.
30th         NP good on Dec 8 but preacher Angelino did not make it in the evening due to a road accident.We had a prater meeting.
31st         Portrait sitting. Phoned Larson's.

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