Thursday, November 29, 2018

The changing world (254) Feb 2002

Feb 2nd        Long session. NP wanted to sort out a disunity of which I was unaware, PC versus AR and PB.
3rd         Preached Zec 1. Most difficult passage went well and was appreciated. Heard from Jonny Walsh in Wormwood Scrubs. We had not seen him for a while so I had enquires as to his whereabouts. he was not in hospital and eventually when I said I was a minister in the church he attended, the police confirmed he was on remand. I had to write and request permission to visit him. He had been accused of arson. Evening encouraged as DB led prayer meeting.
4th          New WE Emma Exposty declared she was onto do six hours and went off sick.
5th          WE Emma is very dull. Took ladies to tally Ho lunch for Sudha's birthday.
6th          Housegroup Judy's.
7th          Tony observed I was down while he was painting me.
10th         My Zec 12 went well. Took Mr O to IKEA for bookshelves. Hell on earth. Crowds at checkout. Found Angelino poor in the evening.
12th          Paid for my second portrait.
13th          Housegroup at Judy's with loquacious Deidre visiting.
14th          Katy to flat committee.
15th          Exhausted digging up pampas grass. Encouraged by night of prayer organised by Barnes.
16th          Shared with PC what I see as the irrationality of NP concerning mould in the flat. Found DB's attitude over flat not helpful. Brian Boddy here and shared about the horrors of Jos riots.
17th           BN on Zec 13 which was I thought more eisegesis than exegesis. Stuart Ferguson the Presbyterian monk to lunch.  Visited his Acton monastery. Brian Boddy spoke in evening.
18th           To J&M. Bis crawling.Katy still has migraines.
19th            Visited Cath B who is thinner and has failed but happy to be visited. Took Katy to Gotlop to see the portrait. She felt intimidated by the cultivated conversation.
20th            To the Scrubs to visit Jonny. Strict security for visitors. Would be there an hour but he needed the toilet so I had taken a day off for half an hour with him. He complained that only his brother had visited. I said no-one knew he was locked up. He protests his innocence and he was indeed found not guilty.
21st            To St Mary's bay Dover. Cliff walk. Saw France. Overlooked docks. To D&E. GB win curling gold at winter Olympics.
22nd           Hristo round for catechism
24th            Preached last Zec sermon. MC and Anna Matthews visited from India. Enjoyed leading at the Table in the evening.
25th            Thankful Perrin's will rent Drayton Green house.
26th            New work computer installed and all data transferred.
27th            Celebrated Tery's 65th at Judy's housegroup. Unhappy that Angelino phoned to resign his membership as he feels slighted.
28th            Another call with Angelino left me even more unhappy. He is neglected. We are racist.

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