Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The changing world (247) Jul 2001

Jul 1st Presided at ordination of Pete Boddington and Andrew are. Leitchs to lunch. Encouraged by letter of appreciation from Hosiers. Good prayer meeting led by JB. Prayed for M who is I believe schizophrenic not demon possessed.
2nd      Mansi Vora, former WE, started for summer. Pastoral visit to Cath Benton them pastoral search and deacons. They complain of lack of communication with the elders. I am to talk to these people about our need for new deacons. Terry Seaber, Jennifer Reid, John Corcoran and Denhams.
3rd       All at the health centre envy the pharmacy's air conditioning.
4th       Mark Lawler on his IJM work in India at IPC.
5th       Start of Ashes. Eng;an 400+ with century last wicket stand.
6th       David Bamber of CPA to dinner. Very anti-EU.
7th       Elders early morning prayer. With David Bamber to countryside day. Faure's Requiem with Pam Hallett's choir in Uxbridge.
8th        David led for NP with modern songs. Not challenging. Nikides to lunch. I was on christian freedom in evening.
9th        Jewish WE student Elton. Wedding invitations sent.
10th      Portillo ahead in Tort leadership ballot.
11th      Housegroup. Can we buy Marjorie a hearing aid.
12th      Dollis Hill excellent Don Giovanni.Rioting in Northern Ireland.
13th      Session with NP on house groups. David's last week at IPC.
15th      David on hearing Christ's voice Joh 10. Pot luck in his honour. Four of us to hear Paul Levy at Gunnersbury Baptist. Now we want to interview him. When we had received his CV we were not impressed. Not educated to degree level. But Dick Lucas said we had to hear him. We did in will be for ever thankful for Dick's counsel.
16th      To Denham to thank her for admin work. Barry too busy for diaconate,
17th       Elton tries my patience with his mouth. Board meeting. Asked for a rise. Elspbeth Aeberi form Morocco staying with us.
18th       I have a pay rise. Elspbeth gave excellent talk at IPC.
19th       Katy to Canterbury to see solicitor with problem over David's house purchase. Jeffrey Archer jailed four years for perjury.
20th       With David and Richard to get suits. Last time all our four are under our roof.
21st        Adam Leaper arrived from Cornwall. Geoffrey and Sara brought Dorothy. St Paul's . Good sermon. No giving away or obey. Excellent caterers. Barn dance.
22nd      Tony Wales rather unstructured sermon. Took Dorothy to Grantham.
23rd       Pastoral visit to John Corcoran. Katy at worship committee.
25th       Housegroup at Judy's on parable of sower.
26th       To Seaber's. Asked Terry to be deacon and i think he will when he retires. John C has agreed.
27th        Walpole park for London Community Gospel Choir. Disappointing. Too loud so we moved to back seats them left at intervals. All loud gospel, not choral.
28th         Twelve OM guests enjoyed my tandoori chicken.
29th         David B led for randy who was expository. David B took prayer meeting.
30th         Deb joined me at work.

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