Thursday, November 29, 2018

The changing world (253) Jan 2002

Jan 2nd Frost on the ground in the park at lunchtime.
3rd        Sitting for portrait again. D&E staying.
4th        Faith Conway here en route to Capenwray from Atlanta.
5th        A call from an allegedly mugged Aussie woman to whom I gave money to get herself back to Cardiff. Not the first time I think I was taken for a ride but perhaps the last. I am now a hard man impervious to beggars on the street.
6th         Led for David preaching and took prayer meeting as DB ill.
7th         Members meeting on why we rushed the Ryans over and what we want NP to do. He gave us his vision for the future which katy and I found vague.
8th         Katy visited Marjorie in Northwick Park with pneumonia.
9th         Housegroup Judy's, Luk 12, anxiety.
10th       Session on how we handled the members meeting and the way ahead. Perrin's want to move out of the flat and I am the only one voicing concerns about this. Bill N encouraging Liss report.
11th       To Northwick Park to find Marjorie recovering from pneumonia.
12th       Geoffrey, Sara and dog down. To harry Potter film at cinema. I am now surprised by my diary which says excellent film, teaching good and evil, family, love, loyalty and sacrifice. Does not encourage the occult. I have never read theses books and am told later ones are darker.
13th       I took deacons ordination liturgy to church as NP had not prepared it. JR, JC and TS now deacons. Pot luck. I spoke WCF on sacraments in evening.Good to see Eric, Maine and family in the morning.
14th       Perrin's have mould problems again in the church flat.
15th      Another portrait sitting.
16th       Housegroup here Luk 12.
17th       Portrait again. Sargent is my artist's favourite.
19th       To Braithwaites.
20th        NP good on Dec. Came to lunch as his family in USA.
21st        Sylvia German WE started.
22nd       I am not happy with the church looking rent to house Perrin's.
23rd       Housegroup Luk 12.
24th       Portrait done and to be sent to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters to see if it will be exhibited. Next to start a second painting of me.
25th       After work, to The Knave, Elizabeth's parents place in Dorset, part of a redundant parish church.
26th       Very wet and windy. Waves case over the cliffs at Lulworth Cove and you had to hold onto the railings. Also to Kerridge seeing wind surfer.
27th        Cliff walk Durdle Door. Elders and deacons decided to remunerate NP at half salary. I was most unhappy.
29th         Tony Gotlop started on my second portrait. Deb's new Mac arrived.
30th         Went to Stamford bridge and poor showing, Chelsea 2 Leeds 0. Only good thing was lifts there and back from customer martin hart.
31st          Second session on second portrait.

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