Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The changing world (212) May 1998

May 1st Cut back pampers grass. Deb bowling.
2nd        Deb to football. David to a friend in Oxford with Katy in Fiat to help Martins move house. Removed garden pond.
3rd         Rota. Deb came us unhappy at being sent out of creche by TC. Evening prayer meeting.
4th         To Great Shelford.
5th         Maldren, Ugandan WE from Ellen Wilkinson. Oldfield governors,.
6th         Marjory in good spirits in hospital . She has secondaries in lymphatics and will need chemo.
7th         Election day. 8 to 10 telling at bowling. pavilion. 2 to 4  Birkbeck. 6 to 10 knocking up. Count looked close on bundles of votes for each candidate but I lost by 26 on slit votes with Joy H and two Labour at the top of the ballot paper getting in. No recount. We lost seven councillors. Down to 15 Tories.
8th          Bed 5am. Throwing out council paperwork. Beautiful weather. Commiseration calls. Visited Margery who has been kept in hospital vomiting. Ill with withdrawal symptoms as the stupid hospital withdrew he opiates.
9th          Katy on women's away day.
10th        Led in morning. Leon Beachy SIL and family visited.
11th        Kenyan Mildren WE.
12th        Before the election I said that of I lose I will say,'The voters have spoken, the bastards,
'. In the event I said, 'Only 30%+ bothered to vote and those who did failed to all vote for the three candidates from the same party'. Later I perceived the providence of God saving me from a Tory part fast departing from conservatism over sexuality. I joined the lost cause of the CPA. A lost cause because most electors will not agree with the idea of a Christian party. Those who do are politically inexperience and not united.
13th        Housegroup Margery's. Judy phoned to say her mother had dad suddenly of cerebral hemorrhage. Idiot neighbour George phoned as he could not sleep for noise from us. I could hear nothing except his nonsense.
14th         House being re roofed. George now friendly. Bipolar? Elliott years before said personality disorder. His end came in 2017 from dementia years after he was put in care. Estranged from his family did anyone go to his funeral?
15th        Dug out a back garden tee stump. With Wendy and Joan to mayor's quiz at town hall. Our team came third.
16th         Prayer with SC before work.
17th         Preached for Chelmsford Presbyterian. 21 speed restriction en route. Twice preached Habakkuk. Lunch at Ferguson's. He is an elder and an architect specialising in Anglican churches. She grew up in Alne, N Yorks, where her father was vital in the sixties - Gardener.
18th        Church members meeting.
19th         Katy to orchestra. Trimmed shrubs.
20th         Larson's to dinner for first time in four years since they left Ealing. On LBC talk radio concerning N Ireland thanks s to Steve Pound.
21st           Still warm and sunny. Cycling to work these days as medical advice to exercise.
22nd         Sympathy call from director of SS. What I did not know was that SS had a central government inspection before the election. Te verdict was critical but embargoed until after the election. That cost me my seat but now I bow before providence.
23rd         ToYeading for job interview but the employer never turned up. With Katy to the reading marina and a three hour canal boat trip to Horsenden Hill
24th         Barry Seagren in the morning and Alan H on inspiration at night.
25th         Burroughs here. Boston manor Park for Sealed Knot reenacting of battle of Turnham Green. I fancied joining them as a parliamentarian chaplain but it would mean weekends away so unrealistic.
26th        Rachel wanting to print 100 sheets of dissertation ran out of ink.
27th        Housegroup Margery's.Rachel has good report on Northolt placement.
28th        Katy still has tension headache.
29th        Rachel had a good interview at Northwick Park and her friend Trevor Graham  took her back to Canterbury. For Katy's birthday treat, Les miserables, Palace Theatre. My last visit to a West End show. Sickened by seeing hand holding homosexuals on the street. Upper circle front row seats. Great production with Christian messages. Best musical ever.
30th        Took grandad and rachel's bike to Canterbury. New pipe from sandwich and tobacco. Boat trip on River Stour.In Margate failed to find granddad's aunt's grave. Visited Ramsgate. back home.
31st        Rota. David commended for his leading. Pot luck n honour of Larsons. Good evening prayer meeting.


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