Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The changing world (250) Oct 2001

Oct 1st Sue Conway with us. Che was with campus Crusade in Langtang, 1976.
2nd       Session. Concerned NP leaving. AR and C concerned for impending recession post 9/11. I think proposed discipline letter about RH is harsh.
3rd        Encoring housegroup. R&A back from honeymoon.
4th        Grandad in Barnett general with chest pains.
5th        Visited Mr o. Paul L says he may not be available for two years.
6th         Church cleaning. Katy visited her dad. I went to Halletts as Pam is in a wheelchair.
7th         paul L preached on What do you want. met with him in pastoral search committee. K, R&A to visit branded. DB led prayer meeting. Bombing of Afghanistan started.
8th         Elders and deacons.
9th          Katy took her father home from hospital.
10th        Housegroup at Judy's decided to buy Marjorie a hearing aid. Mike Rudd present.
11th        Back on Orlistat.
12th        Interviewed promising Indian part timer. Harvest supper at IPC an evangelistic flop.
14th        Short harvest service. Church decorated well. Randy seemed to have missed the plot in his sermon. I did WCF on marriage. PC surprised AH agreed with my more liberal view on divorce.
15th         Sudha started work.
16th         Session interviews for deacons, JC,TS, JR. Impressive CV from Mark Ryan.
17th         Mark Ryan's sermons are excellent. Housegroup here.
19th         Katy preparing David's birthday cake to go to Canterbury.
20th         CPA AGM Mayflower. Left after coffee as no-one of promise there from ealing. K&D to Canterbury.
21st         Preached Zec 1. Lunch at R&A, their first guests.
22nd        Staff to tally Ho lunch for Maureen's birthday.
23rd         To Leapers.
24th          To Wilmslow. Katy's cousin's husband David too ill to visit. terminal. Visited hardwoods, Holmes Chapel.
25th          Back home.
26th          Deb dyslexia assessment at Westminster University.
27th          Visited JMB.
28th          NP on Dec 2. Jamie Boddington baptised. Roger and Hilary Weeks present. Hristo V to lunch. Angelino on WMC fellowship.
29th          Pastoral search committee wants to invite Mark Ryan to visit.
30th          Session. RH discussed. Phoned mark Ryan.
31st          Housegroup at Judy's . Halloween kids everywhere.

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