Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The changing world (246) Jun 2001

Jun 1st Stephen Perks had a Kuyper Foundation meeting at IPC.
2nd      At Kuyper conference J P Berthoud spoke on Aquinas saying FAS had it wrong. Aquinas did not see nature as autonomous. Borroughs to lunch. JMB overnight. Told David B I was thinking of pastor role.
3rd       David led for me on Pentecost. Grays and Elizabeth to lunch. David B led prayer meeting. Session agrees AR had lost his temper at 52, Sorted wedding guest list with R&A.
4th        Pastoral search at Alis. Said the two Covenant applicants were not experienced enough. Talked with Cath who is looking better and agreeing her granddaughter is difficult company.
5th        To Rickmansworth to talk to Raes at Nicki's brother's house. They are there while 52 dry rot is treated. Andrew will not now be proceeding to ordination. Have their 52 proposals to share with RH.
6th         Housegroup at Marjorie's. She may be ill again but does not want hospital admission.
7th         General election.
8th         Stayed up until 2am and see Conservatives have made no inroads into Blair's majority. No Sian for a second day. She has to go. Haigh resigns as Conservative leader. Good prayer meeting led by David B.
9th          Session mainly on 52 problems. RH now cooperating but depressed. Offered to work as pastor. Took Katy to concert at Hampton Court followed by fireworks. Great gypsy violinist.
10th        Preached on New Jerusalem from Her 12. Three Fields to lunch and wedding plans. Gave gift for the reception costs. NP excellent on Westminster Confession and law.
11th         IPC AGM went well.
13th         Housegroup at Judy's.Celebrated her Miriam getting a first class honours.
14th         At Hosiers with Raes on the 52 situation and Andrew's ordination.
15th         Few attended Independent Presbyterian Church high school choir at IPC. Excellent performance.
16th         CPA council Canning Town. I am to get 70 others to stand in Ealing council elections and to co-ordinate other boroughs. Katy has made the base of Rachel's wedding cake.
17th          NP excellent on Let brotherly love continue, Heb 13. Braithwaite's to lunch. Paul Prewitt of OMF Oxford on reaching Chinese in evening.Leitches are to return to Belfast. AH and AR issue yet to be resolved.
18th          Decided I was an idiot to agree to find 70 CPA candidates. Talk with Paul C who does not think I should be pastor. Concerned now we only have one new elder in sight as AR will not stand due to situation with AH.
19th          Lunch at John Kirkpatrick's. Met with Pete Boddington and NP. PB will ask AR if there are other reasons he is not proceeding.
20th          Housegroup.Received the printed invitations for Rachel's wedding.
22nd         Measured for suit for David's wedding. AR will now stand for elder. Bill N, NP and PC are positive about it, I not really so.
23rd           Session met with AR and agreed his standing. Encouraged AR to go to AH again and I was with AH two hours before going to Dr Corcoran's in Finchley for Speedwell barbecue.
24th           DB led for Bill on Job 1 which I found disappointing. I did WMC on law in evening.
25th           Laura Hewitt started WE. Twenty at launch of Ealing CPA. One last will stand. AR says he is reconciled to AH now.
26th           To RH. We get on well but reconciliation with Raes will be hard. Half of Rachel's wedding invites done.
27th            Housegroup at Judy's.
28th            Dinner with gammon from Elizabeth at 52.
29th           JMB here. Encouraging them in house purchase.
30th           Session at Joe's. No real focus on the way ahead. Girls out at Elizabeth's hen party.

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